Scene 12

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Scene 12: Brown's Office

~The camera pans around to show Brown, Shane, Jason and Mitchie sitting around Brown's desk. Everyone looks really serious and no one is talking.~

Mitchie: Are you very sure there's nothing we can do about it?

Brown: *exasperated* Face it, Mitchie! Camp Rock's broke. People just aren't sending their kids to summer camps anymore. The only reason we've been able to keep this open is because of my retirement savings, and now that that's running out I think it's time we close for good! I'm sorry, *he pats Mitchie's shoulder* I don't want to retire either but...

Shane: C'mon, think, think! I can't let Camp Rock close down! It's where you (he looks into Mitchie's eyes) and I first met. (He sighs and reaches for Mitchie's hand)

Jason: Yeah, there has to be a way! If it's just about the money I'm sure we can raise it.

Brown: But how? Such a large amount? You kids know the numbers, we can't do it with just one summer's camp fees! * he looks tired, and holds his face with his hands*

Jason: Hey what about our new album? I mean if Connect 3 donated all the money we make from the new album to Camp Rock, surely it'll help?

Mitchie: But it'll take months for you guys to put out the new album! And Nate hasn't even been writing that many new songs...I don't know if you can make it in time! (tears start streaming down her face)

Shane: Hey hey don't worry (he puts an arm comfortingly around Mitchie) We'll get it done. Nate stayed in our cabin to write something tonight, I'm sure he'll have something by the time we get back..

Brown: Yes I think it'll work (he starts making calculations on a paper)...with the money from the album we can probably pay about half the bills we have..but what about the other half?

Mitchie: (wiping her tears) Well we can hold a concert or something..we could sell tickets for the end of the camp showcase! And invite tons of people down!

Brown: Yes yes yes I think we're on to something this could really work!! (he is scribbling madly on the paper) If we manage to sell out a full house, and I do mean a full house for the showcase...I think we'll have enough to keep the camp open for one more summer! But that means that everyone will need to up their game, we need new music, better songs, more difficult dances than we've ever seen before! Think we'll make it?

Mitchie: We can do it! I..I'll organise the showcase...

Jason: Nate can write the music and the 2 of us (smacks Shane on the chest) can help train the campers!

Shane: Let's do it!

~The four of them get into a group hug, everyone is really excited about their future plans.~

~End of scene 12~

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