Scene 3

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This is scene 3 in my Camp Rock 3 script. In this one, we finally get a first look at camp rock, when the Torres sisters arrive at camp. Also, we get to see Max's transformation from one of arrogance before the camp to a slightly more grounded tone.

SCENE 3--Camp Rock

~*Some funky music playing in the background, something like "Start the Party" from Camp Rock* Camera pans around the gathering area in Camp Rock. Many campers are arriving by car and bus, good friends are hugging each other. Other campers are already practising their acts, such as dancing and beat boxing.~

Mitchie and Max's car arrives. The door opens and Max steps out on the side of the car nearer the camera whilst Mitchie gets out on the other side. *Zoom in on her shoes before panning out to see her back towards the camera, shutting the door* She turns and says goodbye to her Dad in the driver's seat. Then she waves goodbye as the car pools away. She turns and gets a breathtaking view of Camp Rock.

Max (breathing loudly):Woah!

Max is really amazed by what she sees. The campers are much better than she'd expected. She starts feeling a little self-doubt.

Mitchie: Let's drop our stuff in the cabin.

Mitchie starts pulling Max through the crowd, greeting her friends when she passes them by (squealing and hugging Caitlyn when they meet), while Max continues to look around wide-eyed.

When they reach the cabin, Mitchie dumps her bag on her bed and exclaims, "It's good to be back!" smiling widely. Max sits on her bed, watching her sister and smiles uncertainly.

Halfway through unpacking, Mitchie's phone beeps. It's a message from Shane. It says (This is just a rough idea of what it should look like):

I'm outside the mess hall. Where are you?

;) Shane

Mitchie blushes and smiles. She turns to Max.

Mitchie: C'mon, I've yet to show you the mess hall.

She stands up and extends her right hand to Max, who is still sitting on her bunk, as if to pull her up. Scene cuts here.

~End of Scene 3

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