Chapter 2

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*Jiya Pov*

I woke up hearing the shouts rather than my alarm. Anyway, it's just ten-minute difference, and I can use the extra minutes.

I went inside the washroom and looked at my reflection. Those cold eyes staring back at me, which stare everyone throughout the day for the past few months.

"You are nothing but a fool, Jiya." I said to myself and then glanced at the blade when I heard more shouting's.

"No! You are strong." I said, turning away and started getting ready for the day.

When I walked outside my tiny room, I saw my Mom shouting at my Dad in the living room cum dining regarding of course my brother.

I sat calmly at my place, and they both continued to fight. Actually, my Mom was shouting and my Dad is listening.

That is a quiet development. I thought, shaking my head, but not a single bite was ready to go inside.

I sighed and was about to get up, but my Dad stopped holding my hand making me look at him.

"Have your breakfast." He said and then glared at my Mom.

Even though I felt surprise, I didn't show it on my face. Mom just huffed and said, "No one cares about my Son."

"He should have cared about himself. But the mistake is ours to spoil him with the love." Dad said, and that is the third surprise for the day.

"What do you mean? Do you believe the accusations?" She asked in outrage.

"If he is not guilty, then he would not have gone inside, and it surprises me. You don't believe them." I replied.

"If he comes out, then we need not to live in this dirty place in this big city and go back to our home town, even though that is small and lead our luxurious life." She complained.

Luxury life! Hearing that word I couldn't help but snort and tune her out completely thinking how different the scenario was then in the past.

"Stop your fighting's guys." I said, shaking my head and walked towards the dining table sitting at the far end chair from them.

"Behave!" Dad said, glaring at me.

"What? Did I act different from your perfect son?" I asked him laughing.

"Why did you bring your brother in this?" Mom asked as usual angry.

"Because I want to remind you guys that I am your daughter and not son to act the same. Period!" I replied, rolling my eyes and continued to chat with my friends.

"I know that." Dad said, shaking his head showing his disappointment.

"Be glad that you got a daughter Dad because if you had another son, then they would have fought to their deaths for the property." I said smiling hiding the pain that I am unwanted here.

"Learn your manners Jiya. Your brother will be sad hearing those words." Mom said, fearing for her Son.

"Where is your top student Son by the way?" I asked her sarcastically.

Because he was never top and always just passes, but that is nothing but a gold medal for my parents even though I brought a gold medal for them.

"He went for a vacation." Mom replied.

"Why? Want to start a business there?" I asked her honestly thinking he finally got the sense.

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