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What if (Patrick Verona Story) by MiawPaw
What if (Patrick Verona Story)by Marzia
Emma and her brother Cameron are new students at Padua High School. There she meets a lot of people, even goes through a relationship. But what happens when a certain s...
  • leonardo
  • ledger
  • highschool
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Paper Planes by SweetFantasies
Paper Planesby 𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑒
Ember DeLoughrey runs into a bit of bad luck when she encounters the infamous Joker amidst his escape from Arkham. Her luck improves when the man decides to spare her li...
  • batman
  • heath
  • gotham
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❛ perth ❜ | heath ledger  by mirroroftime
❛ perth ❜ | heath ledger by A
❛ i carry your heart with me, i am never without it. here is the deepest secret nobody knows, here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky...
  • ledger
  • heath
  • joker
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Lust and Lint - The Joker by selinakyle1999
Lust and Lint - The Jokerby HangoverTaco
And yet one arrives somehow, finds himself loosening the hooks of her dress in a strange bedroom - feels the autumn dropping its silk and linen leaves about her ankles. ...
  • heath
  • batman
  • stripper
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Twisted Perfection (Heath Ledger Joker) by Jack_Napier_2008
Twisted Perfection (Heath Ledger J...by Jack_Napier_2008
Freya Harris a 21 year old living in New York, in the year 2019. When something goes wrong (or right!), Freya awakens in Gotham 2005 around the time of The Dark Knight...
  • darkknight
  • romance
  • joker
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NEIGHBOR  by folietristesse
Troian Alistair likes to keep to herself. She doesn't have a boyfriend or kids, or even many friends. Then, she meets her neighbor. (Partially accurate to Heath's real l...
  • neighbors
  • dark
  • heath
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PANTOMIME by YazminGarcia593
The lion and the lamb
  • joker
  • menace
  • heathledger
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Dance with the devil by TheJokerLoverGirl
Dance with the devilby TheJokerLoverGirl
Miriam is a normal girl in high school, but one day, everything changes. The Joker is going to blow up their school if they don't play a little game he has planned. Beca...
  • thedarkknight
  • sad
  • story
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Will You Be My Daddy? ~Joker Fanfiction~ by Gingy484
Will You Be My Daddy? ~Joker Fanfi...by Gingy
What would happen if the Joker turned a four year old girl into a loyal and merciless killer? Joker meets a little girl on the street and she asks if he will be her dadd...
  • evil
  • arkhamasylum
  • gothamcity
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Jigsaw Puzzle || The Joker x Reader by FanfictionXR
Jigsaw Puzzle || The Joker x Readerby Jeanne
(Y/N) (L/N) grew up in Gotham City's criminal world, but after a life-changing ordeal, she decided to turn to a better life. The secret that (Y/N) hides is that she miss...
  • jokerxreader
  • joker
  • gotham
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Lovely Scars {A Heath/Joker Story}  by Kaylakuy
Lovely Scars {A Heath/Joker Story} by Be Fearless... 😎
Bella Wayne, better known as Bruce Wayne's daughter, has seen her share of crime in Gotham, working at the local paper 'The Gotham Times' means having to put herself int...
  • brucewayne
  • batman
  • heathledger
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Joker Imagines by IAmCookieMaster
Joker Imaginesby IAmCookieMaster
If you love the Joker, than you will love these short stories of him and Y/N. Hope you will enjoy this! •••••••••••••••••••••• Y/N means your name Y/F/N means your first...
  • dc
  • gotham
  • reader
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Old Friends | d.d by miazetomer
Old Friends | d.dby Mia
Izzy Miller, a freshman in law school, and David Dobrik, an infamous YouTuber, have been best friends since the first grade. David and Isabel never lost touch when David...
  • kristinchenoweth
  • daviddobrikxreader
  • scottysire
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90s Imagines by SweetlyVintage
90s Imaginesby Livi
80s guys can be such babes, but let's not forget about the 90s guys either. Here's a load of stories of the cutest 90s heartthrobs. As always, I'll happily take requests...
  • 90smovies
  • edwardfurlong
  • paulwalker
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The Joker x Male Reader by Killjoy413
The Joker x Male Readerby Alexander Applebaum
⚠ This is written with Heath Ledger's Joker in mind ⚠ I can't really find any Joker x Male Reader fics so I'm writing my own ! I also try not to express the reader's gen...
  • thejoker
  • gay
  • xmalereader
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Joker Imagines by Dcfucker
Joker Imaginesby Abbie
Joker imagines because why not? REQUESTS ARE OPEN
  • imagines
  • jokerleto
  • gotham
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ɧεɭɭσ ɧσŋεყ~ 80s/90s movie/show imagines by -_avesatanas_-
ɧεɭɭσ ɧσŋεყ~ 80s/90s movie/show im...by ♡
all my imagines have gifs on them PLEASE REQUEST cover picture is Corey Haim
  • mikeywalsh
  • christianslater
  • cameronfrye
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80s & 90s Confessions by peakyphoenix
80s & 90s Confessionsby julie♡
{ PM ME YOUR CONFESSIONS } { None of these confessions are mine } Your online confession booth for the 80s and 90s! ♡
  • leonardodicaprio
  • mattdillon
  • heathledger
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I'm not a monster (joker fan fiction) by shield-dx-kalisto
I'm not a monster (joker fan ficti...by wwe is my life
my name is Kaylee and I'm in love with the joker. I first meet him when he kidnaps me thinking batman will save but I save myself. me and my brother dean move in with Br...
  • thedarkknight
  • fanfiction
  • thejoker
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Will you be my friend ?  by Jokerxelsa
Will you be my friend ? by Joker is MY SENPAI
She's cries everyday knowing that her family never loved her since the day she was born but now everything has changed she has been holding a huge grudge between her fa...
  • crybaby
  • soap
  • love
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