Chapter 12

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AN: Disclaimer/Trigger warning: This chapter has sexual content(somewhat kind of) and will appear more than once in this story's plot. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to vote and comment. XD

29 hours before the wedding.
     Knock, knock, knock.
Knock, knock, knock. Knock, Knock.    Yuichiro grunted as he listened to the repetitive knocks while lying on his bed. "What do you want?" Yuu replied in an insipid tone.
     "Oh, Yuu-San~" a familiar voice chorused from the other side of the door.
     "Oh, hell," Yuu sighed in exasperation. He jumped out of bed and sprinted as fast as he could to the door. Before he had a chance to lock it, Shinoa came bursting in with Mitsuba, his so called childhood friend. He gave them both a jaundiced glare and accepted that there was no way out of this mess.
     "You're probably wondering why we're here," Shinoa gibed, taking a seat next to Mitsuba's bed.
     "Actually, I don't care, I just want you guys out!" Yuu stridently demanded. He held the door open out for them and pointed to the direction they should follow.
     "Well, that'd be a shame don't you think? I'd hate to break the wedding tradition~" Shinoa pranced around with the large bag she was holding. Yuu cocked his head slightly as he was about to open his mouth to complain about how terribly confused he was until Mitsuba interrupted.
     "We're here for your bachelorette party." Yuu nearly swallowed his spit when he heard the term, 'bachelorette'.
     "Don't worry, Yuu-San! There won't be any dirty strippers!" Shinoa groaned for she was on the verge of convincing Mitsuba until she changed her mind all of a sudden. She rubbed his shoulders to appease his nerves.
     "That's not it!" Yuu exasperated. "Don't you mean bachelor party?" Yuu stormed, holding the bridge of his nose.
     "Of course not, Yuu-San! Prince Hyakuya is getting his bachelor party," Shinoa informed.
     "W-We're both male, you know?!" Yuu hollered while Mitsuba was smirking in the background behind Shinoa.
     "Prince Hyakuya gives me the vibe that he's more masculine, Yuu," Mitsuba added, giving Shinoa a satisfying look.
     "Hm, not bad, Mitsu-Chan," Shinoa sneered. "Still have a lot to learn." Mitsuba scoffed and turned her directions towards Yuu's dresser.
     "How do you guys even know each other?" Yuu questioned.
     "We met at your ball," Shinoa chimed in, examining the boy's room. "I gotta say, your man's quite sassy, Yuu-San."
      "What do you mean?" Yuu asked curiously as Mitsuba started cracking up. Running up to Yuu, she grabbed him by the waist, held his hand, and motioned him to lay his hand on her shoulder as she swiftly moved side by side.
     "May I steal him from you, Shinoa?" Shinoa mimicked Mika's voice, holding out his hand, and gave Mitsuba a dirty glare. "He's M-I-N-E!" Shinoa added.
     "Sure, Prince Hyakuya! Oh, and it's Princess Hiiragi to you!" Mitsuba tried her best to imitate Shinoa's reaction. Both bursted out laughing.
     "That is not how it went!" Yuu slapped Mitsuba's hand off and backed away from the hysterical girls.
     "Oh then how did it go?" Mitsuba asked. Yuu turned his head around, so they wouldn't catch how flushed his cheeks were, but the red ears sticking out of his head of hair gave it away.
     "Ahh~ don't worry, Yuu-San. Having a jealous boyfriend is a good thing!" Shinoa remarked as she dug into the bag she brought over.
     "What are you looking for?" Mitsuba whispered, bending over Shinoa as the two girls then snickered away afterwards. Yuu felt felt apprehension filling the room as he backed away from where they were.
     "Okay Yuu-San, want to play Penis Piñata or pin the dildo on Prince Hyakuya's ass?" Shinoa asked, holding a huge penis piñata in her hand. She shook it to reassure that it had sweets in it. Well, he hoped it sweets. On the other hand, she was holding a tall poster of someone's bare ass with a head sticking out from the end. Yuichiro noticed that someone had glued a picture of Mikaela's head to the poster. Mitsuba held a small, paper dildo with a sharp pin. Yuu widened his eyes and covered his eyes.
