Chapter 11

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*Jiya Pov*

"Jiya, Jiya!" I felt someone shaking and immediately moved away to see him standing close to me.

"Don't touch me, Mr.Mehra." I said, frowning and got down from the bed.

"We need to leave if we want to reach before midnight." He mumbled and walked away.

I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes. I shook my head and walked towards the washroom to freshen up a little.

"Are you hungry?" he asked when we checked out and drove towards a little better restaurant

"No!" I replied and looked outside.

"I will bring some food." He said getting outside the car.

"Mr.Mehra.." I started to say, but he has already walked inside.

I closed my eyes and leaned on the window. Why am I feeling so tired suddenly with everything?

"Here!" he said, giving a parcel packet.

I took it and was about to put it in the backseat, but decided against it and started having it thinking I will not have dinner, so I should at least have some lunch.

He drove calmly and I too sat calmly thinking about many incidents where I continued to chatter stupidly whenever we went out to the long drives.

"There will not be much work, but all the people who are in charge of each branch will call me. So you should take care of those calls." He suddenly said, and I nodded.

"I will do my best to do everything, Sir." I said closing my eyes.

"I have a flat in the city, and I had another one in the same building where you can stay." He said, and I frowned.

"Same building?" I asked, still frowning.

"Yes! Just same building." He replied, but I didn't like it at all.

Tomorrow I will search for some place on my own and then shift from there. I can't stay in the same building as him.

When we arrived at the outskirts, he got a call, so he stopped and lifted it. He just said one word 'Mom' and I closed my eyes thinking about another naive ness of mine.

"I want to talk to your Mom." I said while we both were having our food.

He suddenly coughed and asked, "Why?"

"What do you mean, why?! I have met your parents before marriage, and it's been four months since we saw them. Your Mom said she will teach me how to cook your favorite dishes." I replied smiling.

"They are just giving us our privacy." He mumbled.

"Your Dad is so down to earth, and your Mom is such a sweetheart. She talked so freely when we first met." I said, remembering the time when I met them.

"They are." He mumbled frowning.

"I know they live in a village, but please try to get me to talk to them." I pleaded him, and he nodded.

"You are the best." I said, pulling his cheek and continued to have our dinner, which is cooked by me, and it is ok at least not burnt.

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