Scene 13

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Scene 13: On the camp grounds

~Shane, Mitchie and Jason have just come out of Brown's office. Jason bids them farewell and starts walking back to Connect 3's cabin. Shane and Mitchie walk hand in hand on the camp grounds in the moonlight.~

Shane: When's the last we did something like this, just the two of us?

Mitchie: I would say it was exactly one year ago, at the last Camp Rock. *they laugh*

Shane: I missed you when I was on tour. Not being in the same time zone, on the same ground, and breathing the same air as was killing me.

Mitchie: Is that supposed to be romantic?

Shane: Hey I sing love songs for a living, you'd think I'd be better at this.

Mitchie: I don't think you'll ever get better at this, but I wouldn't have it any other way *she smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes. In fact she looks sad.*

~Shane stops walking.~

Shane: Is it about Max? (He turns Mitchie around to face him)

Mitchie: No...okay, yes. I can't stop thinking about her, where could she be?

Shane: Don't worry, it's not like there are any wild animals around that will just carry her off. Though I'd probably be happier if one of them did.

Mitchie: Stop it, she's my sister!

Shane: Ok I'm serious, she'll return tomorrow. Besides, she's probably just sleeping in someone else's cabin for tonight.

Mitchie: I guess so.

~Shane leans in and kisses her gently. After they pull apart, he draws her to him and buries his head in her hair.~

Shane: (whisper) I love you Mitch.

~Mitchie leans her head against his chest, but doesn't say anything. Camera cuts here.~

~End of Scene 13~

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