     "NO! Now, get out of my room! Better yet, my home!" Yuu repeated, pushing both, Mitsuba and Shinoa from the back.
     "Come on, Yuu-San! At least one game. Just one. That's all we're asking for," Shinoa begged Yuu.
     "Guards!" Yuu exclaimed out from his room.
     "Shut up!" Mitsuba called out, pulling him back inside his room as she slammed the door shut behind her. "One game that's all she's asking."
     "She? Don't you want this too?" Yuu quizzed.
     "Of course not!" Mitsuba argued, crossing her arms.
     "Aw, Mitsu-Chan~" Shinoa taunted.
     "Don't call me that," Mitsuba demanded as her cheeks flushed red.
     "Fine, one game." Yuu surprisingly gave in. It's not like he was going to win this battle. Shinoa has never lost to anyone when it came to verbal argument or physical fights. He rarely ever accompanied Shinoa, but damn he didn't have to know her to acknowledge her evil tactics. He recalls when they first met in a dinner party, Shinoa slightly turned a tiny bottle of salt, and as Yuu tilted the salt, so it'd add flavor to his bitter soup, the salt bottle, emptied out into his bowl. She was pretty intrepid to do that to the man she was soon to be married to. At first it seemed like a puny prank, but little did he knew that it was a warm-up. Yuu remembered the dilemma he had that night, it was either to expunge her existence or to eat his salty soup.
     "So what will it be?" Shinoa asked holding onto the two games in opposite hands.
     "Let's crack open the penis," Yuu sighed embarrassed. He was ambivalent about the choice he made for when it comes to Shinoa, nothing is sane.
     "Here you go, Prince Ichinose," Shinoa handed Yuu a thick, wooden stick, poorly tapped with grey duct tape. He had no idea how he was supposed to crack open the piñata if there was no place to hang it. Yuu heard clacking noise above, and as he gazed up, he saw Shinoa on Mitsuba's shoulder, as she was trying to keep her balance on her two weak legs. Shinoa was grazing her hand onto the mini chandelier above the room, trying to get a hold of it. When it appeared that Shinoa was about to fall backwards, Mitsuba rapidly stepped back to maintain Shinoa on her shoulders. Then Shinoa was heading down, face first until Mitsuba went forward and caught her balance and held onto Shinoa with her arms. Mitsuba tripped on Yuu's black, dress shoes that were left out there in the open. Yuu's room wasn't as tidy as his father would've liked it to be. Guren didn't raise him to be a slob, but Yuu's logic admitted, why did he have to keep his room in tip top shape if he had maids to do his dirty work for him?    
     Automatically, Mitsuba failed on regaining her balance again. Her and Shinoa were heading down to the floor until Shinoa clung onto the crystal chandelier, dangling in the middle of the room.
Both girls sighed as Shinoa gestured Yuu to hand her the piñata filled with the special mystery items, causing that secret noise. Shinoa wouldn't divulge what was in the the piñata as Yuu formed a cynical expression on his face.
     Shinoa patted Mitsuba's head, which was her cue to put Shinoa down onto the floor. Shinoa formed a camera like lens with both her hands and admired the penis from afar. "Isn't it beautiful?" Shinoa chocked out, pretending to wipe away her tears with a handkerchief.
     "It's a penis. On a chandelier, Shinoa," Yuu replied in a monotone. 
Shinoa nodded, clutching her heart tightly.
     "Let's get it on!" Shinoa yelled. She tossed the stick to Yuu, as Mitsuba blindfolded him with a dirty sock she found scattered on the floor.
     "This blindfold smells like shit!" Yuu complained while she spun him around in small circles.
     "Funny you say. It's your sock anyways," Shinoa chuckled, crossing her arms. She searched for her camera in the bag, and pulled it out. She began taking pictures with the large, camera of Yuu nearly hurling while Mitsuba still spun him ridiculously in circles. The pictures came out of the other end of the camera. She guffawed and shoved the picture in Mitsuba's face, so they can laugh together in unison.
