Chapter 2

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I sat there, in the dark room for about an hour and twenty minutes. I was good at keeping track of time. I sat there, wondering what was to become of me. I was growing so hungry that it felt like a knife was stabbing through the side of my stomach. I hung my head low, getting bored, tired, exhausted; a cold sweat covering my forehead.

I heard the door unbolt and open, but I didn't look up. I could hear the footsteps of someone walking up to me and I'd kinda hoped maybe someone was bringing me food and water. Or maybe the Joker, bad enough as it is, I still wanted some questions answered.

The person stopped right in front of me, but I could easily tell that it wasn't the joker because his pants weren't a dark shade of purple, and he wasnt wearing boots.

I looked up and stared at him. He had curly brown hair, and a small beard growing from his face, and blue eyes, cold icy blue eyes. He walked behind me and untied my hands, then my legs. And held a finger to his mouth. I whispered quietly.

"What's going on?" He looked at me.

"Come on, I'm going to help you." A rush of joyful adrenaline.

He told me to follow him, but started walking behind the chair, I couldn't see the wall. Was there a door on the other side of the room as well?

"I thought the door was behind us?" I hesitated, but he imidiatley grabbed my hand and dragged me along. I didn't think anything of it though because I was desperate.

We got to the other side of the room, but there was no door. I stood there, confused. But not for long. He grabbed both my risks in one hand, pinned me against the wall, and his other hand over my mouth.

"Remember me?" He said in a wicked voice.

I suddenly had a flashback..... I was just about to stab the Joker with the shard of glass, but a hand from behind had grabbed my hand, and another over my mouth. I never saw the face of that man...... until now at least.

I began to panic, I stopped struggling. I couldn't move. I was.... again... frozen in fear. He motioned me to be quiet and removed his hand. But that didn't stop me.

"What do you want from me?!" I suprisingly said in a braver voice than I felt.

He didn't answer in words, but by pressing his lips hard against mine, and then down my neck.
I screamed for help, I screamed for anyone. I screamed for him yo stop. But who would help? They probably sent him in here. This was probably the Jokers' doing!

Again he kissed me on my lips, so I kissed back. And for a moment he hesitated, confused. So I kicked him hard in his soft spot and tried to run for the door, he'd never bolted it back.

I stopped when I heard a gun cock from behind.

"So.. guess the crazy bastard was right. You do have a little fight in you. But unlike him I don't like people that don't do what they're fucking told. You're gonna pay, bitch." I could hear him walking towards me from behind.

"Any last words princess?"

I closed my eyes, a single tear running down my cheek. I whispered.

"All I wanted to fucking do was go to a party with a friend." Something inside me lit up, like a spark. I was angry, I didn't deserve this.

I turned around and hit the gun out of his hand, but he was just as quick. He took his hands and threw them around my throat. I couldn't breathe, and soon I was lifted off the ground. It was a horrible feeling one that made me feeling like I was having the life sucked out of me. Ī was going to die.

Then I heard a gun shot, I fell to the floor and so did the man. For a moment I thought I had been shot, but it was he who layed dead on the floor by the chair, right in light. A pool of blood starting to form around him. Ī coughed while backing away on the floor towards the door, and right into someone.

I screamed and jumped the other direction, reaching for the gun on the floor and jumping to my feet as quick as I could. It was the joker, he was also holding a gun, but he wasn't pointing it at me, he threw it down, kicked it aside, and he put his hands up smiling.

I pointed the gun at him, my hands shaking I could hardly keep the gun from slipping out of them. The blood didnt help. I began to yell.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!??? WHAT DID I DO!!??" My voice shook, but I didn't care.

"Oh nothing of course. Tell me, do you always point guns at the people who save your life? Go ahead if you're going to shoot. You see, darling, this is how society truly works. The people in control are the people who hold their fingers on the trigger. Do you feel the power? The hate? The rage? The chaos? I mean, I did kidnap you after all, starved you, hit you. Come on, SHOOT ME!"

His voice echoed off the walls, shaking the room. Startled, I dropped the gun and it went off, shooting a few bullets, and so did the lights. I couldn't see a thing but suddenly I could feel a hand grip my face and I knife on my cheek.

"Don't play games with me. I will always win. Always."
And with that he was gone, and the lights were back on. I ran towards the door, using all my strength, it had already been bolted shut. I was again trapped in this room, except now there was a dead man to keep my company. I fell to the floor, sobbing.

"You can't lock me in here forever you bastard!!!"

I went and sat in the corner farthest away from the door and cried softly, and although it took some time. I'd finally been able to fall asleep... if you could even call it that. And the smell of dead flesh and a rotting corpse didn't help.

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