Hola my lovelies! So that cliffhanger though!! Haha, I bet y'all didn't see that coming. *wink wink* Haha, her confession was actually supposed to happen a few chapters later but I chose to do it last chapter because of some small events that I moved around in the story.

So, the new characters! Just in case, I'm going to write the celebrities who play each character, just in case some of you don't know who they are. I would write them on the cast list but they're not main characters. Anyway, let me list them out for you guys real quick:

* Nicole: Christian Serratos | Liam: Fransisco Lachowski *
* Dawn: Ariana Grande | Chris(Christopher): Liam Hemsworth *
* Mitzy: Lauren Jauregui | Brandon: Chace Crawford *
* Dani: Odette Annable | Elijah: Alex Pettyfer *
* Michelle: Vanessa Hudgens | Josiah: Ryan Guzman *
* Yazmyn: Nina Dobrev | Cameron: Cody Christian *

Now, these may be the celebrities that were chosen to play these roles, but you don't have to use them. You can see the characters however you may please. It is your choice and I want you to be able to envision the characters the way you want them to be, but if you want to picture them using the celebrities that were chosen, then by all means, go right ahead! :) These are just who I envision the characters being played by.

Now that were on that note, I'm pretty curious. Who do you guys see playing each character? :)

Yeah, so I didn't expect this authors note to be really long, I'm so sorry about that. I tend to talk a lot, even though I don't mean to. And I'm pretty sure you guys probably don't read these, but it's okay! I also want to apologize in advance for any spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Anyway, enough of this and let's get straight into the chapter. Happy Reading my amazing readers! :)



I undid the covers on the bed, and quickly crawled into my bed, covering myself with the covers. I laid in the bed, staring at the ceiling. "Lianne?"

"Yeah?" She murmured.

"I finally realized something today that took me by surprise and... I think.. I think.."

I stopped talking for a moment. I heard as Lianne plopped herself on her bed. "Well.. You think what?"

I couldn't believe I was actually going to say this.

"I..I think I might like Sean."

*End of Recap*




*Anabelle's POV*

Today was going to be a long but fun day, as Mrs. Coleman described it would be. She had the whole day planned out. We would eat breakfast first, then spend a few hours at Sea World, have lunch, spend a few hours at Discovery Cove, have dinner, go to Downtown Disney, then back to the hotel.

Yep. Today was definitely going to be a long day.

Right now, Lianne and I were eating breakfast with the girls we met yesterday at the pool. "So, wait. Who's dating who in your group?" I asked Nicole, taking a bite of my bagel right after. I had just found out that in Nicole's group of friends, they were each dating each other.

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