Chapter 17

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     Distinct eyes varying in all colors glued themselves on Mikaela and the stranger in a white robe next to him carrying a thick book. The sound of his heart beating overpowered the classic piano as it played the cliché song. Mika gripped on to the silver ring he was supposed to gift to his one and only. As he waited for Yuu and his father to walk down the aisle, he observed the divine scenery surrounding the audience. The chairs had the same exact blue bow hugging the chair from behind from the first ball Mika attended with Yuu. Chairs were equally sorted on both sides of the room, but both sides were equally full since the wedding was an open invite. The only people who were present to support Mika was Krul, Crowley, and Ferid.
     Mika had no intention of walking down the aisle with the man who taunted him daily. He found it more pleasing to wait for Yuu at the other end of the aisle.
     Yuu and Guren linked arms as the muffled piano music soothed Yuu's nerves. They both took a deep breath and motioned the guards to open the wide doors. The first thing Yuu's eyes laid on was how ravishing Mika appeared from a distance. The way his blond locks relaxed on his shoulders was always appeasing to admire.
     After that nerve wrecking anticipation, Guren left Yuu to walk up in front of Mika and the man. Yuu gazed up at a flushed Mika as he refused to lock his eyes with Yuu.
     "Now Folks, we are gathered here today," those 7 words the man announced were the last words that Yuu heard come from the man. His voice grew more distance before all that went through his ears was muffled speaking. As the man recited, Yuu's heart raced with a dizzy mind taking over. "And now, for the vows," the familiar voice alarmed Yuu and threw him off his trance. Yuu's eyes widened and looked at Mika's creased eyebrows of worry and confusion. Yuu shook his head with a weary smiling, implying that everything was okay.
     Ahem. "I don't know how these so called 'vows' work, but I'll give it my best shot," Mika awkwardly chuckled as he earned a few scattered chuckles from the audience. "I think I'm supposed to be telling you my feelings and what I expect from us, so here I go," Mika added as he cleared his throat once again then grabbed Yuu's hands and gripped them tightly.
     "Yuichiro, Yuu-Chan, I vow to always," Mika proceeded his speech until he heard an obnoxious laugh from the audience that interrupted his train of thought. The laugh came from the front row, so it had to be Guren. Mika and Yuu both glared at the breathless man slapping his knee. Yuu gave an exasperated sigh as he glanced back at Mika and mouthed an apology.
     "Yuu, everything leading up to this point in my life, was horrible. I didn't have a family, friends, a reason to live. I always wondered, was I placed on this earth to die without actually living?" Mika questioned as he faced the floor with a weak smile. "I didn't know what my purpose was for living or why bad things always happened to me, but it doesn't haunt me anymore. The dreadful events that happened lead me to where I am now. My purpose in life was to fall in love with you," Mika proposed as he caressed Yuu's soft cheek. Mika had an urge to grab his face and pull him into a deep kiss, but he knew he had to wait. He slipped the ring on Yuu's ring finger. Yuu gulped and stared into the audience and found Guren gesturing him to go on.
     "Mika, my life was always about me being perfect and people doing my shit for me," Yuu blurted out as he continued, "Everyone always did my dirty work for me, and I was never allowed to have any fun. I wasn't to have a speck of dirt on my top or I'd be in trouble or yelled at for not being neat. And to top that up, I was blamed for every single thing," Yuu sighed, watching Guren's puzzled expression from the corner of his eyes. "You're my escape from this hell. I didn't know that'd you'd have such a great affect on me, and I didn't know how being loved felt like before I met you," Yuu smiled as he inserted the ring on Mika's finger.
     "I pronounce that your wedding vows are sealed, and you may henceforth be known to all as husband and husband!" The father announced with joy. Yuu cupped Mika's face and drew him forward. Before their lips made contact, the doors of the entrance violently opened with a strong current blowing in. The guards guarding the doors laid in the entrance with a puddle of blood leaking from their heads. Everyone froze in whatever positions they were in in a complete utter silence.
     "Hello, Krul, did you miss me?" an unfamiliar voice gushed as a large group of intruders barged into the room.
     "So let's begin, shall we?" A dark haired man asked as he laid his red eyes on the bridesmaids. The rest of the vampires scattered the room, devouring anything that was human and alive. Excruciating cries echoed through the room, but all Yuu focused on was the vampire dashing towards Shinoa and Mitsuba. Before the vampire had a chance to lay a finger on the girls, Yuu took out his personal sword from his scabbard that he always carried around his waist. The impulsive boy charged at the monster and sliced it's arm off without thinking. The vampires subtle reaction gave off a wicked hostility when Yuu ordered his friends to flee. Yuu remained still and profound as the vampire let out a gleeful chuckle.
     "You got me good I should say," the man laughed as he took a single step forward, but was immediately halted as Yuu stuck his sword out in front of him. "Am I not allowed to get my arm?" He questioned as he bend down and held the dead arm to his wound. The skin on both sides weaved together, and soon enough, the arm was reattached as if nothing ever took place. Astonished as Yuu looks, the vampire took this as a chance to attack. Yuu's swift skills with a regular sword were advanced, but it wasn't enough to take down the devil. As the vampire dodged every attack aimed towards him, he gripped the sword and snapped it in half, causing Yuu to fall back to a dead end.
