Chapter 1

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I slowly fluttered open my eyes, and felt the need to stretch. But I couldn't. My eyes then flew open and I struggled to move my arms, my legs. It was pitch black where ever I was and I could feel that I was sitting in a chair, with my hands and feet tied to it. It was cold in here....

The darkness isn't what creeped me out though..... I wasn't wearing the dress that I had on from the party. I shivered a little, and not just from the coldness of the room...... The party?! The joker? Batman??!!! I soon remembered everything that happened....

My heart rate began to increase.
I yelled and my voice echoed loudly, bouncing off the walls.

"Hello???!!!!! Hello!!!! Someone!!!?" I yelled best I could, but my voice cracked, my mouth was dry, and I was starving, dehydrated.

I struggled to break free, but that was a mistake. My chair fell backwards and I hit my head. A small moan of pain escaped my mouth as a burst of pain shot up through my body; my head started to ache.

Suddenly a ginormous, blinding light came on overhead. A small highpitched buzzing noise came immediately after. I couldn't see who it was, but directly ahead, boots were walking towards me. And guessing from the strange laugh... it was indeed the joker.

"Ah, ah, ahhh." He slowly laughed, in a laugh that appeared to be fake, a mocking laugh. He walked around the chair and stood directly above me, blocking out the blinding light. With the same confusing look on his face as before. Like he was studying me as if I were some unseen species.... as if he were trying to read my mind. Then he spoke.

"Would you like to know why your here?" He said, being serious but mocking at the same time.

"Because you're a bastard and a crazed maniac?" I said, mimicking his mocking tone.

He smiled down at me and circled my chair to the front of it. He put his left foot on my chair.

"No", he said. Then quickly he thrusted the chair back upright by pressing down on one of the front legs with his foot. My face and his face now hardly half an inch apart, his right hand across my shoulder holding the chair, "not quite." He grinned at me maliciously. He started to caress my face with his hand, I tried to turn away, but it was useless...... How could someone be so cruel?

I stared at him for a moment pitying him, but then I realized that I was the one sitting in the chair, tied up, and in pain. I spit, right in his face. He blinked his eyes closed, backed away and lightly dabbed his face with a hanker chief trying not to rub off his makeup.

He turned around and stood up on the front of his feet and back down, his hands behind his back.
I looked down a moment because I realized what I had just done.

I didn't see it coming but as soon as I looked up his hand slapped right across my face, the sound was so loud. It exploded in the room.

My head was still facing to my left. I couldn't move, I was in shock. I let out a deep breath, a breath I didn't know I was holding in. The reaction I got from the joker wasn't what I had expected.

"You're here because when I held the crowd to gunpoint. When I had a knife to your face, you fought back. You weren't afraid." But I was. He laughed loud, and with an insane laugh that scared me so much, I was afraid?.... I am afraid.

"You see, you aren't like the others. You're not tamed like they are, I have control over all I please. I'm respected I have power." My heart rate increased,"You see, I know who you really are, what you are, what you can become. You'rr just a wild animal, caged, waiting to be let loose. I can see it in you. You and me, we aren't so different, I'm just ahead of the curve, darling."

I turned my head and looked at him, my right cheek burning.
"No, there is a BIG difference. You see, I beleive in order, in justice, and what is right. You have no morals, you're... a monster."

I stared at him hard, thinking maybe I could burn a whole through his head by doing so. But he just laughed.

"Morals? You think the people you trust believe in their morals?! What, while they let an outlaw vigilante run their city?! What justice, what order is that? You see, the only sensible way to live in this world, is without rules. When the chips are down. These..... these civilized people, they'll eat eachother. All it takes is One. Bad. Day."

He looked at me, a serious expression on his face, he seemed to believe every word he said. He smiled, then turned around, and quickly started to walk away.

"Wait?!" I yelled after him.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

"What's going to happen to me? Aren't you going to kill me, wasn't that your plan?"

He stayed as he was and spoke quietly.

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? The press have plans, the police have plans, batman has plans. The mayor has plans. But that's why they can't win. You weren't ever part of any plan, you were just the example I sought out for the moment being. But now you see, I've taken a liking to you, and I don't do that often."

He continued walking until he faded into the darkness and I heard a door slam and bolt shut..... funny, I didn't hear a door open when he came in. It made me think that maybe he had been in the room for the time I was asleep, and awake. I shivered again...

Why did he like me? All I had done so far was stand up to him and spit in his face, literally. It really was a funny world we lived in.

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