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Subject Me To Life [Book One] ✔️ *EDITING* by ViennaXo
Subject Me To Life [Book One] ✔️ * 🖤🤍
BEFORE YOU READ- DISCLAIMER! The main character is blunt, hates life and is very vulgar and hateful towards everyone and everything . However there is a reason for this...
Wrong Quarterback | ✓ by -linnwrites
Wrong Quarterback | ✓by linn
There are three general truths every Acebridge inhabitant knows by heart. First, if you're on a hunt for the greatest latte in North Carolina, Beans & Bagels just off Ma...
One More Mistake | ✓ by ephemereals
One More Mistake | ✓by 𝒄.
❝ I'm just as broken as you are ❞ When Thea Nightingale enters her senior year she didn't expect to see the boy who had died over a month ago in the same room as her, al...
Knowing Chase Parker by SienaKing4
Knowing Chase Parkerby Sienna King
Bad guys ain't no good but good guys ain't no fun. .............. Beverly Amelia Davis. A perfect normal teenage girl. Not the cliché girl in the books who is shy, nerd...
Senior Year by StrummingMendes
Senior Yearby ♡ Sidney ♡
♡ SEQUEL to My Brother's Best Friend's Baby! Please read that first! ♡ ----- "Hi Kennedy, you've gotten so big," the man smiled as he stood in the entryway wit...
Thank god for quarantine~vinnie hacker x reader by rm_wdw
Thank god for quarantine~vinnie ♥️gi♥️
Covid hits causing the end of you're senior year. I wasn't that happy because it got my softball season canceled. My twin brothers baseball season did too. His best frie...
Dear Dakota | ongoing by booksbymina
Dear Dakota | ongoingby 𝑀.
❝There is nothing to be sorry about, Dylans. It's not your fault. You didn't do anything.❞ I crave academic validation. But so does he... It is clear Dakota Reid and Nyl...
Exposed L.S. by kaylabastian01
Exposed Kayla Bastian
It's Harry's senior year. He's supposed to be looking into colleges, settling down and getting ready to start adulting. Louis and him are stronger than ever, happy as ca...
Trapped in the Bad Boy's body by smolleigh
Trapped in the Bad Boy's bodyby 𝐋𝐄𝐄
❝What happens when you switch bodies with your enemy?❞ • • • Straight A student, thick rimmed glasses and dorky look. Val Palmer is seen as a nerd. Bryce Reynolds is th...
Our little surprise -teen parent story- by Madison__Marie
Our little surprise -teen parent MadisonMarie
For Ella and Xavier life has been pretty simple. They have been dating for the last four years and are set on getting married, they both live in pretty nice houses, with...
That's Not Allowed by pages_of_mac
That's Not Allowedby Mac
Nani Collins, a senior at her high school, has never been the center of attention...that is until her new math teacher began teaching at the school. Nani has been a goo...
euphoria. [ rini au ] by happily_smiling
euphoria. [ rini au ]by happily_smiling
sequel to cruel summer. [rini au] after a summer full of change for nini salazar-roberts and ricky bowen, the two new best friends return back to salt lake city. they re...
I Stole the Bad Boy's Skateboard (EDITING) by lyliewrites
I Stole the Bad Boy's Skateboard ( lylie 🦋
Alexia Foster is your typical, invisible, high school junior. Hunter Chase is your one and only junior heartthrob. In other stories, it's usually the invisible girl who...
The English badgirl and the American badboy by Dinosaurstar
The English badgirl and the Bubbles
Ember's a badgirl. She got her self into some serious issues back in England, so when Ember's parents get a promotion and move to America, who will Ember meet? And will...
Dear bully by kweencie
Dear bullyby Qc
No one should ever wake up to the thoughts of slicing their wrist. For Ella that's a daily occurrence She's been through a lot and the only calming thought is that of de...
Bittersweet Love. by wairimuu254
Bittersweet wairimuu254
She hated him, he hated her. That's they way things were and had always been. Atleast until senior year... Lyra Ramirez never asked for all the drama that began to follo...
Trust me, babe by Heuliina
Trust me, babeby Heuliina
Book 2 in the Trust me -series Kathryn Summers doesn't trust guys anymore. Not after getting hurt by Mikey Coldwell, the boy she loved and thought she could trust. After...
Why, We Fall by TahmeenTamnna
Why, We Fallby Tahmeen TamÅnna
Professor Hasan Nadir is one of those people who has everything figured out in life. He is meticulous in planning and constructing and never backs down from whatever cur...
Gone Bad by ifewritestoo
Gone Badby fefs
Nimi is tired of being a good girl. But she never expected a late-night adventure would land her in the arms of Lagos' most influential bachelor. Rich enough to be on EF...
Dating Mr. Bad Boy (Sequel to TMBB) by iamtheeamani
Dating Mr. Bad Boy (Sequel to TMBB)by amani
*I recommend reading Tutoring Mr. Bad Boy, the first book before this one.* Everything seems to be going smoothly for Khalan and Shawn, but what happens when new faces s...