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Thank you so much for checking out my work. I had actually planned this before Camp Rock 2 came out, but let's just call it Camp Rock 3 for convenience's sake. I've always enjoyed script writing, and I hope you'll give me any comments or feedback! I'm just putting out my work to see what people think of my writing style, and I don't make a livelihood out of writing, so I don't mind if you criticise my work, as long as it's constructive and helps me improve. :) Now, just sit back, gobble down a large dose of imagination and enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: Camp Rock is the property of Disney. I do not own the original story or characters, only "CampRock 3: The Spin off" which I have written, together with the character I have created. (Max Torres)



Mitchie's sister Max is forced to spend the summer in Camp Rock, which she highly objects to, as their parents would be going overseas. Max's style of music is extremely different from Mitchie's, and the 2 sisters constantly clash throughout the summer. Mitchie also disapproves of Max's ripping off songs from other singers, changing lyrics and chords before passing them off as her own, and hence tries to make her write her own songs, to the point where Max threatens to leave camp in the middle of summer. Max also starts falling for Nate (I know Nate gets a love interest in Camp Rock 2 but please understand that I imagined this before Camp Rock 2), unaware that Nate has been using their relationship to help write songs for connect 3. Throughout the summer, the two sisters begin to realise so much more about themselves and each other, and learn to share their passion of music.

New Main Characters:

Maxine Torres (Mitchie's sister)

Scene 1

The scene opens into a high school graduation. Really hyped-up students are gathered in a cafeteria, surrounding a stage. They are chanting Max's name. Posters of Max are plastered on the walls.

Max enters on stage, wearing a really glitzy outfit, followed by backup singers. She launches into her own version of "What It Takes" from the first Camp Rock movie. After her performance, she hops off stage and starts to mingle with the crowd, including her boyfriend (for some unexplained reason I imagined this to be David Henrie). Amidst her mingling her mother, standing with her Dad and Mitchie, waves her over. She unwillingly joins them, shoulders slumping and sighing.


Mum: MAX!! I haven't seen you for so long since you went to boarding school! You were amazing up there honey!

Max: Thanks Mum.

(She turns to Mitchie. It's obvious there is some tension between them.)

Mitchie: Max

Max: Mitchie. (She tilts her head to the side, as if she doesn't view her sister too highly) *Awkward pause, though the noise of the crowd could be heard in the background*

Mum: Well let's not stand here doing nothing. Your Dad and I have to go home to finish packing our bags.

Max (frowning): You're going on holiday?

Dad: A nine-day cruise of the Carribean!! We're lucky your Aunt Elm had spare tickets!

Max: What about me? (looks aghast, then delighted as she senses the opportunities) Can I throw parties at home while Mitchie's at Camp Rock? (says Camp Rock sarcastically)

Mitchie (looking down as she knows the kind of reaction Max will have):Well...Mum and Dad weren't feeling comfortable with leaving you at home alone, so they've signed you up for Camp Rock too.

Max: WHAT?! I'm not going!!

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