Scene 11

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Scene 11: Mitchie & Max's cabin

~It is the end of the day. Everyone is heading back to their cabins. Max is in their cabin, reading a gossip magazine (Hot, US weekly etc). She's leaning against the pillows, her legs stretched out in front of her, right foot crossed over left.~

*Mitchie enters, she's speaking on the phone.*

Mitchie: Yes, I know (dumps her bag on the bed). I'm so sorry, I'll let her know (she pauses and glances at Max, hands on hip) Aww I love you too. Okay, bye.

*She ends the call, stares at the phone, and then starts towards Max*

Mitchie: Hey

Max: What's up, my sister?

Mitchie: *sighs* Well, Shane just called (she waves her phone) and... Where'd you get that? (She points to the magazine) We don't have a store in the camp.

Max: (without looking up) Tess

Mitchie: *frowns* Why would you be associating with Te...nevermind. Shane just called.

Max: (feigns interest) Ah, and what did they egoistic has-been have to say?

Mitchie: He said you were rude, and disruptive...Heck, he said you started a rebellion against him in his own dance class!

Max: (annoyed) Technically, he started it!! If the arrogant freak hadn't been so convinced that he was the king of world, his puny little self-worth may have been spared *nonchalant*

Mitchie: *breathes sharply* You just can't do anything right, can you Max? Why do you have to be such a rebel without a cause?

Max: *dismissing tone, suddenly harsh* Oh please, who are you trying to kid, Mitchie? He's your boyfriend! Of course you're standing on his side!

Mitchie: You're my sister

Max: You don't even like me

Mitchie: Sure I do! I understand what you must be feeling right n-

Max: You don't understanding anything Mitchie, because you never listen to a word I say! *hurt* You never cared

Mitchie: That's not true! *Pause* This is about Camp Rock, isn't it? *sigh* Max, I'm sure you give it just a bit more time...

Max: See? You just don't get it! I..kinda like Camp Rock...

Mitchie: *surprised* That's great! I'm really glad..

Max: But you know what's the one thing that's ruining everything for me, Mitchie? *bitter* You!

~In a sudden burst of energy, Max grabs her duffel bag and starts shoving clothes inside. When she's done, she starts towards the door.~

Mitchie: (grabs Max by the arm, choking on tears) Where are you going?

Max: Nowhere, somewhere. Anywhere's better than here. (She pushes Mitchie aside and opens the door)

~Mitchie sits back down on the bed in shock as Max slams the door.~

Scene 11a: Connect 3's cabin

~The camera shows the back on Max as she knocks on the door of a cabin. The camera shoots over Nate's shoulder as he opens the door to see Max standing outside.~

Nate: *surprised* Max? What are you doing here?

Max: *embarrassed* Yeah, I kinda need a place to stay...*she stares down at her feet*

Nate: *bewildered* Sure, but it's just me, Shane and Jason are out. Can I get you something? You look cold...(he opens the door to let Max in, and she smiles gratefully at him as he closes the door behind them)

~End of Scene 11~

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