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Gangsta//Joker by _Simba__
Gangsta//Jokerby Simba
"She's the only person brave enough to punch the joker in the face...and live to tell it. Ashton lawton"
  • amandawaller
  • eldiablo
  • batman
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His Innocent Little Doll 'Family' (OnHold) by nikkiiiigirl
His Innocent Little Doll 'Family'...by Nicki
Joker thought having a child exactly like him would be 'fun' but he's now realising parenting is a lot harder than it seems! Ember for once is content in life. Her famil...
  • daddy
  • violence
  • innocent
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Beastly | ✓ by pieceofcupcake
Beastly | ✓by ♕
"Get ready to scream Ms. Quinn." The words rolled out of his tongue as his soft lips grazed my neck. "You can't make me scream." I said firmly, tryi...
  • wattys2017
  • jokerxharley
  • harrystyles
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His girl by Annap06
His girlby Annap06
Anna was a normal girl by day and criminal by night.
  • quinn
  • harley
  • mistahj
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Her weekly sessions by Howtobeafangirl101
Her weekly sessionsby Howtobeafangirl101
This one shot goes through Harleen Quinzels transition to harley Quinn.If you have any ideas for oneshots or ways I can improve this please tell me.
  • wattys2017
  • misterj
  • arkham
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Monster by DirtyJoker
Monsterby Joker
(joker x reader fanfic)
  • thejoker
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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Agents of Choas ( Coming Soon ) by ThePrincessMisfit
Agents of Choas ( Coming Soon )by Key 🖤
"What are you gonna do, ya gonna kill me Mistah J ?" "I'm not gonna kill ya, I'm just gonna hurt you real...real bad"
  • darklove
  • joker
  • bdsmrelationship
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Haylee Quinn by DCfanfic_chic
Haylee Quinnby Damaged Little Sh!t
I'm sure you've all heard of my sister, Harleen Quinzel. Or as Gotham now knows her as Harley Quinn. Well, I'm her twin sister, Hayleen Quinzel. Though we're not comple...
  • dccomics
  • batman
  • joker
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Empire: The Clown Prince Of Crime by myraharmony
Empire: The Clown Prince Of Crimeby myraharmony
Harleen Quinzel was a educated and well-rounded physiatrist , who was assigned to a mentally ill patient who calls himself "the joker". As sessions with the jo...
  • quinn
  • arkham
  • fanfiction
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Queen of hearts by peanutbiddle
Queen of heartsby peanutbiddle
Y/n is 16 and lives in Gotham with her boyfriend. She works with Gotham's top magazine company as a photographer. She gets home and sees her boyfriend with her best frie...
  • mistahj
Dc and Marvel imagines by Maximoffsprincess
Dc and Marvel imaginesby Maximoffsprincess
This book is gonna be about a whole lot of Dc and Marvel imagines. Enjoy!
  • clarkkent
  • mistahj
  • dc
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Mistah j by Fxckmepuddin
Mistah jby xoxo
Harley and the joker, not what you call a typical love story. They are too psychopaths in love, but they don't see it that way. They tear around town unstoppable. Everyo...
  • mistahj
  • puddin
  • harleyquinn
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Dancing for the devil  by Fxckmepuddin
Dancing for the devil by xoxo
19 year old y/n is a stripper at the clown prince of crimes club. she always thought he didn't notice her. or so she thought? until one day he does. beware: smut, viole...
  • mistahj
  • suicidesquad
  • joker
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HARLEYS PUDDIN by HollyPresgrave
This story is about The Joker and Harley Quinn full story READ THIS IF U WANNA MEET HARLEY AN...
  • sweetsass
  • batman
  • hahaha
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Kids Of Mistah J by Potter_girl_
Kids Of Mistah Jby Meghan Potter
So Kingsley and Joker have twins. Jack and Jackie. They go through life looking for the fun crazy side. Read to see how they deal with being the Jokers kids. So you're...
  • gothamcity
  • jokerskids
  • jokerxoc
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DARKER DEPTHS  by TheInkedAlpha
DARKER DEPTHS by TheInkedAlpha
As his love is missing the joker slips further and further into his psychosis. Will he be able to find her or will the monsters fully take over him before he can come cl...
  • killforme
  • madlove
  • crazylove
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