Chapter 3

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I woke up and just stared blankly at the ceiling, strange... all the lights were on. I sat up and faced towards the door as I heard it being unlocked.
I didn't want to be caught huddling in the corner like a coward, so I quickly got up and ran to sit in the chair.

I didn't realize it until now but the body was gone... which means me now sitting in this chair was pointless because they had already seen me.

A sudden thought came to mind. I quickly ran behind the door into the darkness. The door opened and from behind I could see it was the joker. He continued walking towards my chair... and in a strange mocking voice he started to speak.

"You wanna know what's so great about scars? They never go away, they stick with you for life. And at first, you hate them, they remind you of the horrible things that caused them. But then one day you wake up and smell the roses. My scars are what make me who I am, they've made me stronger, better. They take away the limits that keep us from our true potential.
Scars. They become our motivation, the reason why we do what we do."

I couldn't wait any longer. I ran out from behind the door and jumped onto his back, choking him in a head lock. But he was much stronger than I'd thought he was. He flipped me onto the floor right on my back. The air had been knocked out of me, my muscles tensed up. He came and stood over me, starting to bend down towards my face with his knife.

I gave him a small grin and kicked him off of me with my legs. He fell to the floor and laughed in amusement.

"Haha see, now we're having some fun!"

I turned around on my hands and knees to try and get off the floor to run away, but he grabbed my left ankle and dragged me back towards him. He lifted me up off the ground and held a knife to my neck with one hand, and my hands with the other.

He quickly led me out of the big dark room. It seemed as though we were in some sort of warehouse. He led me up some stares and I tried to scream but it proved useless.

"Sh sh sh sh. Don't worry, you've had enough time in there, now the real fun begins."

He threw me down in a small room, with only a boarded up window, stood there a moment and locked the door behind him. I ran up and started banging on it.

"Why are you doing this!? Please, please!!! Just let me go!!"

I layed myself down in one corner of the room, on the wooden floor. There was a small I picked it up and began to draw on my hand. I drew a picture of a clown, then I put an X through its fucking head. Boredom really gets the best of us.

Soon enough, I fell asleep.

I woke up gasping again for air. Scared for my life. Until I realized that it was only a dream.
I turned my head to see the Joker, sitting across the room legs spread out in front of him, hands in lap, staring at me.

"Why so serious?" He said. A smile creeping on his face.

"What do you care." I looked at him, and then I looked at a tray of food by the window.

I was starving, but then he smiled when he saw me looking at it, which made me think twice about eating it.

"You know, if you don't eat the food, it'll go to waste."

"Oh, I'm counting on it." I glared at him. I felt so tired and exhausted.

"Let's -let me tell you how I really got these scars. Both of them."

He seemed sincere. I was about to speak until I heard an explosion go off. Both of us quickly turned our heads towards the door.

He got up and slowly made his way towards the door. He opened it and then came back inside. Ī heard sirens.

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