Chapter 8

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     Snoring, the sound Mikaela woke up to at the crack of dawn. A rhythmical thump rang through his right ear as Mika challenged himself to finally open his eyes. His head was comfortably laying on Yuichiro's chest, and their hands were still intertwined loosely. He let a smile creep on his face then placed a small kiss on Yuu's forehead before his eyes fluttered open as well. Yuu took in his surroundings until glancing back at Mikalea who still had that ridiculous smile on his face. "What the hell!?" Yuu yelled, pushing Mika off the bed. Mika's eyes widened in shock as he tried grabbing onto the covers of the bed on his way down. A loud thump echoed through the room as Mika groaned in pain.
     "Good morning to you too, Yuu-Chan," Mika breathed out, setting a hand on the nightstand to help him balance himself up again.
     "Maybe if you weren't on me, I wouldn't have done that," Yuu pouted and crossed his arms and looked at the opposite direction of Mika.
     "You're the one that invited me into your bed," Mika laughed. He reached over to pet Yuu's hair and caused his bed head to stick out more. Yuu brushed off Mika's hand, and his cheeks flushed red. A repetitive knock was present, and a turn of the knob revealed Yuu's father, Guren. He took a glance at Yuu and grinned until he looked towards Mika, and his smile grew. He then looked back at his son then again at his off guard partner.
     "Well, well, this is quite a surprise I might say," Guren smirked, crossing his arms, glaring at the pair. "I guess Shinoa was wrong."
     "What do you mean?" Yuu shot back aggravated.
     "Oh, you know exactly what I mean," Guren chuckled, setting his eyes back at Mika, who was puzzled from the conversation between the two. Yuu knew exactly what Guren was nagging about, but he wouldn't dare do something that would make Guren repeat those two filthy words that made Yuu cringe. "Mika would you like to join us for breakfast? Or did you guys already have breakfast?" Guren finished his question with breathless laughter as he squat down and slapped his knee multiple times. Mika chuckled at the joke while Yuu clenched his jaw the same way he did with his fits.
     "Shut the hell up!" Yuu cried, his blush growing by the second, as he was about to get up to give Guren a better view of how pissed off he was, a hand pulled him down by his shoulder.
     "I would love to," Mika insisted, giving Guren a reassuring smile.
     "Great! I'm glad one of you is cooperating," Guren clapped his hands together in joy. "Kimizuki will call you when it's ready," Guren added, glaring at his son with a mischievous grin. When Guren left the room, Yuu fell back to his bed, and rubbed his temples. Who the hell knew what Guren was planning? Mika fell on his side next to Yuu, and was supported by his elbow as his head was leaning on the palm of his hand. He looked straight down on Yuu and laughed in response.
     "Come on. It'll be fun. Maybe he'll show me your baby pictures," Mika teased.
     "Shut up," Yuu responded, grabbing a pillow and shoving it in his face.
     "I'll go if you want. It's not like I can eat anyway," Mika sighed, getting up from his position as he slowly started walking towards the door, pretending to actually leave. Yuu threw the pillow to his side and gazed up at Mika. For someone who never took theatre, he was believable.
     "W-wait, Mika!" Yuu called out and let out a huge sigh. "I guess I wouldn't mind you coming," Yuu pouted. The door opened and revealed Kimizuki wearing his usual black and white uniform with the same bored expression he gives Yuu. "Can't you knock?!" Yuu questioned in exasperation for Kimizuki never respected him the way he should.
     "I can but doesn't mean I have to," Kimizuki shot back. "Anyways, breakfast is ready," he added.
     "Asshole," Yuu replied under his breath.
     "Cherry boy," Kimizuki whispered, but Yuu and Mika both heard what came out of his mouth. Yuu slowly turned to glare at Kimizuki and grabbed his pillow and threw it at Kimizuki's direction with all his might but missed when he quickly shut the door. "Damn it!" Yuu punched his mattress as he made his way to the door where Mika was still standing. They headed to the dinning room where Guren awaited them.
     "Cherry boy?" Mika questioned curiously.
     "It's this stupid nickname Shinoa made up."
     "Who's Shinoa?" Mika asked, ignoring the fact that Yuu's nickname is 'cherry boy'. though Yuu didn't mind. Anything to keep that nickname in hell where it belonged.
     "Princess of Monte Chess. She was the princess I was supposed to be marrying," Yuu replied, regretting that last part for he had no idea how Mika would react with that piece of information. He took a quick glance at Mika, who was emotionless, unreadable.
     "That girl you danced with when I first met you?" Mika questioned once again.
     "Oh, okay," Mika replied with a tone Yuu wasn't expecting.
     "Y-you're not–,"
     "Of course not, Yuu-Chan," Mika smiled, setting his hand on Yuu's shoulder. "I mean, you are with me now after all." Mika added while Yuu turned around with his cheeks burning with a deep shade of red. A smile lit up on Mika's face as they entered the dining table.
     "Prince Hyakuya! Glad you decided to join us!" exclaimed Guren, gesturing Mikaela and his son to take a seat beside him. There were plates full of food in the center of a table, consisting of stacks of pancakes, eggs, crispy, golden bacon strips, sausages, and orange juice. "Grab whatever you'd like," insisted Guren.