     Guren noticed the chaos and sprinted to his troubled son without the vampire noticing as he was too busy imagining how Yuu's tender blood would taste and  impaled him from behind. A plume of black dust swam through the air and vanished before both of their eyes.
     "Get the hell out of here, Yuu!" Guren commanded in rage.
     "I'm not leaving you here! I can't leave Mika here either!" Yuu responded as he scanned the huge room for Mika. He then spotted Mika brawling against his own kind with a strange sword with a vine coiled around it gripped in his hand. The vine was fully covered with pointy, red thorns that suffocated his wrist as blood oozed out his wrists and trickled down his sleeve once again.
     Yuu felt weak, defenseless. He didn't obtain any power to protect his loved ones as he watched them fight for his protection. He refused to leave them for he didn't want to worry about if they'd survive the bloodbath or not.
     "We'll be fine! I got my eyes on Mika! Now leave! Get on your horse and leave! The guards will find you after it's over," Guren explained as he pushed Yuu towards the escape exit. Yuu sprinted outside to find the horses let loose in the front lawn. The boy carelessly hoped on the first horse he could get his hands on and ordered the horse to gallop away.
     The horse led him into the bleak forest near his home. When Yuu was deep enough into the forest, a distant figure stood before them that caused Yuu to force his horse to stop. The dark figure stood without making any sudden movements. Once Yuu blinked, the figure disappeared. The boy frantically turned his head to search for the figure that vanished, but he couldn't find it.
     A rustling noise was heard behind him when he then quickly ordered his horse to charge.
     The stranger appeared in front of the horse out of nowhere, which frighten the horse greatly. The horse neighed as it viciously stood on his hind legs, knocking Yuu to the ground. The animal sprinted away leaving Yuu behind on his own.
     "What a nice pet you got there," a male voice called out, revealing it's bloodshot eyes.
     "Get the hell away from me!" Yuu hollered, backing away from the vampire.
    "You humans are so petty," he dramatically called out. "Now–"
     "Prince Ichinose!" multiple male voices called out from a distance with shining flashlights, steering everywhere but where Yuu was. The vampire let out a soft giggle.
     "Say another word, and I'll kill you," the vampire whispered as he stepped towards Yuu. The twigs beneath his foot snapped loudly that motioned the guards into their direction. "I guess I'm going to have to wait another time to finally taste you," he sighed.
     "Prince Ichinose, are you all right!?" One of the guards asked as he pulled a blanket over Yuu's shoulders. Yuu turned his head to find the vampire's disappearance.
     "I'm fine. Let's go," Yuu ordered.
As the guards surrounding Yuu led him out of the forest, many groups of sobbing people fussing over their wounded family members were outside the castle, and pieces of shattered glass fell off the broken windows. The day went down to an utter destruction.
     "Guren?!" Yuu yelled from the mountain of people in his way. Guren waved his arms in the air as he leaned against the wall near the entrance. "Where's Mika?" Yuu questioned.
     "I don't know," Guren sighed as he massaged his temples. He put a hand on Yuu's shoulder and continued, "look, Yuu, I–"
     "Where's the queen? She should know where Mika," Yuu interrupted. He began to search for the guardians of Mika by shoving people out of his way before finding them. Their expressions were difficult to read for their eyes didn't glisten with worry. "Where's Mika? Is he with you?" Yuu questioned.
     "I'm sorry, Prince. He wasn't with us when we evacuated," Ferid apologized. Yuu's pulse augmented dramatically as the fear he kept concealing in finally revealed itself. Yuu stormed towards the exit and caught the attention of his father.
     "Where the hell are you going?" Guren quizzed while Yuu ignored his question. He stormed past the guards and ordered them to stay put.
     Scanning every room downstairs, Yuu didn't find a breathing soul. Puddles of toxic blood flooded the rooms and the horrendous stench filled Yuu's   nostrils. Yuu sprinted up the staircase and was surrounded by many rooms. Mika could've been lurking in any of those rooms.
"Mika!?" Yuu cried out. He stride through the empty halls until he found himself in front of the closed door of his bedroom. Hesitantly, he entered the room to find Mika peering through his window curtains.
     Before Mika could react, Yuu's arms wrapped around Mika's waist tightly as he pulled him into a close embrace. The silence was pleasant. The only thing keeping Mika from speaking out was the sound of Yuu's heart beat. Mika wrapped his arms around Yuu's neck and caressed his raven locks reassuringly.
     "I'm so relieved you're here," Yuu breathed out, gripping onto Mika's filthy clothes. "I'm so glad you're here," Yuu repeated. After having each other in their arms for a while, Yuu placed his hands on Mika's cheeks and caressed it with his thumb. "You know, you never got to kiss the groom," Yuu chuckled.
     "You're right," Mika smiled. Yuu placed a chaste kiss on Mika's soft lips. They pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes before pulling in for another kiss, this time, more needy. Their lips collided moved in sync. Yuu's tongue brushed against Mika's bottom lip asking for entrance as Mika accepted. Their tongues stroked together in a heated harmony. Yuu tangled his fingers on the back of the blond's hair while Mika's hand ran against Yuu's arched back, sending shivers down his spine.
     The pair pulled away from each other, gasping heavily for air as their hot breaths hit their bare faces. Mika rests his head on Yuu's forehead and smiles, "I love you, Yuu-Chan."
     "I love you too, Mika."

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