Chapter 13

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6 hours before the wedding.

     The anticipation has augmented since the last time Mikaela set a foot into his fiancé's castle. Surprisingly, Krul approved to have the wedding at the Inchinose household without a single doubt in her mind. Guren and Krul weren't always in harmony when it came to the wedding planning, not that Guren really cared about gorgeous plants that were to brighten up the place. 
     Ambivalent feelings rushed up to him out of the blue without welcoming, and were quickly replaced with happy thoughts.

happy thoughts.

The man tensed up once before before finally settling on the coach in the room he was in with his parents. He glued his eyes on the mirror that was on his far right. Analyzing the hair full of sticky, fresh gel that was soon to turn hard and ruin his golden locks. Rushing up to the mirror, he ruffled his hair, so his once-perfect brushed back hair ceased to exist. He trudged over to the bathroom, and splashed large amounts of sink water on his hair and face as the makeup powder on his face ran down his cheeks, dripping from his chin. A massive headache attacked Mika. He rubbed his temples, adding as much pressure as he could. Exiting the bathroom, he slumped down to the couch he was sitting on before. He placed his arm over his eyes to block out the light that was sneaking through the blinds as he heard muffled female voices entering the room.
     Shinoa entered the room without Mika noticing, appearing to be searching for something of her belonging. Without looking back at her, Shinoa decided it was the time for them to have an official meet.
     "Hello, Prince Hyakuya," Shinoa greeted, bowing down to Mikaela.
     "Hi," Mika replied, then turning the other way. It wasn't that he had any rancor towards Shinoa, but he felt anxiety rush up to him. Beads of sweats gliding down from his forehead, his breath getting more raspy by the second, having the urge to move around. Is this was wedding jitters feel like? Or am I just thirsty?
     "My cherry boy is growing up so fast!" Mika overheard Shinoa exaggerating a cry when Mitsuba briefly walked past the room. When Yuichiro and Shinoa first met, their conversation didn't go quite as smoothly as Yuu would've liked. Shinoa's observations made it quite clear that Yuu-Chan had no experience in women whatsoever. He ignored all the hints she dropped, and never tried once flirting with her. Her flirtatious acts had no affect on Yuichiro. Which she blurted out the name, "cherry boy". Yuu was puzzled as to why Shinoa would give him such an embarrassing nickname. She explained how much of an unexperienced virgin he was, and how she could sensed it from miles away. Yuu's reaction wasn't as gentle for hatred was boiling inside of him. "You probably fuck comic books," Shinoa teased in satisfaction crossing her legs and arms.
     "Prince Hyakuya, are you all right?" Shinoa asked concerned. Mika noticed he was stripping from his tuxedo and was nearly gasping for air.
     "Yeah," Mika breathed out. "It's just really hot in here." Since Shinoa was a connoisseur when it came to finding out one's weaknesses and feelings, she acknowledged that Mika was a nervous wreck.
     "You know, Yuu-San really likes you," Shinoa comforted Mika. "I will admit, I was pretty upset when I found out the marriage was off." She stared at the ground and twirled her two thumbs around in circles. "I grew very fond of Yuu-San from the first time we met. He's a good guy, but I'm glad to see him happy with someone who can make him happy," Shinoa reassured, patting Mika on the back. Mika gazed up at Shinoa, speechless. "Hey, don't sweat it! I'm glad you'll finally be able to change his Cherry Boy title!~" Shinoa giggled. "Well good luck, Prince Hyakuya." Shinoa was on her way before Mika took a firm grip on her wrist. She turned around and looked down at Mika.
     "Call me Mikaela," Mika smiled.
     "Now, you can call me Shinoa," Shinoa smiled back before leaving Mika by himself.
     "It's bad luck to see your significant other on your wedding day," Mika remembered and mumbled. Just when he needed Yuu the most, he can't. Mika kept replaying the same scenario multiple times in his mind.
"I love you," he've said. Those three, simple words made a hell of an impact. He shouldn't have tossed around those words as if they were nothing, but he had the urge to say them aloud. He prepared for his reaction before the words even floated from his mouth, but there was no doubt in his mind that regrets.
     Krul took a glance at her son until the lady styling her hair ordered her to turn back around and face the mirror before her. "Mikaela, are you okay?" Mika nodded, and extended his legs on the couch. "You can take a nap if you want. You still have a few hours." Mikaela slightly nodded as he was already dozing off into an anxious sleep.
     "Wait, his hair! I worked hard on that shit!" the lady styling Ferid's, long, white hair hollered. Krul turned to give the obnoxious women a glare, ignoring the women's orders from before.
     "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" Krul asked with a pity look, pity for the lady that was about to breathe her last breath if she didn't keep her lips sealed.
     "Uh, no-Queen Tepes, my apologies," the women got on her knees and lowered her head, whispering for mercy.
     "Leave him alone. If he wants his hair to look like that, then let him be," Krul replied with the same annoyed, bored voice everyone is familiar with. The women nodded and proceeded to straighten Ferid's hair.
     "Aha~ I like Mika's messy hair. It compliments him somehow," Ferid cackled. Mika's hair was blond with wavy, golden locks. The locks by themselves settled nicely down without having to brush or add chemical products to his stunning hair. It indeed complimented his facial features, his sharp jawline and alluring, round eyes.


