Scene 15

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Hey guys! As usual, sorry for taking forever and a half to start writing again! I'll really try to post more often and get this story done by July :( In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading some of my other works too <3

Scene 15: The Cafeteria

~Scene opens with a very bored looking cafeteria lady~

Cafeteria lady: Coming up, one camp rock breakfast special...

~She spoons a ladle-full of brown gooey mush onto a boy's plate~

Boy: Urrgh! *makes a face*

~Max is next in line~

Cafeteria lady: *preparing to scoop more brown goo onto Max's tray* One camp roc...

Max: It's ok I'll just grab one of these!

~Max hurriedly places a box of cereal and an apple onto her tray and quickly walks away. In her haste to get away, however, she bumps her tray into the person before her, sending her apple flying off her tray and rolling on the floor~

Max: Oh, crap. *she sets her tray down and gives chase to the apple*

~The camera follows the apple as it rolls, and suddenly it is stopped by an expensive-looking high heel shoe. The camera pans upward to reveal Tess~

Tess: Torres. And trust me when I say that you're my favourite between the 2 of you.

Max: Oh...morning, Tess!

Tess: I heard you moved out of your bunk with Mitchie last night. Had a bad fight? I wouldn't be surprised. Like I said, my offer's still open. You can come hang with the cool kids for once, instead of that loser Mitchie. She's totally cramping your style.

Max: That sounds pretty enticing actually...*she scans the cafeteria and finds Mitchie. Mitchie catches her eye and gives her a weak smile*...on second thought *she starts feeling bad for her sister*...Maybe I'll pass for now. But thanks anyw..

Tess: *cuts her off* Yeah, whatever. You'll come around.

~Tess walks away, flipping her hair behind her. Max takes her things and joins Nate and Jason at their table.~

Jason: I've giving you guys insider information on all these, but at the end of this camp Brown is gonna throw a super high-stakes concert. All original songs and dances. 100%! And he's expecting everyone to chip in.

Max: Original? *sceptical*

Nate: Oh so that's why he's making everyone go for his original songwriting class later. Maybe he's going to announce the news then.

Max: But it all sounds so impossible. Doesn't it? I mean, how do you write so many songs in two weeks?

Jason: Oh that shouldn't be a problem. Most people come ready with about 5 songs before camp even starts. And didn't you say your song at open mic took you only 2 days to write?

Max: Excuse me whilst I puke *she stands up from the table, clearly uncomfortable*

Nate: *oblivious* Hey, I'll see you in class!

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