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Fight me! (Mikaela x Yuu Hyakuya B x B) by ObscureLucidity
Fight me! (Mikaela x Yuu Hyakuya B...by Lucy
[Owari no Seraph AU: Mika x Yuu | Boy x Boy] Around the age of 6, Yuu had lost his best friend, Mikaela, during a kidnapping incident. Both of them were victims, but l...
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Possessive♤MikaYuu  by fruitasticc
Possessive♤MikaYuu by Jojo
A blood-sucking, unknowing manipulator obsessing over his love, Yuichiro. Their relationship is toxic, however their souls are so drawn to each other to where they can n...
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Royal Blood: Mikayuu by flxrxsxj
Royal Blood: Mikayuuby hyakuya♡
The queen and king of the vampire kingdom have arranged a marriage for Mikaela Hyakuya, the vampire prince, to marry Yuichiro Ichinose, the prince of the humans. They ho...
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Murder in Terror Manor(MikaYuu)  by Ivemissedyou
Murder in Terror Manor(MikaYuu) by DidYouMissMe
Yuuichiro and a few of his friends went on a road trip,let's just say things didn't do well. They ended up having to spend a few days at manor owned by Mikaela Shindo,a...
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Runaways [MikaYuu] by hanlovespasta
Runaways [MikaYuu]by han!! ☆
Yuichiro Ichinose thinks life isn't that significant. As the soon-to-be prince of Drelacia, his days consist of making the best possible grades in school, obeying his pa...
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Empire (Mikayuu/YuuMika) by VastDelusion
Empire (Mikayuu/YuuMika)by Welcome to Depravity
¸,ø¤º°'°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° From the rain comes a river Running wild that will create An empire for you Illuminate, there's a river Running wild that will create An empire for y...
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Complicated *Yuumika* by WallyBallyBunnyButt
Complicated *Yuumika*by WallyBallyBunnyButt
A kingdom overthrown by a greedy kings brother and hid away the royal family away deep in the dungeon. Once Yuu's friends get caught by some guards when he gets their wi...
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The Designs We're Made Of (Mikayuu) by PinkPastaLover
The Designs We're Made Of (Mikayuu)by lover of pasta
Soulmate AU:Everyone has a design that matches their soulmate's . This design is the color of your soulmate's eyes and can be found on any part of the body. The design g...
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Uke and Seme [ MikaYuu ] by Unknown_Perv
Uke and Seme [ MikaYuu ]by Mika
Doctor Mikaela Shindo is a scientist that is testing on omegas and alpha to see their relations with each other. He will work aside with a patient known as Yuichiro Hya...
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Obsessive ༣ MikaYuu by ScarletPetal
Obsessive ༣ MikaYuuby ✿ོ࿔⠀|⠀k . scarlet
[ Book One of The Shoyū to Byōki Series ] [ Prequel to Revenge ] [ UNDER EXCESSIVE EDITING ] Yuichiro Amane was his friend, his ideal lover, and his obsession. He was g...
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The Blood-Stained Vampire Prince -(Owari No Seraph ff)/[MikaxKrul] [YuuxMika] by incredibletrinh
The Blood-Stained Vampire Prince...by Victoria
Mikaela Hyakuya is a vampire who was sired by third progenitor Krul Tepes . Mika is also second progenitor Urd Geales's bodyguard . Everything changed for Mika when he c...
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Goodbye *Yuumika* by WallyBallyBunnyButt
Goodbye *Yuumika*by WallyBallyBunnyButt
Mika is pregnant in high school with Quintlets from his boyfriend but chooses not to tell him but once the kids are born and Mika moves out the kids decide to find their...
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Cold to the touch- Mikayuu 💛💚💛💚 by vampireking778
Cold to the touch- Mikayuu 💛💚💛💚by xXSoul_collectorXx
FINISHED!!! It all happened in one day. That day mikaela and yuuchiro were kids. But when they became older, everything fell into place. And their love became harder tha...
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Angels & Vampires (MikaYuu AU) by SakitheChibi
Angels & Vampires (MikaYuu AU)by Sakuri Lenthea
Vampires don't exist. They're just limited to your imagination. ~Yuichiro What if vampires didn't exist? What if Guren never tried to experiment on the Hyakuya orphanage...
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WINX  [ Mika X Yuu ] by Unknown_Perv
WINX [ Mika X Yuu ]by Mika
Mika head singer of the group know as "WINX" which is looking for another singer around the world. Which Yuu will try out for the auditions of the band. Will t...
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Kind souls { MikaxYuu } by animeshipperr
Kind souls { MikaxYuu }by z
This is a college love story pretty much and its Mikayuu. (MikaxYuu from Seraph) I'll try and update as much as possible. Buh-bye!
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my book of ships #1 by xPhantxmhivex
my book of ships #1by lesbian flea
basically loads of ship pictures/comics/etc enjoy you crazy shippers BTW none of the art is mine
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A whisper in my ear by WallyBallyBunnyButt
A whisper in my earby WallyBallyBunnyButt
"Why don't you ever show me your face." I questioned the demon as all I could see was their sapphire eyes. "You would just believe I'm a ghost of the past...
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My soulmate is a werewolf? ( girl Yuu  x  Mika ) by im_yuki_wolf
My soulmate is a werewolf? ( girl...by 🖤Molly💙
My name is Yuichiro Amane. Now soulmates They're born with the name of their soulmate. This is also how werewolves are. But sadly not me. I was cursed at a young age we...
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YOU'RE MINE by UnknownUniverse007
YOU'RE MINEby UnknownUniverse007
This is set after the war of Vampires and Humans and now both sides are staying quiet. No sides are starting fight and both sides have many injured casualties. And one o...
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