It's What You Do to Me (1)

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This is the sequel to Hey There, Delilah. Make sure to read that first or this won't make sense. :D


"Hey, is that Deli Sandwich?"


"No, you're just seeing things. Keep moving."

"But I really thought I saw--"

"You didn't. Keep walking."

It's not that I didn't want to see them, but it was just that I didn't want them to see me in the store that we were in. Getting a birthday present for your boyfriend, or should I say, fiancé, was a lot tougher than it seemed.

I hid behind racks, hopeful that I wouldn't get caught. I knew that if they caught me, they wouldn't stop making fun of me until I--

"Deli Sandwich!"

"Damn it. I knew I wasn't safe."

I felt arms wrap around my shoulders, squeezing me tightly. I thought my lungs were going to explode as I tried to breathe as the person continued to squeeze me.

"Rex, let me go!" I cried out, trying to squirm from his grasp as quickly as I could. But he only squeezed me tighter, which didn't really surprise me at all. I knew that if I told him to get off, Rex would only hug me tighter. I needed to be careful with what I said around him.

"But I haven't seen you in, like, forever!" he cried, wrapping his arms around me even tighter. Of course he was going to say something like that. He was always known for over exaggerating. I really thought my lungs were going to burst as he only squeezed me tighter.

"It's been two weeks!" I told him, getting more and more exasperated by the second. Couldn't he leave me alone for once, or act like a normal human being? What was his problem?

"That's too long!" he responded like a child, clinging onto me even more.

"Will you just get off me? I'm going to scream!" I threated, elbowing him in the stomach as hard as I could. But, just as I had thought, my elbow was the one that came out hurt. I rolled my eyes, continuing to squirm. I knew I didn't have enough guts to actually scream, and I knew that Rex knew that, too. And that was very unfortunate, because I knew that that meant he wasn't going to let me go.

"Okay, Rex, I think you can stop sexually assaulting my ex-girlfriend now."

My head snapped up, and I smiled gratefully at Seth, ignoring his ex-girlfriend remark. I knew that he was always going to tease me about how we used to go out, even if it was only fake. And even though he had admitted that he had feelings for me, he had a girlfriend that was one of my best friends.

Rex rolled his eyes, dropping his arms from around me. "What are you doing at the mall all by yourself?" he asked, an eyebrow rising on his forehead. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, embarrassed that he had realized that I wasn't with anyone.

"I'm... um... I'm getting a present for River," I mumbled, staring at the carpeted floor instead of up at them. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to get him, and it was pretty obvious since I had been looking around confused just moments before they arrived.

I had looked so out of place all alone, so I was kind of relieved that they were there so I didn't look like a total loner anymore.

"But why do you look so confused?" Rex asked again, both eyebrows raised now.

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