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Book of Dark jokes by TasteTheLlama
Book of Dark jokesby TasteTheLlama
This is what I think of daily. Warning: may include offensive jokes
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Let's Get Weird~ ;3 by HolySticks
Let's Get Weird~ ;3by DeJA hAs A SmOL PP
Random Shit~!! YAY Cover by: @Spicy_Kitten ~ THANK YOU BABE~~
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What song lyrics really mean by killjoyxreject
What song lyrics really meanby vic
this is a troll book, therefore, if you get triggered it ''tis not my fault. If you ever find yourself asking, "why did she do this?" I will go ahead and answe...
  • lyrics
  • teenagers
  • mychemicalromance
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The Angel Project by maris0100
The Angel Projectby Amari
READ MOST RECENT AUTHOR'S NOTE BEFORE STARTING • When five strangers wake up in a government facility with no memories except for their names and ages, what will they do...
  • eventualbxb
  • badhumor
  • boyxgirl
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The Grim Reaper is a Nerd by 90sMisunderstoodKid
The Grim Reaper is a Nerdby 90s Kid
"So... you're a nerd," I stated numbly, still not getting over the idea of the Grim Reaper being an actual bookworm. I mean, I don't have any problems with int...
  • reaper
  • nerd
  • stupidity
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The Process of UNbullying by angsyue
The Process of UNbullyingby Doofus Leek
Pip Squeed is the biggest, MEANEST, ugliest, and dumbest bully in Hallewell XIV Boarding School. A new transfer student comes in to rival him in his feared position, and...
  • highschool
  • boardingschool
  • dude
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Fanart And Crap by GhostlyMink
Fanart And Crapby Mink
Wanna watch me draw shitty Art Of Nice People? Great! Cause Your in Luck!~ Ask me questions, look at my fan art and ever changing style, and question yourself, &quo...
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my book of my little secrets by BradRevenant
my book of my little secretsby 🅱️rad
this is a book, where I write my "deepest" secrets to share with you
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  • life
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Cody Carson//Samgladiator Fanfic by catswithfeet
Cody Carson//Samgladiator Fanficby kellicandtomtordbeyotch
No spoilers!
  • setitoff
  • samgladiator
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Average Life Of An Average Gal(LIFE OF ME) by StoryTimeOwl1733
Average Life Of An Average Gal( Kewwi
An average life of an average gal, in an average school. Where the narrator (MEH)resides on the story of her average boring life and with very average thought like eve...
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Confined by intrickate
Confinedby ti
A self-proclaimed queen of wit, seventeen-year-old Petunia Behrman finds herself in quite the unusual predicament: she's not allowed to leave her home. Not for school, n...
  • recovery
  • badhumor
  • highschool
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Camp Lakestone by marvelstarkin
Camp Lakestoneby Indigo
Angela Parkinson moved to Lakestone on the day her school is over, she now has to go to a camp because her parents thought It'd be a good idea to meet new people so she...
  • teenanger
  • camp
  • friendship
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Admin Shit by -The_Antagonist-
Admin Shitby One Awkward Fuck
If you're feeling suicidal you've come to the right place -Filthy Frank
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  • theonewhoreadsthisisgay
  • kms
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Dark Moon Tavern (A Minecraft Fanfiction) by LunarFox99
Dark Moon Tavern (A Minecraft Lexi
Dark Moon Tavern is a place for any monster. And Steve. The customers are a handful for the workers. But the workers just go with it as long as they still get paid.
  • swearing
  • abuse
  • dumbzombie
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MEMELORDS! ↬ text storyby ━━━ bub
jennie is a girl that is done with everyone's shit sam is a boy that just wants his best friend to happy for once two polar opposite friends ready to take on the world...
  • badhumor
  • teenromance
  • random
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~Bitter Sweet~ by Hello_darkpast
~Bitter Sweet~by Miss Dark~
Rose Romaine comes back to the land she was born in to find out more about her 'missing' parents, no matter how much she asks her Grandfather he won't answer so she took...
  • enemiestolovers
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sweet sympathy · diary entries!  by berries_bitch
sweet sympathy · diary entries! by berries™
maybe I am alive ever day. started: 16/11/18 finished: ???
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The Book Of Jokes by shadowslayer9258
The Book Of Jokesby shadowslayer9258
This is a story of cheesy but none the less hilarious jokes. If you cannot stand really bad humor I suggest you don't read these jokes.
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