Chapter 23

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It was dark. So, so dark. And cold, the kind of cold that sinks in through your skin and settles itself nice and cozy in your bones.

I dared to ask myself if this was hell. It sure damn felt that way. But I'd expected it to be much, much warmer.

I knew deep down this wasn't hell though. I was in the sycward. A place that now seemed worse than hell. That Damn Dr.Crane. This was obviously his doing.

I mean, now I knew for sure he wanted me here.... but why go to such great scales to do it? Was it to prove something? It wouldn't have been that hard to get me here anyways.

My thoughts were interrupted when a sudden blinding, bright light burst into the room like an explosion.

I covered the front of my face with my arm and could make out a black figure walk into the room. It was Doctor Crane.

Who else but him, I narrowed my eyes and glared defiantly.

"What the hell do you want?"

His lips curled into a cruel, mocking grin.

"Oh, I just came to check on my Trophy."

I raised my brow. What did he mean by trophy. I looked around at the room I was in. No windows, no bed, no bathroom.

Maybe prison wouldn't have been so bad after all. Here, I was all alone, defenseless and helpless. He walked closer towards me. Studying me, concentrating, something oddly familiar.

I stood up and faced him, his arms crossed, tapping his foot.

"Hmm. There's just one thing I can't seem to understand about you Alissa." He said in the form of a question, as if I could somehow read his thoughts and give him the answer.

"And what is that?"

He smiled.

"Well you see, your charts, your mind. You yourself, you're perfectly normal. You're not crazy and you're not insane. No, you're something else. You're smart, and quick. Swift I might add, but I suppose you miscalculated your last roundabout you had with the MOB. You were careless, your feelings and need to satisfy your revenge clouded your judgement, which then lead you happily to me."

He tilted his head and I stood there, wondering if it was he who was reading my thoughts.

"But!" He added holding up a finger," I have a theory. Because I know all about your little killing spree, and all the little things that others don't know. But, I also know that the Alissa that stands before me is not capable of such a dire and uncanny thing as murder. So in a way, you are quite innocent. My theory is a split personality. You became overwhelmed and consumed by your emotions, so then came, as you call her, The Masquerade! She was there to pick you back up and protect you, guide you, avenge you."

He smiled, showing his teeth and clasping his hands together.

"I'd very much love to meet her. Is she around?" He said, lifting a brow and raising himself up on the tips of his toes, up and down, like a nervous boy asking a girl to prom.

I was speechless, I was annoyed, but I was also perplexed and intruiged on how Jonathan knew such things. I stared at him a good minute before spitting on the floor in front of him.

"If you dont mind, I'd like to be alone."

He anxiously moved his eyes about the room and not once looked me in the eyes. He seemed to be lost in thought, but more so in some sort of trance.

Finally he broke concentration and look me dead in the eye.

"Very well then, if that's what you wish. Someone will be by later to give you food and new clothes to wear. Oh, and it wouldn't be smart to touch the door either. Things here are quite.... electrifying."

And with that, he was gone, and again I was plunged into absolute darkness.

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