Chapter 18

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*Ajay Pov*

After a few weeks, when Jiya reached the table in the morning, I glanced up to see a small book in her hand.

"What is it?" I asked her cutting the apple into half.

"Some client called and asked a few details regarding the new electronic device which is introduced into the market Sir." She replied, and I nodded.

"I will tell you the details, and you can inform him by yourself." I said.

"Sure Sir." She said and opened the book.

She started explaining the questions and Mom and Dad are having a talk with each other.

I walked inside the courtroom along with everyone and sat beside my lawyer. He gave me a look that we are failed.

I glanced back and met Jiya's stare. I turned back towards my lawyer and asked, "What if someone gave the statement regarding his crime?"

"Who is it?" he asked.

"Sahil's sister and my wife." I replied.

"But we need proof and her statement will not be given much importance as she is your wife too, even though on the contract basis." He said, and my hope left me within seconds.

"I am sorry, Ajay, but we can't do anything anymore." He added, and we all got up when the judge arrived.

Judge started saying that as there are no proofs, Sahil will be given his respect, and I am required to pay money and he continued but all I felt was I failed Durga.

"Ahh!" I screamed, feeling pain in my hand and looked down to see the knife sliced my palm, and the blood is oozing out.

"Oh my god, Ajay! What happened?" Mom shouted and reached near me.

I gulped and then released a breath and looked up to find out Jiya just staring at us. I forgot all the pain seeing her blank expression.

"What are you looking at Jiya? Go and bring a first aid box." Mom shouted at her, and Mom is looking so worried.

Jiya nodded and walked towards the kitchen and asked, "Lakshmi Kaki! Can you pass me a first aid box?"

"What happened?" I heard the worry in Kaki's voice.

"Mr.Mehra got some wound." Jiya replied in a monotone.

"Clean the wound and bandage it." Mom said when Jiya walked near us holding the box.

"I am poor in it Madam." She said, passing the box making me close my eyes.

"It is just a small wound Mom." I said, but Mom still continued to fuss while I opened my eyes and stared at Jiya.

After the bandage is done, I sighed and cleared my throat feeling something struck inside some hidden pain, which doesn't relate to the wound on hand.

"Shall I continue the question's, Sir?" Jiya asked.

"Can't you see that he is hurting, Jiya?" Mom asked her shocked.

"Ok! I will ask him later." She replied walking away.

"Such a weird girl." Mom mumbled and walked inside kitchen to bring turmeric added milk.

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