Chapter 21

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A/N: Truly couldn't stop myself. xx

"How's Tanner?" I ask, cutting the strawberry on my plate with a fork. Trisha has been trying to act like she hasn't been staring at me worriedly for the past hour. It's been hard to try to hold conversation.

Looking down, she sighs. "He's no longer in the picture."

"Why? You dated this one for three months. That's a record."

"I know but he was a deadbeat. He just wanted the tour bus life. Kept trying to pawn tickets off of me... Sigh, the difficulties of working with rock stars... Also had a massive cocaine addiction."

My eyes widen. "Well, damn. Good. I'm glad you kicked him to the curb."

"I thought you would be."

I smile, chewing slowly. It's becoming hard to not notice the looks and stares from the people around me but I won't hide forever. I have to get through this. Hopefully, this all will be forgotten in a week.

"How was the baby shower?"

"It was good. I made Cynthia feel like shit."

I laugh, shaking my head. "Oh god, Trisha. Why?"

"Because I felt like it. It was a bitchy thing for her to do- not letting you come."

"I understand that she didn't want drama."

"There wouldn't have been any."

"Trisha, almost every eye in this room is on our table right now... I think there would have been. Anyways, it's alright. I had a crappy present for her anyways so at least I didn't have to go through that embarrassment."

"Why can't you just admit that this is affecting you? You sitting here acting like nothing has happened is bullshit."

I look up at her, teeth slowing on my food. "You saw me last night."

"Only because you were drunk."

"No, I wasn't."

"Yes, you were."

I huff, looking down at my almost empty plate. "I don't want to have this conversation right now."

"Well, I saw you break down worse than I've ever seen you last night. I'm scared- I want you to be able to talk to me... You've been through a lot these past couple of weeks... with the tsunami and this man..."

"I know I have. I'm fine. Last night was what I needed. I'll be alright now."

"You told me you were in love with him last night... Was that not true?"

I set my fork and knife down, exhaling. She bites her lip and shrugs, leaning back.

"Alright, fine... But if you need me, I'm here. Just know that."

"Thank you," I murmur, happy she's given up. I begin eating again, silently, eyes focused directly on my plate.


Leaning my head back against the blanket, I stare at the stars instead of The Wizard of Oz on the big screen. The park is filled with picnic baskets and fold-up chairs, the outdoor movie theater being one of the biggest attractions in Chicago.

Trisha is fast asleep beside me, her hands placed under her head for support. She passed out not even ten minutes into the movie, an indication that last night was hard for her as well.

She cares so much about me- she's one of the only people besides Andre that I can rely on for anything. And she just does it, without any gratification in return. She's simply that good. Persistent as hell but good.

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