Chapter 6

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I feel my lip tremble as my breathing quickens. "Transported where?"

"An air base. He's been transported to Chicago, USA... Were you supposed to be with him?"

I close my eyes, feeling a tear fall down my burning cheek. "N-No. I just m-met him at the resort... Was he okay? Do you know?"

She shakes her head apologetically and I nod, looking down.

"How are your ribs?"

"I'm fine. I-I need to go. I need to contact my family- the embassy. I lost my passport, everything."

She nods, touching my hand. "Alright, I'll give you some pain medication and then you can go. There is a tent set up just outside the front doors." She turns, reaching into a bin. I wipe my scalding tears as she sets down pants and a t-shirt on the white sheet.

"Your clothes were destroyed after the vomiting. Put these on."

I grab them, nodding. "Thank you."

She turns, heading for the syringes while I stare at the brown, cotton sweatpants in my palms.

I'm alone again.

I found him, and now he's gone... Did- Did he even ask for me?

I push back the betrayed feeling, knowing I have no right to feel it and begin preparing myself for the mess that's in my way of getting home.


I'm walking out into the lobby of the hospital, new sandals on when images on the TV stop me in my tracks. Satellite footage of the wave hitting the shoreline plays over the woman talking to the left of the video. English subtitles are below her.

The tsunami, a whopping 64-foot wave, has left massive amounts of damage along the coastline, especially Phuket... The losses are now in the thousands... The repairs will cost millions- if not, billons of dollars. Thousands of volunteer's are arriving to aid the injured and try to help rebuild. The effects of these waves will be here for a very long time.

I stare as she explains the exact details of when the 7.9 earthquake hit, when the first wave and then the second wave hit an hour later. So there was a second one... It wasn't as strong as the first but it took out whatever was still upright by the coastline. The images of the empty land appear and there isn't a building or tree in sight along the water. As they span over the area, miles away from the ocean, the debris is daunting and piled together in large chunks.

"Oh my god." I raise my hand to my mouth, shaking my head as they show what were once streets... streets I had walked on just a few days ago.

Flights are congested and scarce as tourists desperately try to get back to their homes. It may take days- weeks even before these people actually get onto a plane.

Oh no. Oh god no. I run from the lobby, exiting the doors with a gasp. The tent is outside, large and completely unreachable. The amount of people in line is terrifying. I walk forward, hesitantly, unsure of what to do. I quickly realize there is nothing to do but wait.


"Your name?"

Coughing, I step forward, realizing I've made it to the front of the line... two hours later.

"Genevieve H-Harding... I'm from Chicago."

She nods, typing into her computer. "Alright, honey... I put you down on Red Crosses safe and sound list. Your family will be able to see you are alright there... Do you have anyone else with you?"

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