Chapter 3

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"Okay, put half of the tables on the left wing against the wall and the other half on the right wing near the dessert bar. Oh, and Yoichi?" Guren requested while checking off the next box on his check list that was titled "Royal Ball"
"Y-yes, King Ichinose?" Yoichi, one of the many butlers Guren had, replied weakly while looking up to Guren, who gave him major anxiety.
Yoichi was Guren's favorite butler, as for Kimizuki was too. Yoichi was an innocent, kind 18 year old who always followed orders without hesitation. He had light brown, wavy hair that went below his ears and had enormous green eyes that could be spotted from miles away. He was about the same height as Yuu as for Kimizuki was rather taller than both of them. Kimizuki had short, light red hair with tiny brown eyes with glasses that covered the top half of his face. He always followed orders, especially if Yoichi got on to him. Yuu and Kimzuki didn't really get along for they always ended up beating the shit out of each other, which is why he's one of Guren's favorites.
"Go get Kimizuki and help set up the tables neatly," Guren demanded as for only had a few hours until the clock struck 11 pm. Guren marched with his clipboard pressed up to his face, examining every word he marked on the paper while passing everyone hoping they did what they were told. "Invitations were sent?" Guren questioned not wanting a different answer other than check.
"Check," a maid hollered from a distance.
"Silverware is neatly placed on the tables?"
"The food has been prepared and is in the fridge, as we speak?"
"The pastries have been picked up from the bakery including Yuichiro's black tuxedo?"
"Check and check!" Replied Kimizuki with a slight grin, proud of his hard work.
"Perfect! That's a wrap everyone!" Guren smiled as he trotted up the stairs wanting a great view of the whole place. The light blue table cloths and silverware wrapped in white napkins were kindly resting on the tables with 6 chairs wrapped in a large, turquoise bow tucked into each table. Guren glanced up to the ceiling, taking in the moment as he laid his eyes on the chandeliers dangling from the ceiling about three feet apart from each other. Guren noticed Yuu standing right beside him with a look of exasperation.
"Whatever," Yuu sighed shoving his hands in his pockets while his mouth remained in the same old frown as yesterday.
"What!? I worked so hard for you and your future groom! You will enjoy it!" Guren remarked, unhappy with Yuu's reaction.
"All you did was put check marks next to things people did for you," Yuu smirked while turning around, directing towards his room. "Well I'm off to bed, night," Yuu added in an inactive tone.
Guren called out to his son for he wanted him to appreciate the beauty of the ball, "YUICHIRO!"


Mikaela was laying on top of his bed with his head resting on his hands as he heard a few repetitive knocks on the other side of his bedroom door. "Mikaela, it's me, may I come in?" Mikaela's mother, Krul Tepes walked in through the door without the approval of her son. Krul was a small women who looked like a girl of the age of twelve. She had long, pink hair that had two small pig tails at both sides of her hair while the rest of her hair was down covering the back of her pitch black night gown.
"Why do you ask if you're going to enter anyways?" Mikaela questioned in apathy, brushing his blond locks out of his eyes.
"Oh, Mika, such a joyous personality," Krul teased before taking a breath and continuing, "Ready to meet your precious princess?" Krul once again teased Mika still curious of his response while looking at the weary look on his pale face.
Mika was animated to finally meet someone new, though he wasn't expecting to marry them. The only company he had was the mocking vampires that shared the same home as him and Krul's husband, Ferid, who was an ass. Everyone who wasn't a vampire was scared to even breathe the same air as Mika, so the only decent company Mika's had was Krul and most of the time, that was never enough.
Mika sat up from his comfortable position and gazed up at his mother with his shining, sky blue eyes making contact with her blood red eyes reminding her that Mika still hasn't drank human blood.
Mika wasn't the biological son of Krul and Ferid. Ferid and Krul were apart of an arranged marriage, and hated each other's guts, but they had good days when they weren't trying to kill each other. Mika was originally full human abandoned by his parents when Mika was about six years old. He lived in an orphanage-an orphanage which Ferid attacked about everyone including the guardians except for Mika since he was the youngest out of all the children. Ferid took Mika home to Krul, and as irritated as Krul was for Ferid's ludicrous actions, she forced her blood into Mika's mouth as his eyes wide eyes dilated in fear. Even though Mika has been surviving as a half human-half vampire for ten years now, he's been living off of Krul's blood, which surprised everyone knowing that he lasted this long without ever drinking human blood, but Krul was aware that Mika couldn't last more than 2 months drinking her blood. This didn't phase Mika for he had no reason to live.
"Yes, I am," replied Mika, slumping back down on his bed waiting for dawn to appear.

AN: Mika and Yuu will meet in the next chapter don't worry XD

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