Chapter 4

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      Rays of sunshine were coming through Yuu's window, hitting his bare face, causing him to wake up. He had those few seconds of peace, the seconds of peace you have after you wake up while the mind is clear and doesn't remember the tremendous events that's happening in life. Well, time's up.
     "Fuck," Yuichiro pouted,
remembering he meets Mikaela today. How the hell was he supposed to get along with a vampire? Yuu turned over to his side and read the alarm clock in his sight, 12:17 pm. Damn, his father never let him oversleep. Yuu lifted his blanket and slid his feet into his slippers and trudged out of his room. He took a peek from the top of the railing and witnessed the massive chaos before his eyes. The maids and butlers were dashing right to left, up and down, each having to multitask to set up the decorations, prepare the food and make the refreshments.
     "Oh, great! You're up!" A familiar voice came from behind the bathroom door, "I sent a hairdressers to your room. She's going to occupy you until the ball begins," Guren added as he was in a rush to boss people around.
     "W-what about breakfast?!" Yuu questioned for his only priority was food right now as his stomach grumbled like a dying whale.
     "I'll send Kimizuki, so you can have breakfast in bed," Guren rushed.
     "Fine," Yuu mumbled while taking one last glance at the ball. He had to admit, he felt nervous, but brushed it off while heading to his room.

