Chapter 15

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Eventually I'd finished stiching the two belts to my suit, they would hold my knives. And no, not the kitchen knives. I'd gone out and gotten a few more things. Purple contact lenses, throwing knives.... over two dozen. And some other small, but useful items.

I sat on my bed paitently, staring into my mirror. I was overcome with emotion, anger, fear, hate, love, sadness. I couldn't control myself. But I waited patiently, it was almost 12.. at night.

I was waiting till then so I could make my move. First I'd need to make an impression, spread word that I was here. My heart was beating fast, my breathing loud.

That crazy sun of a bitch was going down, and if I had to become a crazy bastard like him, then so be it. If I had to crawl to the ends of the earth to find him, I would. I was going to do whatever it took. My limits were now endless.

I stared at my phone and waited, it was now 11:59. I had on my suit, my contacts. I had my knives all across my chest, my mask in in my bra. My boots nice and comfortable on my feet. Black leather gloves on.

I quickly put on a long black jacket, that came down to my knees, the hood placed over my head.

I left my apartment and headed out into the dark cold night. The ground and grass wet with dew. The wind light, but cold. I walked for quit a while until I came across and alleyway with a group of three people.

All of them were men. Suprisingly I wasn't scared, a small smile perked up on the ends of my lips as I turned the corner where they were standing. Probably thugs, rapists.

As I slowly walked towards them, they turned towards me. Angry expressions on their faces until they saw I was a women. Evil smiles crept onto their faces.

I spoke first.


Now they all were facing me.

"Well well boys? What do we have here."

One of them slowly licked their lips.

"It's a bit late at night for women to be walking the streets, alone? Don't you know their are theives? And murders that roam around this city?"

The man talking took a step closer.

"The MOB for example? You wouldn't want to run into them, they'd shoot you right in your pretty little head without a word."

My lips curved down.

"Well boys, can't blame a girl for wanting to have some fun." I said in a "sad" sarcastic voice.

I stepped up to the leader and looked up at him. He smiled down at me and told his boys to step back. I leaned closer to his face, my lips brushing across his ear lightly. I whispered.

"How about, me and you go somewhere private? Huh?"

He laughed a little,"What are you? A prostitute?"

"On the contrary sweetie, I work for free." I stepped away and smiled shyly at him.

For a moment let his guard down and licked his lips and looked my body up and down. Although I intended this, I became angry for him violating me in such a way. I slowly started to reach my hand in my jacket. He lifted his eye brow, but it was to late.

I quickly pulled out two knives and I ran up to him and thrusted one of the knives into his chest. Twisting it around and shoving it in more. He looked down at me in shock and slowly fell to the ground. I stared down at him for a moment... then smiled, satisfied with my first victim. I spit down at him.

As I looked up I could see the confusion and fear crawling onto the other two men's faces. But it didn't last long. The one on the right quickly went to reach for the gun on his belt, his hands shaking. I was faster.

I took out my own gun and fired two shots at him. He fell to his knees holding his stomach, looked down, and then silently fell to his death. The other one felt his pockets, as if looking for a weapon, but he didn't have one.

I slowly took a step in his direction and he backed up a little.

"What's wrong sweetheart? You look nervous?" I grinned at him, pleasure filling my face. I could see the fear in his eyes. And it fueled my mood.

"Wh- who? Who are y-you?" He struggled to speak. Mere horror stuttering his words.

The question startled me for a moment and my expression seized. Who was I?....... I obviously wasnt Alisa anymore?........ A sudden thought came to mind.

The night at the ball. The day that Alisa had left me, abandoned me.

I took off my jacket and took out my mask, silently placing it on.
I let my hair blow in the light breeze. Glowing white like snow. I smiled bitterly at him.

"Why haven't you heard? I'm the Masquerade?"

I watched him widen his eyes, fear fully consuming his face his face now, words taken from him like the breathe I'd just taken away from the first two men. I bent down and took the knife out of my first victim. I wiped the blood off of the knife and onto his shirt. I then slowly started to walk towards the last of the three men.

He backed up slowly and tripped over a trashcan. Landing flat on his ass. I began to laugh, but it wasnt quite like how Alisa laughed. No, it was a sycotic laugh, crazy, but satisfying.

He quickly got up and scrambled away, like a coward. Yealling for help. Exactly what I'd wanted him to do.

I reached down in my bra and slowly laced my lips with black lipstick. I bent down to the first two men, having to turn the second over. I kissed them both on the forehead. The black lipstick staining them.

My signature now marked their skin. They were mine, and mine alone. I stood up and grabbed my jacket. I placed it around my right arm, like people do when their trying to be fancy.

I changed my mind and decided to place it on once more, and then gently dragged the men up to the brick walls of the alleyway. The coldness of the air sent chills through out my body. Making the hairs on the back of my neck Stand up.

I shrugged it off and turned away to leave, and go home. One day... one day, I was going to find the joker, and I was going to crush him under my feet, like an ant. Like the worthless peice of shit he was.

They would see, they would all see. I  soon came to my apartment and went straight to my bedroom and plopped myself comfortably on the bed. And soundly, but full of thoughts,  drifted to sleep.

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