Chapter 7

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AN: surprise! I thought I'd do a quick update. This chapter is pretty long though. I hope this makes you happy!  XD if you guys think the Mikayuu scene is  weird then please tell me because I don't want to write weird shit lol. Well vote and comment! Thank you guys for reading. I love you all, and I hope you guys have a good Mikayuu day/night.                         P.s have you guys seen the most recent episode of Owari no seraph! *fan girls* I loved it. Someone fan girl with me.

     Yuichiro and Mikaela took a seat on the same park bench Yuu arrived at before under the beautiful, full moon. They both bought a swirl of cotton candy from a cotton candy stand since Yuu craved sugar more than Mika craved blood. Mika opened his mouth, ready to have the fluffy sugar melt in his mouth until the sound of Yuu's voice rung in his ears. "You know, my mother never let me eat sugar. 'It'll make you fat, she said. A prince should look good for his people," Yuu mimicked his mother nearly taking the last bite of his strawberry flavored dessert.
     "Well you're eating sugar now. That's all that matters," Mika chortled, handing Yuu his blue, fluffy cotton candy as Yuu took it, giving him a heartwarming smile. Before Yuu could take a bite out of Mika's gift, Mika fell to his knees and began coughing his lungs out. Blood spilled on the green grass as Mika covered his mouth trying to keep the blood in his mouth rather than out. He took his dominant hand and clenched his heart while letting the blood escape from his mouth.
     "Yuu-Chan," Mika croaked, gazing up at Yuu, barley having the strength to open his eyes. "Leave!" Mika yelled before vomiting more blood.
     "M-Mika, what's going on?" Yuu questioned breathlessly, dropping his sweet cotton candy next to his feet. Mika got up from the grass, trying to balance on his two legs as he ran away from Yuu not wanting to drain him. He ran after Mika pulling him from his collar as Mika slapped his hand and eyed his neck. Mika's heart beat accelerated, his eyes dilated, and droplets of sweat ran from his forehead.
     "B-Blood. I need it!" Mika bellowed, jumping on top of Yuu pushing them into a dark alley. He quickly used his dominant hand to hold Yuu down by his neck and then unbutton the first two buttons from his shirt.
     "Mika, listen to me! If blood is what you need, I'll give it to you! Yuu proposed loudly in his face as Mika froze for a moment, paying close attention to Yuu's confused, and angrily worried face. Mika jerked back and slammed his back against a couple of garbage cans while compressing his hands on his temples, letting out a loud roar. As he slumped back down on his bottom, concentrating hard on the floor, Yuu got up from the cold concrete and kneeled down in front of Mika.
     "I'm sorry," he apologized desperately. His temerity to look at Yuu was gone. "It hurts so much, Yuu-Chan."
     "Well here then!" Yuu offered, grabbing his pocket knife from his pants, slicing his wrist with a deep cut. "Now, don't let this blood go to waste," Yuu softly laughed even though he knew this was no time for jokes. Yuu shoved his wrist in Mika's face as it landed right under his nose.
    "No!" Mika once again slapped Yuu's arm out of his vision and looked the other direction.
     "I said no!" Mika reiterated as he clenched his teeth and furrowed his eyebrows chasing Mika's forehead to wrinkle. "I'd rather die than become one of them," Mika added lowering his head.
     "But what would your parents think?! And!"
     "They wouldn't care," Mika sighed, trying to avoid the sound of Yuu's heart beat, how good his blood must taste. Ferid's voice came in Mika's mind.
     "What about me? Don't you think I'd care?" Yuu silently questioned in annoyance.
     "Not really, considering you hated me when we first met and vampires," Mika replied rapidly before he coughed again.
     "That was a long time ago," Yuu remarked. "I want you alive whether you're a vampire or not. You-You're not a monster, Mika," Yuu finished, gazing up, finding the top of Mika's head in is face. He slowly raised his head and looked deep into Yuu's eyes. Yuichiro didn't think that that would be the last time he saw those beautiful, blue eyes.
      Mika threw himself on top of Yuu, wrapping his arms around his neck while Yuu wrapped his right arm around Mika's waist and used his other hand to caress Mika's hair. They roughly landed on the bumpy concrete as he sank his fangs into Yuu's neck and drank his pure blood. God, it tasted so divine.
He wanted more and more, but stopped after a few seconds, and there he gained his self control.
     Mika pulled back and noticed the awkward position they were in but didn't dare to move. He looked at Yuu and smiled as his eyes transformed from purple then to a deep, dark red just like his mother's. Yuu let go of Mika and laid his hands on the cold concrete to help him sit up, so he could be on the same level as Mika. The pair sat there, gazing at each other until Yuu cupped Mika's cheeks, leaning in, planting a kiss on Mika's lips. At first, it was soft and gentle until Mika found the back of Yuu's neck and pulled him closer. Yuu opened his mouth and slowly set his tongue into Mika's mouth as Mika followed Yuu's lead. He caressed and gripped Yuu's hair while Yuu was pulling Mika closer, if that was even possible. Mika let out a soft moan as the kiss was getting more rough before they both pulled back as saliva was stringing along between their mouths.
     "Yuu-Chan," Mika gasped for air, forgetting about losing his humanity. Mika and Yuu leaned on each other's forehead breathing heavily into each other's faces. Yuu grinned while getting up on his feet and extended his hand to help Mika get up from the floor. Mika took Yuu's hand and also got up on his feet.
     "I think you should stay over. It's too dark outside for you to be wandering around," Yuu suggested while walking out of the alley with Mika by his side.
     "Yuu-Chan, I'm a vampire," Mika remembered.
     "Yeah, and your point is?" Yuu retorted while Mika shyly smirked and nodded.

