Chapter 20

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four months ago

Long, wavy hair in a ravishing shade of violet was flowing in the gust of heavy wind, though he couldn't feel the actual wind itself, he could see the affect it had on the demon in his view. Asuramaru knew he was there, but he didn't bother to turn around to face him.

"Quite a hit you took there, Yuu," he mocked. Of course, Yuu didn't know what the hell he was blabbing about. Half of the shit that comes out of his mouth was used against him to conquer him, so why bother acknowledging his existence. Well, either way, it's not like he had a choice.

"What are you talking about?" The boy demanded for answers. He was urgent to know where he was, why he was here, what the hell did Mika do; fucking idiot he was.

He didn't get an answer. A smirk crept upon the demon's face, revealing the single, sharp tooth he had locked in his mouth. "Why would I tell you? It'd spoil the surprise." He turned back around. His hair was still flowing in the wind;he still couldn't feel it.

He was numb. The anger boiling inside of him wouldn't show. His fists weren't clenched as usual, his teeth weren't grinding against each other, the crease in between his eyebrows were almost non existent, but his stomach was tying into multiple knots. One after another, doubling knotting. It was unpleasant as hell. "What the hell?Is this some sort of child's play to you?!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. The numbness in his voice was disguised with the anger he released.

"You'll be waking up soon. And remember–" after that Asurmaru's lips were moving, but the words were inaudible. A high pitched ding overlapped his speaking, and he didn't get the opportunity to hear the rest of his sentence.

Everything became dark afterwards. Glimpses of Mika carrying Yuichiro to the nearest bed were saved in his memory, probably lasting less than a second. He could see his hand shaking out in front of him, yearning to reach out for Mika's cheek, to caress him, to wipe that anxious look on his pale face. But that seemed to only make Mika look more worried. His damp, blonde hair was stuck to the sides of his sweaty temples. He looked exhausted, yet he still looked beautiful.

His eyes were fluttering shut in his last memory, barley able to attain.
Mika was threading his fingers through his also damp hair. It felt soothing considering his fingers were as cold as snowflakes. It didn't occur to him why he was almost unconscious. It didn't occur to him that Mika looked ready to enter a ring with nobles. These scenarios should've occurred to him, but they didn't. The only thoughts that swam through his mind was the gentle touches of Mika, and how alluring he always looked.

As his eyes fluttered shut, Mika proceeded to escape through the window. His hand attempted to reach out to him again. It was still shaking.

Mika couldn't help but look back at him with a pitiful expression. He bit his lip as he looked out the window. The sun war barley setting, and it was a ravishing shade or red-orange. The full moon was somehow visible too. Everything looked so pleasant, yet everything seemed so wrong.

He couldn't leave, not now. But the vampire kingdom was getting attacked by foreigners or by pesky humans. The question was still up in the air. But he couldn't leave Yuichiro. They were just newlyweds, and having to leave him already would be terrible to think about.

Quite a dilemma he had. He was almost used to making excruciatingly tough decisions in his life. Even if he decided to stay, what would he tell Yuu?

"Oh, I'm sorry I knocked you out. I was trying to run away from here."

Or maybe–

"I didn't mean to knock you out! It was a total accident. Swear."

All of these scenarios were stupid as hell and screamed out 'bullshit!'
Possibly the cat would have to be taken out of the bag, Mika thought.

Wait, why the hell was the cat in the bag in the first place?

Mika frantically shook his head. There was no time to learn about ridiculous idioms invented by people. He knew what he had to do, and as soon as Yuu woke up, he was going to tell him the truth.

He just didn't know how he will react.


His head was throbbing to the beat of his heart, and it was worse than any other headache he's endured.
The first thing that came to his mind was where he was when it should've been where the hell was Mika.

He scanned his surroundings when he then realized it was his room. He could recognize the scenery from miles away. After letting a heavy sigh escape his mouth, Yoichi and Kimizuki came bursting through the door. Yoichi came catering steaming soup accompanied by a napkin and spoon while Kimizuki brought Advil and a glass of iced water.

"I hope you had a good nap, moron," Kimizuki mumbled while laying the tray on his nightstand.

"What he meant to say is, I'm glad you're up, Prince Hyakuya," Yoichi interjected as soon as he heard the word moron coming from Kimizuki. "And we were also leaving. Enjoy your meal.
You know what to do if you need us!" Yoichi bowed before slapping Kimizuki's back. He responded quickly and bowed to him too.

"W-Where's Mika?"

"Downstairs with Guren. We'll go get him, if you'd like," Kimizuki replied.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Anything the prince wants, the prince gets," he grumbled while exiting the room and closing the door. Yuu heard an echoed "OUCH!" soon after the door closed. He assumed Yoichi slapped some respect into Kimizuki.

Mika came barging in the room, not bothering to knock. He parted his lips to say something but closed them, his lips back into that straight, emotional line. He hated that facial expression. "You're okay?" He finally got the audacity to ask. The latter only nodded.

"Let me explain everything, okay?" Mika bowed his head in disappointment. Yuu gave a slight nod in approval that he could sit on his bed. Mika sat on the soft blankets piling his body. He desperately wanted to reach for his hand and interlock fingers, but he didn't.

"I was called to the vampire kingdom. We're under attack by foreigners," he explained. "I was called on a mission."

"Well why didn't you tell me?" he replied in a breathy chuckle. "We could've–"

"See? That's exactly why I didn't tell you. I don't want you involved in this," Mika interrupted.


"No, this is my battle, and mine only. You're not getting involved. I'm going to fix–"

"What do they want from you? Money? An apology?"

"'Me," he deadpanned, "they want me."

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