Scene 14

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Scene 14: Connect 3's cabin (the next day)

~Max opens the door from the bedroom to the living room and tip toes out. She's trying to make as little sound as possible, but she suddenly kicks the leg of a table and couple of books/ CDs on the table clatter to the floor.~

Max: Dammit! (she bends to pick them up)

~Nate, who was asleep on the living room couch, jerks awake.~

Nate: What was that! *he sees Max and gets kinda self-conscious* Oh hi, good morning.

~Nate has bed-hair and sleepy eyes and looks REALLY CUTE.~

Max: Morning! *shy smile* Sorry you had to sleep on the couch last night, but I made your bed!

~Jason walks in yawning at this moment. He's wearing really embarrassing pyjamas like the kind that kids wear and stretches.~

Jason: *yawns* What was that sound? (he sees Max and jumps) Woah!! Girl in the room! I repeat, girl in the room! I can't be seen like this, I'm not dressed properly!

Max: Jason, relax, it's me, Max.

Jason: (looks at her properly) Oh hi Max what are you doing here?

~Shane walks in at this moment. It's obvious that he's he's dressed as he's wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and he's carrying his guitar.~

Shane: Morning fellas! I'm making a move cos I'm meeting Mitchie before class..(he sees Max) Max? What the hell, why are you here your sister is worried sick!

Jason: Hey that's what I asked.

Nate: Guys leave her alone she just needed a place to stay last night!

Max: It's ok! (she pats Nate's shoulder) Shane I'm sorry...for yesterday and everything. Could you please tell Mitchie I'm ok?

Shane: Why don't you tell her yourself?

Max: I'm not ready to see her just yet. I don't know I wasn't thinking.

Shane: *scoffs* Clearly.

Nate: Shane weren't you leaving?

Shane: (a little taken aback) Yeah I was. I'll see you guys later. (He leaves without looking at Max)

Nate: Sorry bout that, Shane's a little hot-headed..

Max: No, it's fine! (to Jason) Sorry for intruding on your space like that I swear I'll be gone after breakfast!

Jason: (leans on the back of the sofa that Nate is still sitting on; teasing) So Nate, is this the girl that the song is about?

Max: What song? What? You wrote a song about me?


Jason: Not just any song, a really good one. Came straight from the heart! (Jason thumps his own chest mockingly)

Nate: But it's not really probably needs more work..

Max: I wanna hear it.

Nate: What?

Max: You heard me. Let's hear it (she sits on the couch next to Nate)

Nate: Okayy, if you say so. (He picks up a guitar that is conveniently lying next to the couch)

~Nate turns and gives Jason a look that says "scram!" haha.~

Jason: Well I'm off! Wouldn't wanna be around when you start making googly eyes at each other. See you later, lovebirds! (He exits to his room)

Nate: Don't mind him either I don't know why I hang out with them *laughs*

~Nate starts to strum and sing an acoustic version of the song that Connect 3 recorded in Scene 8. When he's done, he puts down the guitar and looks at Max expectantly.~

Nate: So, what do you think?

Max: What do I think? *she bites her lip*

~Suddenly, she leans over, pulls Nate close and kisses him on the cheek.~

Max: That's what I think. *she smiles*

~Nate is obviously still in shock at this point.~

Max: I think I better get going! Wouldn't want to miss breakfast now would I heh! *she gets up and quickly walks away without waiting for a response.*

~Nate flops back onto the couch and sighs, totally lovesick.~

~End of Scene 14~

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