Chapter 20

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I slowly and skeptically walked father in the building down a small hallway that was painted white. At the end of the hallway was a another pair of doors, like the first pair I'd walked through.

I slowly put both my hands on them, and suddenly I had a flashback.

"Well well, aren't you a brave one. You know, if you were smart, you wouldn't be touching that door right now." He was so close, I could feel him breathing down my neck. I looked down at my hands, both on the exit door. I quietly and gently put them at my sides. I was shaking so much... it was hard to breath.

I glanced down at my hands, but this time they weren't shaking. I took a quick glance behind me, had expecting to see him. The hallway was empty. I slowly licked my lips and pushed the doors wide open.

Inside there was a long table. At the end farthest from me, a Tv. The screen was off for the moment and sitting around the table were the most powerful MOB members in Gotham.

Some stood, and some leaned against the wall. I analyzed the room and the people in it carefully. Every exist was guarded by someome with a gun.

There was a camera in every corner of the room, and they all faced towards the center. Where the table was. About half the men in the room had guns attached to belts at their sides. There to protect their leaders if necessary.

I took a step forward to finally notice that everyone was staring directly at me. And then I realized that I was the only girl here. All the rest were men. I laughed to myself.

"Hello gentlemen. What's the problem, you've never seen a lady before?" I lifted my left eyebrow in response to my own question.

"Not one who'd have the balls to come here."

I turned around to see a man leaning against the wall, a slight smile on his face. A toothpick in his mouth. He had on a black suit with a red tie, and his hair was smoothly combed back with gel, only a couple strands had fallen out in front of his face.

"Your either the bravest women I've ever seen, or the most stupid," He snicked,"guess I'll have to decide when this is over."

I stared at him a moment longer before turning back to face everyone else. Who all still had their attention fixed on me.

"Take a picture gentlemen, it'll last longer."

I walked by and took a seat on a metal chair up against wall, farthest to the left of room from Where the entrance was. My legs crossed, a smirk, held up by the very corners of my lips.

It wasn't long before the television that had been on the table, was turned on. An Asian man appeared, he was on a plane of some sort and said that he could not discuss his where abouts. He took a small sip of what appeared to be red wine.

Without trying to look to suspicious, I scanned the room in hope of finding the Joker. Wasn't he also a leader of the MOB? Or was he just a member? Maybe he wasn't even part of the MOB at all.....

I tuned out the man on the TV so I could concentrate and think carefully. What if he doesn't even come at all? I frowned, this wasn't the most planned out idea. What was I thinking.

I stood up to leave, moving quietly along the wall when suddenly a loud, slow laugher came into play. The room went dead and all heads turned towards one of the exist doors.

I froze and a cold chill consumed my whole body as I realized who it was. I nervously sat back down.

"Ha, ahe, aha, he. And I thought my jokes were bad?"

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