     "I-I'm not hungry, sir," Mikaela lied, waving both his hands in front of his. Guren gave a displeasing look, and shrugged, plunging his fork into the stack of pancakes. "Suite yourself, Prince Hyakuya."
     "Just–just call me Mika," Mika shuddered. Guren nodded in acceptance while chugging down his orange juice.
     "So, Mika," Guren cut his sentence off to take a sinister glance at his son. "What brings you here?" Guren explicitly asked. Mika furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side.
     "Well, you invited me to breakfast so–"
     "No, I mean in Yuichiro's bed," Guren spit out.
     "Dad," Yuu sighed in anger, slapping his hand across his forehead.
     "Aw, you never call me dad," Guren cooed.
     "Shut the hell up!" Yuu yelled before stuffing his mouth with pancakes.
     "Well you see, Yuu-Chan invited me. We didn't do anything if that's what you're wondering," Mika interrupted the argument.
     "Oh, did he?" Guren sarcastically questioned. Mika nodded leaning back on his chair. "Did your mother discuss the wedding plans with you?"
     "No, actually," Mika let out a soft laugh. "What's new?"
     "The wedding's on a Monday, and it's now in two weeks. We will have the rehearsal sometime this week though. If I recall, it will be on a Thursday," Guren explained.
     "Who does a wedding on a Monday?" Mika mumbled that caught Yuu's full attention.
     "That's what I said!" Yuu hollered, looking at his father.
    "Like I said earlier, Yuichiro, Krul-"
     "Wanted a Monday wedding, I know!" Yuu mocked Guren's tone as he heard the same damn phrase at least 50 times. Guren rolled his eyes and proceeded to continue his conversation with Mikaela.
     "So Mikaela, do your eyes change colors?" Guren asked curiously.
     "Father, don't," Yuu answered back, rubbing his temples. "Why must you ask so many questions?"
     "I just want to know more about your beloved fiancé!" Guren joked. His intention was making Yuu's life hell. "Oh and that reminds me, why my son? I mean really, Mikaela."
     "Well did I have a choice?" Mika joked before Yuu gave him a great kick to the shin under the table. Mika let out a yelp and covered his mouth quickly. "I mean, your son is very amazing, and I'm glad I'm getting the chance to be his husband," Mika finished, smiling to himself for he meant what he said. Yuichiro was probably the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. His life consisted of accident after accident, and it was tragic. As the color red expanded over Yuu's cheek, he kicked Mikaela in the shin once again, this time, he didn't hold anything back. "Hell!" Mika shrieked, rising up from his seat, rubbing his shin. "Okay now what was that for?" Mika asked, raising his voice. Yuu looked the other direction as he always did when he was flustered.
     "So Mika-" Guren interrupted out of the blue, that resulted to Yuu rising up from his seat. Yuu walked over to where his father was seated, and pulled him by the arm. "Where are we going?"
     "YOU'RE leaving," Yuu shot back at his father, leading him towards the exit. Yuu pushed Guren out of the dinning room and slammed the door before him. He let out a big sigh like a grown man would do after a long day at work.
     "Mika one last question! Who the hell says no to pancakes?!" Guren exclaimed. His head peered through the door while his hand was gripping the door knob. Before Mika had a chance to react, Yuu hollered at the top of his lungs, pointing his finger to the door.
     "Leave!" Guren rose both of his hands as if he was surrendering to him and disappeared. "Imagine me having to deal with him everyday."
     "Oh, no, that's too horrible to even think about," Mika joked as held his hands to his head.
     "Shut up," Yuu softly chuckled, taking a seat next to Mika. He slumped down on his chair and stared at the ground. "You're pretty cold, Mika," Yuu admitted. Mikaela didn't react to this. He stayed silent for a split second.
     "I know."
     "I don't mind though." Yuu whispered. Mika slightly smiled, and got up from where he was sitting.
     "I should get going, Yuu-Chan. My mother's probably worried sick," he joked, laughing to himself.
     "Let me walk you out," Yuu insisted.
     As they arrived at the door, they stared down at each other, not making any sudden movements. When finally, Mika cupped one of Yuu's cheeks; they had a warm touch to them. "I'll see you on Thursday, cherry boy," Mika teased as he was leaning in, Yuu grabbed Mika's hand.
     "Out," Yuu demanded.
     "But it's funny!" Mika laughed.
     "At least let me give you a peck on the cheek," Mika pleaded, cupping Yuu's face. Yuu avoided making eye contact with Mika's deep red eyes. Yuu missed Mika's sky blue eyes. They were what drew him in when he first laid eyes on Mika, but of course, he still thought Mika's eyes were beautiful, regardless of what color they turned into.
     "Fine," Yuu gave in. Mika leaned in towards Yuu's cheek, but then quickly turned Yuu's head and planted a soft, gentle kiss on Yuu's lips. When Mika pulled back, Yuu gave him a disapproving frown. "You said on the cheek."

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