Chapter 14

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*Jiya Pov*

I looked up from the office table set up for me in the office room when I heard a knock on the door.

"What is it Kaka?" Mr.Mehra asked him.

"Dinner is ready and Madam asked both of you to come." He replied looking at both of us.

"I am not hungry." We both said at a time and then stared at each other.

"But Madam asked..." Kaka trailed off.

"All the work is finished, Sir. I am retiring to bed." I said walking outside the room and went in my room.

"Hello Dad!" I said when he lifted his call.

"Is everything fine there?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes! Do you need anything?" I asked him laying on the bed.

"No! Just wanted to know your welfare." He replied.

"Good night, Dad." I said, hanging up.

"Who are you chatting with?" Mom asked, and I glanced up to see Mom and Dad looking at me frowning while Bhai just continued to have his food.

"Friend!" I replied, shrugging hiding the fact that I am chatting with Bhabhi.

"Boyfriend?" Dad asked, frowning more.

"No!" I replied, shaking my head.

"Then why are you grinning like that?" Mom asked, and I rolled my eyes.

"Mom! She can do anything she wants now you both listen to my new plan of the business I want to start." Bhai said, and they both forgot me immediately as usual.

'Did he told you that he wants to start a new business?' I messaged her.

'Yes! But the plan is really stupid, and he will get loss in one-month time.' She replied and I stopped myself from chuckling.

'Our plan for tomorrow, movie is confirmed right?' I asked her while having my dinner.

'Yes! Your Bhai said he will be busy tomorrow, and I said I am also busy.' She replied and this time, I chuckled.

"Be careful, Jiya." Dad said that night before leaving the dining room making me roll my eyes.

I shook my head and drifted off into sleep. I am getting more memories of her from the time I started staying here and also for watching her picture wherever I turn in this house.

"I will go to the office and work Sir." That's what I said next morning deciding it.

"We will go to the office at intervals, but we will do more work in the house." He said frowning at me.

"I will do all the work from the office." I said stubbornly.

"No! And is someone disturbing your privacy?" He asked.

"No Sir! But I don't want to stay here and will be more comfortable in the office." I replied hoping he will allow me to leave.

"No! Now finish that work." He said, dismissing me and continued his work.

I shook my head and left the office room to drink some water. Then I saw both Kaka and Kaki fussing at the stove.

"What is it?" I asked them.

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