Chapter 10

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"S-stop, Mom. It h-hurts," Yuu stammered, shielding himself with his bruised arms. His mother walked towards Yuu and grabbed his chin, raising his head.
"Come on, Yuichiro. Be a good boy, and obey your mother. It'll be quick this time. I promise," Mahiru pleaded, caressing Yuu's face. Yuu smacked her hand away from his face and regret his actions quickly afterwards. He widened his eyes in fear, and his heart pounded harder in his head.
"I-I-I'm sorry, Mom! Please don't hurt me!" Yuu sobbed, holding up his arms in defense once again. Mahiru slapped Yuu across the face. He stayed there with his head turned, too frighten to make any sudden movements. Mahiru raised her hand to give him another great hit until Mika's muffled voice was heard.
"Yuu-Chan? Yuu-Chan, wake up," Mika whispered, shaking Yuu for him to wake up from his nightmare. He shot up from his sleeping position and took in rapid breaths. His hair was wet from the sweat that ran down his forehead. "Hey, hey, breath in and out, in and out," Mika repeated and breathed in and out simultaneously with him. When Yuu's breathing returned to normal, he jerked back and wiped the sweat off his forehead with the collar of his shirt.
"I'm sorry," Yuu panted.
"What for?" Mika questioned. Yuu had nothing to apologize for.
"Everything." Yuu took a pause and glanced over at his alarm clock. 11:36. "Mika how long have I been asleep?"
"A couple of hours actually. You fainted, so I carried you up here," Mika answered, twirling his blond locks. It was a habit of his that he couldn't break out of.
"I'm sorry," Yuu apologized.
"You have nothing to apologize for," Mika laughed, taking a seat on Yuu's bed.
"What do you keep dreaming about? I remember the first night I spent here, you had the same look on your face," Mika curiously proceeded the topic knowing it'd be a fragile one. Yuu hesitated before answering.
"I-I don't know. I keep on having these weird dreams about my mom abusing me," Yuu answered staring down at his arms. They're not bruised anymore. "My mom's dead by the way," Yuu added bluntly.
"Yes, I remember you blaming me for her death," Mika remembered, crossing his arms. "What do you think they mean? Has she abused you before?"
"Not that I remember," Yuu concentrated, rubbing his chin. "Hm, or maybe she did? I do remember that she was no saint," he concluded, throwing his hands in the air.
"What kind of parent would–oh wait," Mika cut off his sentence.
"Yeah," Yuu laughed with Mika.
"That reminds me, I made the worst, first impression when I met you," Mika commented in embarrassment.
"How so?"
"Now looking back, I felt like a girly teenager. I cried in front of you for crying out loud," Mika paused then continued. "Ferid told me if I didn't make a move on you, he'd hurt you," Mika divulged. That explains why Mika tried kissing Yuu the second time they met, and it also explains why he hugged him after the ball. His father, if you can even call him that, seemed like such an asshole, making Mikaela his own puppet for his own entertainment.
"But you're not," Yuu gulped, ignoring the fact that Ferid actually had the intention of hurting him.
"And I'm relieved knowing that you know that."
"It's okay. I made myself look like a complete asshole," Yuu huffed.
"You still are, Yuu-Chan," Mika laughed.
"Shut the hell up," Yuu grumbled as his eyes then lit up. "Remember when you used that ridiculous pick up line on our first date, and–"
"Shut up," Mika interrupted.
"And then the cotton candy–" Yuu chocked out.
"Shut up!" Mika snapped as Yuu laughed. Mika forced a smile on a face. When his laughter calmed down, Mika's curiosity wanted to know why the hell Yuu blacked out like that out of nowhere. Was it the massive headache he had earlier? "Say Yuu-Chan, what happened?" Yuu stared at Mika, wondering how to put his thoughts into words, sentences.
"I don't know. The thought of us being together forever just hit me," Yuu hesitated. He saw Mika's smile fade from his face, and quickly reassured, "wait, no! I don't mind us being together, it's just overwhelming. It's– just a lot to take in is all."
"No, I understand completely. I get it," Mika stated. "What's your favorite color?"
"BL-red, why?"
Stupid, your favorite color's blue.
Yeah, well his eyes make my favorite color red.
"Psh, you think I'm going to marry someone, who I don't even know their favorite color?" Mika sassed as Yuu smiled slightly.
"What's yours?" Yuu returned the question.
"Green and blue," Mika answered. Yuu nodded.
"Mika, are Krul and Ferid your biological parents?" Yuu asked.
"Of course they are! Don't me and Ferid look just like?" Mika quipped. "No, they're not. I was abandoned by my biological parents from a young age. Then I went to the Hyakuya orphanage, and that's where I got my last name. Which is why we all have different last names. Fucked up family we are," Mika sighed.
"Hey, don't cry this time," Yuu taunted.
"Shut up," Mika flicked him in the nose as Yuu rubbed his nose. Mika heard asshole faintly escape Yuu's mouth.
"Ferid seems like an dick," Yuu mumbled.
"He is, indeed!" Mika hollered. "Hey, we're getting married in two weeks," Mika added, laying his back on the bed.
"We're getting married in two weeks," Yuu repeated.
"It feels kind of weird since it's forced."
"And if it wasn't?" Yuu quizzed.
"I'll find every reason to do so," Mika smiled. He scooted himself next to Yuu and hugged his knees to his chest. "Sleep, you seem tired," he insisted. Mika and Yuu's hands met on the bed, and they interlocked their fingers, just like the first night Yuu invited Mika over. Yuu, half way asleep, heard a glass shatter on the floor.
The same glass that shattered years ago.
Only louder.

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