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Yuichiro Ichinose was woken up by the sound of distant cries coming from his parents. Without having the strength to fully open his eyelids, Yuu sat up and looked at his black dresser with the clean, rectangular mirror above it. He could see his wide, dark green eyes corresponding with his pitch black hair. He turned to look over at his golden alarm clock which read 5:45 am in bold, red numbers. Yuu heard a glass shatter against the floor that made his heart skip a beat. What was happening down stairs? 12 year old Yuichiro questioned himself as he got up from under his emerald green, cashmere covers and followed the noise that was keeping him up. He peeked over from the top of the stairs gripping onto the gold railing trying not to be seen. He noticed his father down stairs first. His dark, wavy hair and dark, round eyes aren't hard to notice. He was holding tightly onto his green demon sword in his right hand-A sword that is possessed by a demon, giving the wielder great power. A perfect weapon for defeating a vampire.
Yuu noticed the the way his dad was outnumbered greatly by strangers in white long uniforms and high-thigh boots. There was probably ten of them in sight. Yuu also noticed a women with purple, straight hair gripping onto his father's jacket. His mother was down there too, he thought to himself. Yuu could detect the horror in her dark eyes as she didn't know what to do since her demon sword wasn't in her possession, and he knew they were in danger. He got up from his hiding spot, and Yuichiro, as naive as ever, shouted from the top of his lungs, "leave them alone!"
Yu's dad, Guren, and his mother, Mahiru, looked up in horror for they knew their son was about to be in danger. "Damn it, Yuichiro!" exclaimed father Guren as he made the first move and impaled the vampire before him that caused him to erupt into a plume of black dust.
The two vampires furthest from Guren made eye contact with Yuu. Their red beaming eyes indicated that they wanted to devour Yuu. Yuu acknowledged that these weren't human; they were vampires who wanted to end his life. The two vampires directed towards Yuu. The child sprinted as fast as he could hoping they wouldn't catch up to him. Yuu could only go so far with his tiny legs. He was running hallway after hallway, turning corner after corner, before running into the kitchen door, locking himself in there. He scanned his surroundings opening the nearest drawer to him and grabbing the largest knife he get his hands on. He stuck it out in front of him, waiting for his attacker to appear.
After several minutes of anticipation, Yu overheard a faint conversation between two people, barley able to hear what they were saying until they reached their final destination, the kitchen. "Oh, I wonder where little Yuu-San is hiding." Said one of the vampires, sarcasm dripping from his voice. Yu's eyes shot open with fear while his heart was pounding terribly fast, only increasing in speed each second that passed. He was shaking in fear, the knife mimicking his movement. He felt like collapsing on the floor.
"Maybe he's in here!" The other vampire answered grinning. He had lavender hair and red shot eyes. He didn't really look like much, but God, he was. He kicked the door down with ease, dashing towards Yuichiro so fast, he didn't have time to react. He wrapped his hands around Yuu's neck and lifted his feet off the ground. The situation forced Yuu to drop his kitchen knife. Yuu tried getting the vampire's hands off his neck by slapping his hands off and pulling his fingers one at a time while Yuu was grasping for air, struggling to get his feet on the cold, wooden floor again. His mind grew fuzzy as he didn't want to fight anymore. While he knew he didn't stand a chance, he let his hands fall to his sides while the lavender haired vampire snickered away showing his white fangs until the next thing the vampire felt was pain.
All of a sudden, Yuu was released from the vampires grasp and fell onto the floor in a heap. He inhaled and exhaled rapidly, filling his lungs with air for he forgot how pleasant it was to breathe again. He gazed up curiously on to why the vampire granted him mercy and saw a familiar, purple sword pierced into where the vampires heart was supposed to be, well, if he had one anyways. The vampire turned into the familiar black dust Yuu saw just a while ago. A grin spread across Yuuichiro's face when he saw his mother at the other end of the sword. A smile lit on her face as well. He got up from the floor ready to embrace his mother for her bravery and for saving his life but barley took a steep forward when a male, red haired vampire sunk his white, sharp teeth into his mother's pale neck. Yuu watched in horror as the blood was streaming down her neck staining her white fleece night gown as tears were sliding down her cheeks. It pained Yuu knowing that the last thing his mother didn't feel was happiness. His eyes filled with tears-tears that were too heavy to not let them drop from his eyes. He was paralyzed, frozen in place as he witnessed in horror as the vampire drained his very own mother.
Foot steps echoed from the hallway. Guren sprinted into the room with anxiety as his eyes widened from disbelief watching the love of his life being drained of her blood. "MAHIRU!" Yelled Guren in agony raising his sword only to sink it deep into the vampire; the same way the vampire did to his wife.

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