Scene 5

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Hey guys! :)

Sorry for the loong wait, but here it is, Scene 5! It's pretty short, but thanks a billion for checking it out anyway!


Scene 5: In Mitchie and Max's cabin

~Max is lying flat on her bed, hurriedly flipping through a notebook labelled "Max's Songs". She looks really desperate and irritated.~

Max (whilst flipping): No, no, no!! Don't I have a single original song in here? 

She drops her notebook, sits up and cradles her head in her hands.

In a sudden burst of energy, she swerves her feet off the bed and kicks Mitchie's bed, yelling "Uurghh!"

This shifts Mitchie's mattress, showing her yellow book of songs (as seen in Camp Rock)

Max spots the book, leans forward and wrenches it out of the place. She flips through the book excitedly, seeing all of Mitchie's original song. She stops at a song called "This Place" and reads the lyrics out loud. It should go something like:

It is here

In this place

I know I belong

Where I express myself in song

I can spread my wings and soar to the sky

It is here

in this place

Where I will stay with you till the end of the time

~End of Scene 5


I sure wasn't kidding when I said it was short ha!

But anyway I've finished writing the song! I'll upload it on youtube soon (I hope!) And then I'll link it here :) In the meantime, continue reading the rest of the story ----->

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