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Cherry Bite by Infamous
Cherry Biteby Bea Infamous
Seventeen young girls have disappeared within the last year with growing velocity and the police are dumb with bewilderment. The police have no key suspect, no bodies, n...
  • missing
  • disappearances
  • suspense
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THE ENEMIES ( ADAM BANKS )  by -billybennetts
❝ we are the enemies. ❞ ⤹ ❝ we are just cake eaters to them. ❞
  • deanportman
  • usa
  • adambanks
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No Homo? by Luke_is_a_fake_betch
No Homo?by your gay cousin
" hey luke your ass looks great in those jeans" "ash thats gay" "um no its not im wearing socks duh" "Oh yeah your right,no homo?"...
  • fletcher
  • luke
  • clifford
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Agents Of Gotham by Carlydotcom57
Agents Of Gothamby Carly Mccullough
Who best to protect the streets of one of the most crime ridden cities other than the undiscovered daughter of Agent Phillip J Coulson along with the believe to be dead...
  • marvel
  • daughter
  • james
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Nothing but texts between us. (Michael Clifford AU) by Smash_DrFluke
Nothing but texts between us. (Mic...by Smash, Dr Fluke
Texts exchanged between Michael and Jamie. Nothing less nothing more, just texts between them. (Contains some strong language and themes that some readers might not be...
  • mgc
  • michael
  • clifford
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gordan And Squidward. The Sensual Journey Of Two Amphibians by dylanis_bean
gordan And Squidward. The Sensual...by dylanis_bean
this is a tale of two lovers that I sent to my friend when I was baked
  • aircrafts
  • gordan
  • twenty
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Did you hear? She Married The Playboy by PwincessR11
Did you hear? She Married The Play...by Rianne
  • slap
  • gordan
  • arnold
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Careless ◆ m.c (au) ; (c.s)  by vintage-ash
Careless ◆ m.c (au) ; (c.s) by ˗ˏˋ jess ˎˊ˗
The truth is, maybe they were both just as careless as one another, but that wasn't going to stop them. Even if society threw everything they had at them. [ set in the l...
  • 1980s
  • michael
  • 5sos
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Forbidden Cooking Book by frends_with_snails
Forbidden Cooking Bookby frends_with_snails
Looking for new, cool ways to spice up your boring old forbidden fruit? Well, then this is the book for you! Introducing new and amazing unique meals, including breakfas...
  • fruit
  • forbidden
  • forbiddensnack
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My Brother's Besfriends  ~ MGC by FourAussieIDIOTS
My Brother's Besfriends ~ MGCby LËishA
Warning!!!! UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION! I wrote this at the age of 11 with the help of my long lost internet friend @4fg_bridge 😂😂😑🔫 Please do comment shiq if u want...
  • thomas
  • calum
  • 5sos
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Should've Left Me::5sos by MichaelsGuyliner
Should've Left Me::5sosby Lauralynne
5sos as themselves Lauralynne and Abegail as hybrids up for adopt more characters in the story!!
  • fletcher
  • gordan
  • ashtonirwin
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We're Like Planes- Jay McGuiness by SuperWhoAreYou
We're Like Planes- Jay McGuinessby Madi
After the drama of Monita and Nathan, the near death of Richie and Tom it seems like Jay and Siva are the only single lads left, but for how long? A cute and clumsy Bonn...
  • fanmily
  • band
  • kaneswaran
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Picks And Promises by 5sosFangirls22
Picks And Promisesby Raechel & Sophie
Autumn was a normal girl, at least for a while. When her best friend Violet gets tickets to her favourite band - 5 seconds of summer - Autumn is boiling with excitement...
  • luke
  • calum
  • 5sos
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Gotham's favorite family by mekkah6787
Gotham's favorite familyby WhiteNight6191
Oneshots of the batfamily cute,funny, and probably fluffy! Characters: bruce wayne(batman) alfred(agent a) dick Grayson(nightwing) Jason todd(red hood) Tim drake(Red Rob...
  • agenta
  • wayne
  • stephanie
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My Nightmare by EmoNinja
My Nightmareby Savannah
Greek girl Nadia has a great voice but as a greek girl from a forin country she must become a house wife and marry greek boy
  • landon
  • gordan
  • giana
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BatFam And  Reader by DamiandNaru-kun
BatFam And Readerby Christopher Truman
An epic adventure with the Bat Fam and well you. I own nothing but the story and ocs
  • metrópolis
  • alfred
  • tim
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typical l.h by -5sos_cake-
typical l.hby em
im just your typical 17 year old girl, i go to school, i eat and i sleep. theres nothing more exiting than that. my ex fell off the radar when i was 16 one has heard of...
  • fiction
  • thomas
  • school
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Psychotic || Luke Hemmings by Jazzyberry1
Psychotic || Luke Hemmingsby Jasmine Irwin
psy·chot·ic sīˈkädik/ adjective 1. of, denoting, or suffering from a psychosis. "a psychotic disturbance" synonyms: insane, mad, deranged, demented, crazed, ps...
  • ashton
  • irwin
  • 5sos
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Teenage Dirtbag. [L.H] by LazyDasiess
Teenage Dirtbag. [L.H]by LazyDasiess
--------------------------------------------------- Luke Hemmings is the typical Teenage Dirtbag. The kind of guy a parent wouldn't want there daughter to be seen with...
  • calum
  • jason
  • bieber
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