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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker fanficti...by DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
  • brucewayne
  • thejoker
  • gotham
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Arc of a Spartan  by Wrench007
Arc of a Spartan by DJ Scully
(Disclaimer: I don't own Halo 5 or RWBY.) What if Jaune was presumably killed during a mission after most of the student body, except teams RWBY and JNPR, turned on him...
  • rubyrose
  • wattys2018
  • halo
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Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by sophoeniz
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNEby soph(ia)
"I don't have time for love." ~ 17 year old Damian Wayne decided to lock the door towards his heart ever since he was a child. It was impossible for anyone t...
  • brucewayne
  • nightwing
  • fanfic
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The Bane of Our Existence [The Dark Knight Rises] by UnderMySkin
The Bane of Our Existence [The Dar...by Sabrina
[Complete] Bría Rós serves half of her prison sentence when she is released on parole for good behaviour. Free on the streets of Gotham City, Bría discovers that she doe...
  • thedarkknightrises
  • leagueofshadows
  • liamneeson
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Catatonic by SweetFantasies
Catatonicby 𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑖𝑒
Life at Arkham was exceedingly boring for a complete catatonic in her mid-twenties. Typically, Adelaide Lynch kept to herself. Always sitting in the same corner, reading...
  • darkknight
  • tdk
  • heathledger
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Falling for Insanity ⇒ Joker  by Insanity69
Falling for Insanity ⇒ Joker by HIATUS
Katie is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and she knows her father is batman. Her mother died when she was young and her father has always been there for her. And since she's...
  • insane
  • knight
  • joker
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Living With Him (Slow Update) by BabyJinea
Living With Him (Slow Update)by Kyra Althea
Naiinis si Sophie because may project na ipapagawa ang teacher nila sa Values. Ang project na yun ay nakakabaliw. Yun ay titira ang two students in one house. Take note...
  • darknights
  • marielicious
  • theazzy
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Pledge to Perry by DoNotMicrowave
Pledge to Perryby Lindsey Summers
Norah's life takes a turn when she finds the journal of a dead man who dares her to go beyond her limits.
  • promise
  • darknights
  • dead
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ᗷᑌTTEᖇᖴᒪIES➳ᐯOᒪTᑌᖇI by ClockworkMadness
ᗷᑌTTEᖇᖴᒪIES➳ᐯOᒪTᑌᖇIby •Laura•
The Denali Coven Withheld a Secret, A Vampire with the Gift of Creation, But can the Secret be Kept Hidden when Needed Most? Will this Butterfly learn to Fly??
  • batman
  • gotham
  • mrfreeze
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Why So Serious?                 (Heath Ledger) by X_TheJ0K3R_X
Why So Serious? (H...by Mistah J
Suddenly a hand grabbed me and I was pinned against the door. His scars so close.... so visible. "What's wrong? you look nervous? Is it the scars?" He pointed...
  • darknight
  • heathledger
  • batman
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Queen Cobra (Bruce Wayne x Reader) by WhiteShadowIsFluffy
Queen Cobra (Bruce Wayne x Reader)by Fluffy
When (Y/N) is nearly killed by her own father's hand, she is sent to stay with her childhood friend, Bruce Wayne. But there was something that she never told anyone afte...
  • joker
  • gotham
  • dark
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Bad, I'm better [Bruce Wayne] by LovingPetal
Bad, I'm better [Bruce Wayne]by LovingPetal
Jane Benton is a new employee at Wayne Enterprises in the nearly unocuppied Research & Development department. One day Bruce Wayne himself makes his way down to her work...
  • thedarkknight
  • love
  • batman
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BEATING HEARTS [COMPLETED] (#OneBo...by mr.Blue Argon
[UNDER EDITING] Love starts when your heart beats fast pero paano kung may taong nag mamahal sayo pero ang puso mo di tumibok mg mabilis manhid ka kaya o sadyang di mo p...
  • kookie
  • darknight
  • blue
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Percy Jackson and the Justice League: The Beginning by Hey_Im_Batman
Percy Jackson and the Justice Leag...by WritingInDarkness
With the end of the Giant war, Percy Jackson and the demigods of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter thought the worst was over and they could be at peace.... But both the...
  • cyborg
  • thalia
  • calypso
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Batman Roleplay  by Ding1989
Batman Roleplay by Major Tom?
This is exclusively for DC, Batman, and DC crossover roleplay! Just request which character you'd like to be, siggest a situation and begin a conversation in the comment...
  • batman
  • catwomen
  • dc
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smile heath ledger joker love story by cherishfallenangel
smile heath ledger joker love storyby cherishfallenangel
I'm bad at descriptions
  • darkknight
  • joker
  • christianbale
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Madness (Joker Love Story) by Foxy_Trash
Madness (Joker Love Story)by Foxy_Trash
"When love is not madness, it is not love." Alison Finch has just been given the most difficult patient she has ever encountered; The joker. Now the only ques...
  • illness
  • harleyquinn
  • batman
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Why So Serious (Joker) {complete} by RebelKissez
Why So Serious (Joker) {complete}by h a r l e y
COMPLETE Joker x Original Character In which a girl that goes by the name Phantom falls for the man with the scarred smile. | DC Comics | | The Dark Knight |
  • harvey
  • dent
  • quotes
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Screams. (Horror One Shots) by sophie689
Screams. (Horror One Shots)by Sophie
Short mysterious, thriller, scary, dark horror one shots! October is horror month lets see how this goes! I'll try upload a short story most days of October. Trying diff...
  • darknight
  • haunting
  • mist
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Caught In A Lie  by BTSBabe1993
Caught In A Lie by BTSBabe1993
  • rain
  • darknight
  • nsfw
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