     Chills went down little Mikaela's spine as he trembled on the cold floor, drowning in his family's blood before his eyes. He could hear the faint cries the younger kids were giving out, taking their last breath. Shivering in the corner, Ferid approached the boy, and extended his hand to him. "I won't hurt you, little one. Come on, I'll take you home with me," Ferid pleaded when he grinned from ear to ear. Mika quickly shook his head in disapproval after witnessing the vampire murder his only family before his eyes. "I won't kill you if you come with me~" Ferid sang as he walked away with his back turned to him.
     "Leave me alone!" Mika exclaimed while standing up from the ground. There was a long moment of silence before Ferid dashed towards Mika, and pinned him against the wall only to find himself going through the solid wall as if he had the power of intangibility. Everything was pitch black. He was surrounded by black walls as he was slowly falling towards the surface below.
     Once he softly landed, he found himself in his usual, white vampire uniform with high-thigh boots. He helplessly scanned his surroundings before finding Yuu in a large puddle of blood. He immediately rushed up to Yuu, embracing him, and set him on his lap. The blood was leaking from his throbbing neck. Yuu's breaths were quick. He stumbled when he attempted to speak as he chocked on his own blood. Yuu coughed up the red, pure liquid in Mika's bare face. The vampire's eyes dilated in fear for he was starving, contemplating on feeding on the only man he truly treasures. His thirst for blood overpowered him as he sank his sharp fangs into Yuu's wounded neck. Yuu tightly gripped onto the collar of Mika's shirt in agony. He excessively drank from the boy until he was drained of his blood. The grip on Mika's shirt loosened, and his arm dropped, leaving it dangling, swaying side by side before it came to a complete stop. Pressing his ear to Yuu's chest, his pulse stopped, and the thumping of his heart was just a dream.
     "What have I done?" Mika quavered, shaking the dead boy furiously, hoping that a miracle will come into play. Tears streamed down Mikaela's face as he sobbed into the boy's chest. "What have I done?!" Mika cried in disbelief.
     "Mikaela~ Wake up," a familiar voice filled with glee pled. Ferid grasped Mika's shoulders, and shook the scarred boy up from his nightmare. Mika shot up from his sleeping position, gasping for oxygen to fill his lungs. His breathing trembled in rapid breaths as he calmed himself down by taking the air in and out deeply. Mikaela gazed up at Ferid, and recalled the horrific dream he woke out of.
     "I hate you," Mika bellowed as he slumped back down, rolling over, facing the royal blue coach to avoid eye contact with Ferid.
     "Aww, Mika! How can you hate your dad?" Ferid pouts while placing a hand on his hip.
     "You're not my dad. Get the hell away from me," Mika demands. Ferid grips Mika by the neck, and pulls him close to his face.
     "Be grateful I didn't kill you with the rest of your family~" Ferid claimed as if he knew what Mika had dreamt about. He dramatically let's go his grip that causes Mika to jerk back to the couch. The boy rolls his eyes, turns to the digital clock sitting on a table, 2 pm it read. 5 hours to go. Only 5 hours to go.

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