     Yuu walked towards the mirror, gazing at his reflection as he was concentrating on tying his turquoise tie. He wore a black tuxedo with a white button up, black slacks, and the most polished black dress shoes. His long hair was hair sprayed down since his bed head was acting up again. He sprayed cologne all over his body from head to toe nearly using 1/4 of it. Yuu's heart started increasing as his sweat was gliding through his face. He heard the trumpets playing out loud down stairs, which was his cue to leave the room.
      Yuu raced out of the room and stopped before taking a step down stairs. He saw how jam-packed the ball was; how everyone was peering at him. "Everyone give a round of applause to King Ichinose's son, Prince Yuichiro Ichinose!" Announced a stranger holding a microphone up to his mouth, standing next to Yuu's father. Yuu sped down the rest of the stairs greeting his guests as they were applauding and whistling wildly, as he stood on the right side of his father. Again, he heard the same rhythm of the trumpets ringing in his ears as the musicians faced the entrance door while the giant door propped open. The first vampire Yuu saw was a twelve year old pink haired girl with a shimmering, white, revealing dress, showing too much cleavage walking towards his father and him. If Yuu didn't recall, this was a ball not a club, but what the hell would a minor be doing there or here?! Yuu noticed a boy next to the girl with blond locks, his hair reaching up to his shoulders. His expression looked quite annoyed though he had the most alluring, blue eyes and– he's a vampire with blue eyes? Yuu thought to himself as he tried to block the question out of his head for he couldn't stop analyzing his face. He was beautiful. The vampire prince was beautiful, and he didn't even bother looking down at what he was wearing. Yuu forgot he was a vampire for a moment until he looked at Mikaela's left and noticed a pale man with a long ponytail. He looked very devious as he had a smile that could hide millions of secrets.
     The trio stopped before Guren and Yuu. They exchanged looks as Yuu couldn't keep his eyes off of Mikaela. He caught Yuu staring at him, as Yuu flushed, looking the other direction while clenching his fists in embarrassment while Mika grinned in satisfaction. Krul was the first to break the awkward silence as she introduced herself, "I'm Krul Tepes, the vampire queen." What the hell. Yuu took another look at the Krul while furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. Krul turned and took a glance at Yuu's puzzled expression. "Is something the matter?" Krul asked.
     "I just thought you were a twelve year old," Yuu announced innocently while Mika was slowly turning his head, facing his mother, hoping Yuichiro didn't tick her off, as Ferid snickered, slapping his thigh.
     "Well I just thought you weren't such a son of a–" Krul was interrupted by Guren before she could finish her statement probably full of profanity.
     "Okay! Mikaela, Yuu, follow me to your table," Guren nervously insisted.
      Yuichiro and Mikaela took their seat at the table for they had no idea what to say to each other until Mika interrupted Yuu's thoughts, "So you're the man I'm marrying?" Mikaela blurted out in the most  awkward manner.
     "You forget to add the part that this is all forced," Yuu moped, leaning back on his chair.
     "Well I don't think it's all that bad," Mika stared at Yuu with a heartwarming smile.
     "I do," Yuu declared.
     "Weren't you just staring at me, blushing just a second ago?" Mika hypothesized, crossing his arms against his chest leaning closer towards Yuu.
     "N-no! Besides I don't see this going anywhere and I–"
      "May I have this dance?" Shinoa looked down at Yuu, holding her hand out.
     "Don't mind if you do," Yuu replied looking back at Mika while he slid down his chair disappointed of the poor conversation they had.
     Yuu grabbed Shinoa's waist and held her right hand as they started waltzing. Shinoa popped a question that surprised Yuu, "How's your groom?" Yuichiro took a long pause before answering this. The only thing Yuu hated about Mikaela was that he was a vampires for there was nothing wrong with his personality.
     "He's a vampire, what can I say?" Yuu admitted hesitantly.
     "That's true," Shinoa giggled. "Too bad you missed the chance to marry the–"
     "May I steal him from you, Shinoa?" Mikaela interrupted, disrespectfully for he addressed a princess by her first name.
     "Oh, sure, and it's Princess Hiiragi to you," Shinoa gave in.
     Mikaela rolled his eyes so far back, he thought they'd get stuck "May I have this dance?" Mikaela requested with a pouty face while Yuu accepted by handing Mika his hand. Yuu and Mika interlocked fingers while Yuu's hand rested on Mika's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around Yuu's waist, bringing him close, sensing how warm his body heat was. 
     "I didn't get the chance to properly introduce myself. I'm Mikaela Hyakuya, but you can call me Mika," he grinned, awaiting for Yuu's introduction.
     "Yuichiro Ichinose, happy?" Yuu furiously responded.
     "What's your deal?" Mika bluntly asked.
      "What's my deal?! I'm talking to a vampire, I'm dancing with a vampire, hell, I'm even marrying one! Plus you damn vampires killed my mother! I was too young to witness that damn it!" Yuu yelled without any regret, letting go of Mika's grip.
     "We're not all bad," Mika replied in a calmer tone than expected.
     "You don't know pain!" Yuu objected.
     "Hell yes, I do!" Mika screamed, startling Yuu, "My parents, my real parents abandoned me when I was six, my so called father over there killed my family at the orphanage and took me home forcing me to become a vampire against my will! And I haven't d-drank human blood ever since I became a vampire and I-I-I'm still human! Can't you see my eyes!" Mika revealed while tears of depression were streaming down his pale cheeks. "Sorry for wasting your damn time," Mika added about to get the hell out until Yuu grabbed Mika's waist and pulled him close to his body; their faces about 5 inches apart.
     "Look, I'm sorry. I feel like shit." Yuu whispered while staring down at the floor, ashamed of his vicious actions. "I didn't know you guys had feelings," Yuu joked. "I'm willing to try my best if you are." Mika took a glance at the stubborn boy, astonished.
     "Yuu-Chan, do you mind if I call you that?" Mika asked as Yuu stood there speechless. Yuu-Chan?! No way in hell was his dad going to let him get away with that type of nickname.
     "Ok-kay," Yuu stuttered, agreeing to this embarrassment. "All right, all right,  it's my turn to lead you now," Yuu remarked as they danced the night away.

     "Well we should be on our way now. Thank you for this spectacular night. Are we still on for tomorrow to discuss wedding plans?" Ferid questioned Guren with such sympathy.
     "Uh, of course," Guren replied.
     "Excellent, so we'll see you tomorrow," Ferid and Krul waved to Guren and Yuu.
     "Bye, Yuu-Chan," Mika hollered, jogging towards Yuu, embracing him with a hug. The smell of Yuu's overused cologne filled Mika's nostrils that made him pull back from the hug.
     "Bye, Mika," Yuu quavered, watching the dysfunctional family exit the door.
     "Ha! Bye, Yuu-Chan!" Guren mimicked Mika's voice.
     "Shut up," Yuu groaned, heading up his room, his bottom lip trembling trying to force a smile on his face.

     "Well I don't think it's all that bad."

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