Scene 6

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This is the part where it really gets exciting, and all that drama finally begins :) Max really impresses Nate, but at what cost? How will Mitchie take it? And what does Shane think about all this??


Scene 6: In Camp Rock's theatre

~The Scene starts with the camera panning briefly around the theatre, taking in all the campers' excited faces. Then Dee La Duke comes on stage and the crowd cheers~

Dee: Hello Camp Rockers!! (Crowd goes wild) Welcome one and all to Camp Rock! Now how about some rockin' music to kick start the summer! Put your hands together for last year's final jam winner Peggy, performing her single "My Time, My Turn", which she recorded with Shane Gray of Connect 3!!

Peggy and Shane go on stage and perform their duet. Peggy has changed alot. She's a lot more confident and her style shines through really well.

When they finish, the crowd cheers and Shane runs off stage to give Mitchie, who is waiting in the wings, a hug. they turn around when they hear Dee announce the next performer:

"And here's a newcomer to Camp Rock, Max Torres, performing an original she calls 'I will stay with you'!!"

The crowd claps, and Nate smiles up at the stage from the front row.

Max enters holding an acoustic guitar, and she plays it while singing. However this time, she does not bother changing any of the chords or lyrics. From the wings, Mitchie and Shane realise what's going on. He stares at her in horror and says, 

"That's your song!"

Mitchie: Yeah, maybe she didn't know I wrote it...

Shane: your sister's ripping you off!! I'm going to let everyone know now! (He storms in the direction of the stage)

Mitchie catches him by the arm, but she seems really sad too.

Mitchie: Don't worry about it Shane, I'll ask her about it later. Just...just tell Dee I won't be performing. (She's almost in tears at this part)

~Mitchie goes down a short flight of steps and exits the theatre. Shane tries to follow her, but decides against it and crosses his arms, watching Max, really unimpressed.

When Max finishes her song, the whole theatre claps super loudly, and even Brown looks impressed. In the crowd, Tess scrutinizes Max, contemplating her suitability to be part of her clique. 

Max steps off stage and Nate immediately congratulates her and invites her to sit with him. 

Max: Ok, but let me get my bag first.

She heads in the direction of Tess, and after picking up her bag, Tess steps into her path.

Tess: Hey, that song you sang just now was really good.

Max: Thanks. You're Tess Tyler. Your songs are pretty cool too.

Max turns to leave, but Tess frowns and calls after her, unhappy she thinks her sings are just "pretty cool".

Tess: So there's been an empty bunk in our cabin since Peggy (It's supposed to sound like she doesn't like Peggy) left. Wanna join us?

Max: Oh, I'm bunking with my sister now. You know Mitchie? So thanks but, no thanks.

(Smiles apologetically and walks away)

*Tess looks on after her, mad to be tuurned down but still a little longing...*

~End of Scene 6


SO...what do you guys think? Haha who are are you rooting for now? Max or Mitchie? Or are you gonna read a few more chapters before deciding? (Which means I will have to post more eeks!) But yeah I'd love to hear what you think! All your comments and feedback will really go into the rest of the story because I write as I post/ post as I write! :D

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