Chapter 9

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It was the Joker..... holding me in his arms... he had given me the rose and I had just danced with him.... blushing and laughing the night away as we did so because I couldn't help the feeling of excitement and mystery I felt around the "stranger".

But now I thought different... he hadn't been flirting with me.. he couldn't have, he wouldn't. He was the Joker after all. He could never like anyone... I mean.. in that way.

I was suddenly snapped out of my trance when everyone in the room started clapping and cheering. What was all the commotion about?

The man... erm, Joker, lifted me back up and bowed. They were clapping for us? That's when I realized that everyone else on the floor had stopped dancing, the spotlights had been on us for the entirety of the dance.

I stood there still shocked, not knowing what to do. Bruce Wayne came from somewhere out of the crowd and greeted us with a warm smile, then he turned to the crowd.

"Let's give it up for our princess and Prince charming of the night everyone!!" The crowd clapped and whistled louder.

More like beauty and the beast, I couldn't help to think. The Joker bowed and tilted his head up straight staring at me as he did, then walked away into crowd.

Why didn't he just-? I didn't know what to think, I was so confused... why would-?? Grr... I couldn't  seem to find one explination to anything anymore...

Bruce Wayne invited me over to socialize and maybe get a little drunk with him and his friends, have some fun. We both walked over to a man with blonde hair standing next to a women with brownish hair.

"Hi, I'm Alisa." I introduced myself and immediately recognized the women... she had stood up to the joker that night, and would have gotten her face carved if it weren't for me..... trying to run away.

I couldn't tell if I was more of a coward or hero in people's eyes.
We talked, the four of us, for about 20 minutes, drinking wine and champaign. And everyone once in a while I would notice Bruce tense his face.. as if he were in agony. But I didn't give too much attention to it... I was still focused on the Joker.

After a while we all split up and I walked through a pair of double doors into a long dark hallway, the lights off. Yet the hall was illuminated by the lights of the city, the whole left side of the hall was all glass windows. I tried looking for a restroom.

I had the fingure tips of my right hand on the wall, sliding them against it as I walked by.

Finally I found a women's restroom and I went to reach for the door but was immediately pushed up against the wall, a hand covering my mouth.

It was the him.

"Sh sh sh sh... I'm not here to kill you Alisa."

I squirmed a little, struggling to get out of his grip, but it was pointless. Finally he let me go, holding a fingure over his mouth.

I scrunched up my face and started to yell.

"WHAT the fuck kind of game are you playing here? Huh?! Quit messing with my head! I didn't do anything to you, just leave me the fuck alone or God so help me!..." I couldn't take it anymore.

I took the knife out of my pocket and turned the tables, pushing the joker against the wall holding the knife to his neck. I knew he was letting me have my moment though because he wasn't even trying to struggle at all, he could have very easily taken the knife from me.

But I didn't care, I was drunk, and angry. He looked at me and frowned.

"What? You think I won't do it? That I'm scared?"

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