Chapter 2

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It's been four years since that living nightmare happened to the Ichinose family.
Guren and Yuu were having dinner in the dining room under this wide, crystal chandelier. Yuu was staring off into space again at the dinner table where his father was sitting across from.
"Yuu... Yuu.." Guren uttered under his breath. He paused to see if Yuu would respond. Guren, trying to hide his anger, snapped, "YUICHIRO!" Yuu snapped back into reality, noticing his father looking as pissed off as ever.
"Sorry, father.. I was just reminiscing the past, I guess," Yuu sighed in annoyance.
"Well stop. Eat your food. It's getting cold," Guren remarked while shoving mash potatoes into his watering mouth.
"Actually, I'm not very hungry. Could I just go to my room? I–"
"No, we have important news to discuss," Guren interrupted Yuu while Yuu looked at his father in interest.
"Well, what is it?" Yuu replied while leaning forward towards his plate, cupping his hands on his cheeks while resting his elbows on the dinner table.
"I don't know if you're going to like this, but we have no choice. It has something to do with the.. um, the vampires, "Guren hesitated trying to find a way to discuss the fragile topic. Yuu clenched his fists and sunk down in his chair. "We need to keep peace between the humans and vampires," Guren continued, not having the audacity to look Yuu in the eyes.
"No way in hell am I compromising with those stupid blood suckers," Yuu stated in an aggressive tone while looking away in disgust.
"Oh, but that's not the best part, son! You have to marry a vampire," Guren finally addressed.
"A blood sucker chick who I don't even like!? That's bullshit!" Yuu hollered in pure rage.
"You got the wrong idea. You're marrying the vampire prince, and do not tell me that his sex will be an issue," Guren smirked while sipping his red wine.
Yuu turned a dark shade of red while droplets of sweat ran down his forehead. "Of c-course not! I-I what the hell do you know!? And besides, I thought I was supposed to be marrying Lady Shinoa!?" Yuu screamed before standing up from his chair, slamming his hands on the glass table with a pale green cover up with swirls, sending vibrations and shaking the glasses and plates filled with ham, mash potatoes, and peas before him.
Lady Shinoa Hiiragi was the princess of a small island near Yuu's country. Yuu has only seen her once with wavy purple hair and with two braids on each side of her head, connecting them on the back of her head forming a ponytail with a large, maroon bow while leaving an awful lot of hair in the front, but it was a really cute hairstyle that suited her. She was also short, very short for she was probably around 5'2. She had round dark violet eyes while her skin was a very light caramel color. She was very pretty, but she was teasing and sarcastic it sometimes made Yuu want to rip the black hair out of his head.
"I'm not marrying any blood sucker! Those damn vampires killed my mother and tried to kill me and I–" Yuu was interrupted mid sentence.
"Quiet! You will no longer be arranged to marry Lady Shinoa! She has received the news and has accepted it!" Guren paused for a moment before continuing, "Also, your mother would still be alive if you hadn't caused a scene that made the vampires chase after your ass! Your mom would want this, dead or alive! It's time we settle this dispute, and we're the only ones who can since we're the only kingdom in this country besides the vampires. We have to protect the humans from any more "accidents" caused by the vampires. This benefits everyone. You will do as I say!" Guren recited. Yuu could see the fury forming on his father face, but if you look deep enough, you could see someone in a melancholy. His face showed signs of relaxation for his eyebrows weren't as furrow anymore. "You'll meet him in two days," Guren added after cooling down. Yuu agreed and walked off to his room slamming the door behind him. He jumped into his king sized emerald-covered bed and cashmere covers. Yeah, he was that wealthy. His lamp was on the brown nightstand next to him. He pulled the string made out of white pearls, and the lamp showed off its bright beauty. The lamp was made out of pure silver as the curtains and clothes were designer, and his jewelry mainly consisted of gold chains and rings.
Yuu yawned and closed his evergreen eyes. He didn't even bother dressing into his nightwear. He couldn't stop thinking about what Guren threw at him during dinner. He knew from the age of eight that his family was going to arrange a marriage for him, but it was unfortunate knowing that Yuu was never going to be able to decide who he can or can't love.
Yuu assumed that his future, arranged love interest would be a human though Yuichiro didn't mind that the vampire was a prince since he knew he was also attracted to the same gender from an early age.
When Yuichiro was just a young boy, he had a friend named, Eren. Eren had amazing, bright blue eyes. His hair was a brownish blond color or maybe that was just dirt in his blond hair. His skin was pale and his smile was the biggest Yuu's seen. He wasn't a royal like Yuu. He was a peasant who lived with his grandparents in a ranch with cows, horses, and chickens that wasn't too far from the town Yuu's family always payed a visit to, making huge entrances with screaming trumpets while the king and queen would walk passed everyone acting like gods. Yuu was supposed to be admiring his parents from afar, but Yuu would constantly sneak away, so he could meet his friend. They would play games that Yuu has never played like hide n seek, or build mud pies, and Eren would teach him how to milk cows. Yuu never got to experience any hands on activities, especially if they were dirty. He would continuously have people do his dirty work for him, but Yuu enjoyed it. He wished he didn't live in a rich, obnoxious home, but Eren made him forget about every hardship back at home for Eren made him overjoyed. Yuichiro always had a jittery feeling in his stomach when he was with Eren though the friendship didn't last long. Mahiru, Yuu's mother, found out about his son befriending someone in a lower class, so Yuu was forced to cut all ties with his friend, Eren. Yuu felt miserable after his mother made that horrific demand. Though his loneliness didn't last long, his mother introduced him to a girl named Mitsuba Sangu. Her hair was blonde, and was always in puffy, pig tails. Her eyes were a deep purple as her skin was pretty pale. Her temper was shorter than her height, but deep down, she's caring. She wasn't Eren, but she was better than nothing.
Yuu drifted off in his sleep, knowing the last thing on his mind was the beautiful boy he knew long ago.

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