Scene 4

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Scene 4!!! I'm really excited about this scene, because everyone sort of gets together in this one--Mitchie and Shane finally meet after their long break apart, and Max meets Nate! Heh. Hope you guys enjoy this one!


Scene 4-- Outside the Mess Hall

~Mitchie and Max arrive at the Mess Hall. Shane spots Mitchie and waves her over~

Shane: Mitchie.

Mitchie: Hey Shane. (Blushes a little) This is my sister, Maxine. Max, meet Shane Grey.

These are Jason and Nate (Mitchie points to each of them in turn. When she gets introduced to Nate, Max looks into his eyes and bites down hard on her lip) they’re the other members of Connect 3.

Max: You know what...I don't think I've ever rewritten a few lyrics or changed a few chords of any of your songs, and then passed them off as my own.

Shane: Well that's great!

Max: Really? (Raises her eyebrows as Shane has no idea she's mocking the band)

Mitchie (hurrying to explain): Max only does that to the artistes she really like and respect. 

Shane: What?! You plagiarise their work?! That's a great way to repay them for their good work! (Sarcastically, obviously)

Mitchie (mad to be told off): Hey! I change some stuff around ok?

Shane: And do you credit the artist?

Mitchie (rolls eyes): No...

Shane: WELL?? 

Mitchie quickly butts in before Max can reply: Come with me, Shane. I wanna show you the song I wrote for open mike. (leads him away)

Max turns to face Nate.

Nate: Hey.

Max: Hi

Nate: So you're Mitchie's sister.

Max: The one and only! (shrugs)

Just then, a kitchen crew walks past carrying a platter of brownies. That gets Jason's attention.

Jason: Sorry guys but I gotta leave. In hear brownies calling me for a taste test! (Runs after the crew)

Nate: Bye. (Max waves)

With Jason gone, it starts getting a little awkward.

Nate: you write your own songs at all?

Max: Yeah, totally! I have a little notebook full of my own original compositions.

Nate: Cool (smiles) So are you performing later during open mike?

Max: Open Mike? (frowns)

Nate: Yeah, it's when everyone kind of showcases their stuff. I can't wait to hear your song.

Max: Alright then! But you'll have to wait till open mike! (teasing)

Nate: (smiles) You're so...

Jason calls from the mess hall, cutting Nate off: (He's carrying a plate stacked with brownies, calling with his mouth full) Hey Nate! You gotta try these brownies! They're delicious!!

Nate (to Max): See you at open mike.

Max: Bye.

When Nate leaves, her smile quickly turns into an "Oh-my-God-what-am-I-gonna-do-I-have-no-original-song" expression. (Haha, sorry but that's the only way I could explain it!)

 ~End of Scene 4


Haha what will Max do? Come up with something to impress Nate, or confess that she hasn't a songwriting bone in her? :)

Comment and vote please!

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