     So this is your room?" Mika asked surprised of the view while flicking the switch on.
     "You like?"
     "Yeah," Mika answered not missing an inch of his pale green room. "So I suppose I'm sleeping on the floor?"
     "Oh, um," Yuu stammered. He didn't think this quite through.
     "It's all right," Mika laughed. "Your floor is nicer than my bed," Yuu smiled, turned off the lights, and crawled into his bed yet again, not wanting to change into his nightwear even though there was dry blood on the left collar of it.
     "Oh, do you want an extra pair of clothes, Mika?" Yuu asked rolling over to where Mika was sleeping. He heard soft snoring coming from Mika as he was already drooling. Yuu rolled back to his back and drifted off to sleep.


     "Mommy, please, no!" 8 year old Yuichiro called out to his mother while she was pushing random buttons on a keyboard that triggered something painful inside of Yuu.
     "Come on, Yuu. Only five more seconds," Mahiru replied calmly.
     "It hurts," Yuu complained shutting his eyes tightly, winding the pain would vanish from his body.
     "And–we're done! Good job, honey. You did extra good today," Mahiru cheered while clapping, removing the needles out of Yuu's arms, and the tight helmet off of Yuu's tiny head. "Now, you know the drill.. Well maybe not." Mahiru snatched Yuu's arm and inserted a syringe in his arm. The liquid inside would make Yuu forget all of this happened, but it was painful as hell. For all Guren knew, Yuu was taking his everyday afternoon nap. Yuu drifted off, and the last thing he laid his eyes on was his mother's devious smile.
     Yuu's eyes shot open, and he sat up gasping. His hyperventilating was loud enough to wake Mika up.
     "Yuu-Chan?" Mika yawned, rubbing his eyes before fully opening his eyes. "Whoa, you're sweating really bad. Nightmare?" Mika leaned towards Yuu's bed worried about him.
     "Yeah, no, big deal," Yuu replied breathing raspingly.
     "Are you sure?" Mika reassured as Yuu nodded. Mika didn't believe a single word coming out of Yuu's mouth, so he climbed into Yuu's bed and laid next to him, laying on his side, so he was facing him. He took Yuu's hand and interlocked his fingers with his. They gave each other a reassuring smile, and Yuu closed his eyes and fell alseep peacefully knowing Mika was by his side.

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