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Enter the Scarecrow by drewablank
Enter the Scarecrowby Victoria
When a young, new doctor finally starts her job in Arkham Asylum will she get more than she bargains for when her supervisor is the notorious Jonathan Crane? Or will it...
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Fool For You || Jervis Tetch || by -JeromeValeska
Fool For You || Jervis Tetch ||by -JeromeValeska
Karen Riker was sent to Arkham Asylum after using the psychotropic 'The Red Queen' on her boyfriend's lover. There she reunited with Jerome and met Jervis Tetch, the Mad...
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Doormat by elionwy18
Doormatby Christine M. Greenleaf
Harley Quinn becomes jealous of another woman in the Joker's life, and overcompensates by becoming even more of a doormat than usual to keep him with her. Joker uses Har...
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Fun in the Oven by elionwy18
Fun in the Ovenby Christine M. Greenleaf
After some unusual physical changes, Harley Quinn consults a doctor to discover that she's pregnant. But when she tries to tell the Joker, things don't quite go to plan...
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Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Knight/ Red Hood by FearSatanna
Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Hristianna
This story is being rewritten in a brand new book called Wilt Remastered which you can find on my profile! This book is COMPLETED and won't be updated again. ----- Daugh...
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My Uncle is Bruce Wayne by Gentrix
My Uncle is Bruce Wayneby Gentrix
Perseus 'Percy' Jackson was just your average, deadly and powerful demigod - which happens when your one of the sons of the big three - until he found out that his mothe...
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A Dying City (Gotham Imagine) by Sammythecat454
A Dying City (Gotham Imagine)by Sammythecat454
This is my first imagine so we are hoping its good. This really just focuses on gotham after the 5th season. Mainly you'll see interactions with Jonathan Crane, Jeremiah...
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Beauty of Dawn by LisaSalas7
Beauty of Dawnby fandoe-ofmany
Hey it's Akemi Uchiha here little sister of the famous weasel and twin to duck butt and before you ask yes i do know how to talk Uchiha i know be jealous an-ny-way I'll...
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Love and Loyalty (Batman x Reader) by Iscarra
Love and Loyalty (Batman x Reader)by Iscarra
Moving back to Gotham, your childhood city, to take over your parent's business you meet the famous bachelor of the city. Unaware of his secret identity an unexpected r...
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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
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Arkham High by elionwy18
Arkham Highby Christine M. Greenleaf
This is just a guess of what things could have been like if the inmates of Arkham Asylum all went to high school together...
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Harley Quinn's Beginning by Harley_Quinn4479
Harley Quinn's Beginningby H⃣A⃣R⃣L⃣E⃣Y⃣❤️
This is story of Harleen Quinzel turning into Harley Quinn but I decided to change the origin up and change her look a bit and see how it works.
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My Flying Grayson ( Grayson x Reader) (Editing ) by Batboys_Lover1939
My Flying Grayson ( Grayson x YoungJustice/BirdBoys lover
Y/N and Dick used to know each other when they were younger, but they got separated and now there finally reuniting after all these years. But there is one small proble...
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MADNESS WITHIN THE BRAIN.    jonathan crane by sweetxnsour
"When you've got nothing to fear, the fear within you takes over" - a girl is sent to an asylum for a crime she's quite proud of, only to get involved with a...
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Protecting the batbrothers by phantasyfan
Protecting the batbrothersby Merle
Every villain needs money, right? But in that kind of buissnes, it's hard to get it the legal way, so why not kidnap a rich child for ransom- or even better, four rich c...
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A Bit of Fun by elionwy18
A Bit of Funby Christine M. Greenleaf
From the beginning of their relationship, the Joker insisted that Harley Quinn was just a bit of fun to him. This story examines the beginning of that relationship, and...
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Caffeine Withdrawal | T. Drake by ZeninaD
Caffeine Withdrawal | T. Drakeby Zenina Dawson
"There's only one person in Gotham whose caffeine addiction is that bad. Of course, I know who you are." "And you're the only one who knows now and I'm af...
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Black Fray (Ruby, Suicideboys X reader) by xxtinasxx
Black Fray (Ruby, Suicideboys X tina
$uicideboy$ sign someone new to G59 but can they actually manage them or themselves?
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Injustice and Injustice 2 Imagines by batmanwife13
Injustice and Injustice 2 Imaginesby batmanwife13
Another original book. Message me if you have any requests!! If it says: Injustice (1), it's Injustice: Gods Among Us If it says: Injustice (2), it's Injustice 2.
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by elionwy18
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Notby Christine M. Greenleaf
When Harley Quinn is poisoned, the Joker is forced to take care of her with tenderness and affection, two things the Clown Prince is not known for. With Harley's life ha...
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