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Weakness (Yuichiro x Reader) || Seraph of the End by Audreychaan
Weakness (Yuichiro x Reader) || Se...by Mikalexia
AU fanfic: Are you a vampire? Or are you human? Two questions that ponder poor Yuichiro Hyakuya. He was determined to find that answer. You told him you carried useful i...
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Royal Blood: Mikayuu by flxrxsxj
Royal Blood: Mikayuuby hyakuya♡
The queen and king of the vampire kingdom have arranged a marriage for Mikaela Hyakuya, the vampire prince, to marry Yuichiro Ichinose, the prince of the humans. They ho...
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car radio ❀ yuichiro hyakuya x reader by kimi--
car radio ❀ yuichiro hyakuya x rea...by kimi
"and now i just sit in silence." ❀ au based on the song car radio by twenty øne pilots
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My Sweet Little Lamb(Yandere!Ferid Bathory x Reader) by Major_Otaku
My Sweet Little Lamb(Yandere!Ferid...by Major_Otaku
Ferid has a new pet. He decides its time to take whats rightfully his, his precious kitten. Her name is Y/n, given to him by none other than Kureto Hiragi. Ferid keeps h...
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Owari no Seraph One Shoots And Boyfriend Scenarios by CutieEmpress
Owari no Seraph One Shoots And Boy...by CutieEmpress
So here it is. I decided to make some OnS x readers!
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《Stalker》×《MIKAYUU》by ふじょし×ちゃん☆
'I dedicated this book to him,who has arrogantly captured my heart without any regretted.Yuichiiro Amane' -Mika 13;45- ----- Mikaela Shindo,just an ordinary boy...
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The prince and his servant by ruvel97
The prince and his servantby ruvel97
Yuuichirou village got attack by an unknown army and was set on fire. His group of friend managed to escape safely. They tried to find a new place to stay until they stu...
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Mi Responsabilidad [MikaYuu] by Abigail14bri
Mi Responsabilidad [MikaYuu]by Abigail14bri
-No se preocupe señorita, el pequeño estará bien- Avise, haciendo una de mis mejores sonrisas que pude hacer en aquel momento. -Muchas gracias- Después de esto, la jov...
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Jealousy (Jealous!Mika X Yuu X Reader) by Ni-tress
Jealousy (Jealous!Mika X Yuu X Rea...by Sendpie
After finally reuniting with Yuichiro- Mikaela Hyakuya is very displeased to see that Yuu has made a solid relationship with a girl named (Your Name), his jealousy drive...
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Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) Wings by weallarethesame
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2)...by :,)
[[[COMPLETED]]] (Sequel to "Mika X Reader: Blood") "Everything you know is wrong, (Name)." He takes hold of your shoulders and shakes you, eyes wide...
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Owari no Seraph Oneshots by Airisthetic
Owari no Seraph Oneshotsby Airi
I'm not so sure how to write fan ficts so pls cope up with meeee andddddd i'm the one who edited the cover <3333 mah hubby huehuehuehuehe okay so REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS...
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Owari no Seraph - Scenarios and One Shots by ladysoapy
Owari no Seraph - Scenarios and On...by Lady Soapy
Lets see, you, your favourite character, weird situations and their reactions. Seriously what else do you want? Characters used: Guren Ichinose, Yuichiro Hyakuya, Mikael...
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Owari no Seraph X Reader (One-shots!) [Request Closed!] by XhiuneTomioka
Owari no Seraph X Reader (One-shot...by Xhiune
Just you, only you, just you.
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§ĺęęp¡ņğ Řøýăĺţý = I by ZoeZoe_Ko
§ĺęęp¡ņğ Řøýăĺţý = Iby Koko
Book 1 of Sleeping Royalty : Owari no Seraph Fanfiction When the daughter of the strongest vampire on the face of earth has a daughter. Would she be as mysterious as her...
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Wonderwall{Mikayuu} by Teeny-weeny-coconut
Wonderwall{Mikayuu}by Kokonatsu
Modern Mikayuu fanfiction boyxboy
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The Light And The Darkness. Seraph Of The End X Reader Fanfiction   by Levi_is_da_wae
The Light And The Darkness. Seraph...by Levi_is_da_wae
Hello. My name is Kayana Shiona.I am neither vampire nor human Welcome to my world. Twisted,cruel,disgusting.It's hard living out here but with my power. I'm sure I won'...
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Mikayuu One-shots by Yuu-Mika
Mikayuu One-shotsby Yuu-Mika
A collection of short Owari No Seraph oneshots. Most of them will be MikaYuu.
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Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End Chatroom Invasion .•*¨*•.¸¸♬✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。) by ChiyukiSuishou
Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the En...by ChiyukiSuishou
In pursuit of improving the standard communication in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Guren Ichinose decides to create a chatroom. Little does he know later, that his...
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This Isn't Love at First Sight! - MikaYuu College AU by WeezyInk
This Isn't Love at First Sight...by mfing king
It's Yuichiro Hyakuya's first time in college, and he just so happens to run into a certain blond in his dorm area, and Yuu totally isn't falling for them! With a littl...
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Tale of Two Princes - Mikayuu  by electricmika
Tale of Two Princes - Mikayuu by Was Crimsonwish
A tale of two princes only wanting to seek out love and peace between both their kingdoms and for themselves, but how will their futures play out in the hands of fate it...
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