It's What You Do to Me (6)

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“Hey there, Delilah!”

What was it now?

I almost screamed out in frustration as whoever had called me to a halt used that song. I hated it so much...

I just wanted to go see my fiancé. But no, I had to keep getting interrupted. I just didn’t understand why we always had to get interrupted.

I was afraid that this person was going to be Kendra, because I definitely couldn’t take anymore of her annoying voice. Seriously, was that how she actually spoke? I felt really bad for Gabe right then… I sure hoped that he hadn’t gone deaf.

I turned around to see that it wasn’t Kendra who had called me to stop, but it was her brother instead. I looked at him in confusion, since I had no idea why he would want to talk to me. Did his sister get him to? I sure hoped not. She might have said that she wasn’t interested in River anymore, but I wasn’t so sure. You can’t get over someone so easily.

“What?” I asked, sounding a lot harsher than I had meant to. I was annoyed, I really was. I just wanted to go see River; I didn’t want to be bothered by the Harris siblings. Didn’t he have girls to woo or something? I was sure that he had better things to do than to bother me about something I didn’t want to hear.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked, and then glanced at my two friends that stood behind me. “Alone?”

I blinked as Alice came up from behind me. “If your prissy little sister got you to come and talk to us, just go away. We’re tired of listening to whatever sob story she has.”

Jay shook his head, laughing a little. “I’m not here because of my sister,” he told us. “I’m here because I want to talk to Delilah.”

Why did I not like the sound of that?

Marnie looked absolutely awestruck as she continued to stand behind me, and I knew she was shocked when she saw that it was actually Jay Harris that was talking to me. Were Alice and I the only girls in the entire school that didn’t care that it was Jay Harris? Apparently!

“You’re Jay Harris!” Marnie announced, as if he didn’t know. He let out a laugh, smiling charmingly at her. That smile would make any girl in the world melt, but Alice and I only stared at him flatly. Marnie, on the other hand, almost completely fell over.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, even though I didn’t even have anything to be sorry for. “But I’m going to go see River now. How about we talk later?”

Even though he obviously wanted to talk now and not later, he smirked and nodded. “Sure. But before I go, who’s that guy that I saw with Kendra just now?”

I sighed, running a hand through my hair. “That’s Gabe, a friend of mine.”

Jay nodded. “I feel bad for him.”

… Why?

Before I could ask him, Jay turned on his heel and started away. “See you later,” he called over his shoulder, barely even giving me a glance that showed that he even acknowledged me. How did he go from wanting to talk to me to a guy who couldn’t care less?

I had a feeling that Jay Harris was going to be a very confusing guy.

And I definitely wasn’t looking forward to that.

As Marnie, Alice, and I made the rest of the way to River’s dorm, I wondered what was happening to Gabe right then… I hoped it wasn’t anything bad. I didn’t know what Kendra was going to do, and I didn’t think I wanted to find out anytime soon…

“Right now I am so thankful to Gabe,” Alice grumbled under her breath as we made the rest of the way toward River’s room. “I feel bad for him, though. Who knows what Kendra could do when they’re in her room? I hope he comes back with all his clothes on.”

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