     "T-That's enough–Mitsuba," Yuu begged as he was then gripped on by the shoulders tightly. Yuichiro lost his balance as she let her grip go on him. He felt like a pirate on a ship heading towards a big storm.
     "Hit it already!" Shinoa ordered. Yuichiro gripped onto the stick and raised it, swatting multiple times at nothing but air.
     "Lame," Mitsuba called out. As Yuu was getting warmer to the piñata, he lifted the weapon in his hand. A knock on the door was heard, but Kimizuki barged in without acceptance.
     "You have a visitor, Prince–" Kimizuki didn't finish announcing until he felt a hard object whack him in the face. His glasses tumbled down onto the door, and red blood dripped from his nose, onto his glasses. He glanced up to see the naïve boy, spinning around, swatting recklessly around the room. "Why I oughta–" Kimizuki grimaced, as he pulled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbow, and marched up to Yuu. He got his hands on the stick, and launched it across the room, and it planted right in front of Shinoa and Mitsuba. He pulled off Yuu's blindfold and punched him on the side of his face, causing him to fall onto his knees.
     "What the hell was that for?!" Yuu hollered from the top of his lungs, and clenched his fist in front of his face. Their bickering lasted a good, old 5 minutes until Shinoa stepped in between the two guys.
     "Well Yuu-San, it's time for us to go. We'll see you tomorrow at the wedding~" Shinoa sang and waved to him as she exit the the room with Mitsu by her side.
     "Anyways, you have company. I'm pretty sure they left since it took me so damn long to deliver the message to you," Kimizuki grunted as someone knocked the door once again.
     "Now what?!" Yuichiro pouted. He slammed the door open, and there appeared Mikaela. "Oh, Mika, it's you," Yuu replied relieved.
"You can leave now Kimizuki," Yuu demanded.
     "Don't mind if I do," Kimizuki groaned as shoved Yuu out of the way to leave. Yuu gestured Mika to walk in, and witnessed the penis hanging from the beautiful chandelier that Mika complemented not to long ago.
     "Nice?" Mika hesitantly addressed. "What's this doing here?" Mika asked quite astonished. Yuichiro proceeded to explain about the 'bachelor' party that Mitsuba and Shinoa threw for him. Mika being interested in the story, begged for more details for the story humored him greatly. He eventually divulged that Shinoa labeled it as a bachelorette party instead of a bachelor party. Not because he wanted to, but because he wanted to see that gorgeous smile of his light up on his face again.
     "I see you had a wild night, Yuu-Chan," Mika giggled, while slumping back onto the bed as Yuu did the same.
     "Fucking wild night," Yuu huffed. "Kimizuki hits hard."
Mika got up from his position, and laid a hand on Yuu, caressing his bruised cheek with his thumb. Yuu held onto Mika's hand and pressed it harder onto his cheek and shut his eyes. The feeling that welled up inside Yuu felt jittery, but most importantly, it felt nice. Finally, he felt important to someone, finally, he was put first before anyone else. He wished he could show his appreciation towards Mika and everything's he's done for him. And all the new feelings Mika has shown him. Yuu still had his eyes closed when Mika whispered into Yuu's ear.
     "I love you."
Yuu gulped, and his eyes shot wide open, and his eyes met with those beautiful red-shot eyes.
     "Ah-um," Yuu hesitated. Mika furrowed his eyebrows and released the hand he had on Yuu.
He sighed, and all he could offer Mika was a pitiful expression. Mika nodded as if he already acknowledged the reaction beforehand.
     "I should go. My mother's probably worried about me," Mika replied, making the same joke he made when Yuu first invited him over, but this time, you could feel the seriousness in his voice.
     "Wait, Mika!" Yuu called out after Mika. He stopped, but he didn't have the audacity to turn back and look at the raven-haired boy. "I'm sorry," he apologized.
     "You have nothing to apologize for," Mika reassured him blandly.
     "Mika," Yuu begged for his attention. Mika turned around and forced a smile on his face. The same smile he's been faking from the day his life went downhill.
     "I'm not mad. I promise. I'll see you tomorrow," Mika repeated his reassurance, and continued to make his way out. And there it was again, the feeling in his gut, telling him he ruined everything.

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