Scene 7

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Scene 7: In Mitchie and Max's cabin

~Max enters into their cabin, still high from the excitement of open mike. She sees Mitchie sitting on her bed dejectedly.~

Max (taking a step towards the bed): Mitchie...I

Mitchie: Why'd you steal my song? 

Max: I'm sorry...I just really wanted to impress someone with an original song, which I don't have. Your song, it was perfect.

Mitchie: You really like him that much, eh?

Max (smiles): As much as you like the guy the song was for.

Mitchie: Ok, but don't do it again. And you could have credited me, or at least changed the lyrics..

Max: (laughs) Yeah, but I liked it a lot! It was so true, and so genuine...

*The camera pans out, showing the sisters chatting and Mitchie strumming her guitar*

~End of Scene 7


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