Scene 9

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Scene 9: In Brown's classroom

~The scene starts showing Camp Rock in the morning. There are students hurrying to Brown's class. The scene shifts to inside the room. Campers are seated in the room, chatting excitedly. Tess and Ella are sitting in the front row. Beside Tess is Max, then Mitchie, then Shane.~

Brown: (clapping his hands to quiet the campers) Alright class, welcome to a new year! Now let's start class with the usual tradition (he bends down, puts his hands on his knees and leans towards the first row) Hands up who'd like to sing? (He raises his hand)

All the students raise their hands, including Max.

Brown: Ah, here's a new face! (He focuses on Max)Mitchie's sister? Well, off you go! (He hits her on the back as she heads to the front of the class)

Max: This is an original song. 

~Then she launches into a version of Mitchie's "This is Me" from Camp rock, but her version is so similar to the original song that it is obvious to all the others that she has copied the song.

Brown starts frowning, rubbing his chin. The whole class is quiet too, and Mitchie bows her head in shame.

Max finishes her song, and senses something is wrong when there's no applause. 

Brown: Now was that really an original?

Max: Of course (defiantly, as if she can't believe Brown doesn't believe her)

Brown gestures to her seat, which she quietly slips into.

Brown: Mitchie, a word please.

~All turn to stare at Mitchie, who breathes in deeply, afraid of what is to come. She gets up and follows Brown to a corner of the class, purposely avoiding Max's gaze.

Brown: Was that really your sisters', or did she copy that amazing song you wrote last year?

Mitchie:(pursing her lips) Okay, the song's mine..but my sister has been copying other artistes' songs for years now, she doesn't really know...

Brown (cutting in): Woah! A plagiariser!? Mitchie that has got to stop. We don't encourage that here in Camp Rock! Look, have you got a lesson after this? (Mitchie shakes her head) Okay, stay back for a while after class. I'll help you sort this out.

~Mitchie glances at her feet and nods, she doesn't want to have to face Max.

Brown(leaving Mitchie at the corner, turning towards the class and clapping his hands): Everyone, get into pairs! We're doing song-writing today!

~Scene cuts here, goes to commercial or something.


Scene resumes at the end of lesson.

~Students are packing up and leaving. Camera pans around the room, rests on Max, who has finished packing and is walking to Mitchie, who has also packed up.

Max: You going?

Mitchie: No, I'm staying back to...(blurts out) help clean the keyboards! (Smiles sheepishly while rubbing the keyboard beside her vigorously)

Max: Okay...well, see ya. I've got...(consults timetable) class. (shrugs and leaves)

Mitchie sighs after her (she's the only student left in class now) and glances at Brown, who nods grimly and steps forward from the front of the class.

~End of Scene 9


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