It's What You Do to Me (22)

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“Are you kidding? That’s horrible!”

I stared flatly at my former English teacher, not really knowing what I was supposed to say anymore. I couldn’t help but agree with him that this really was horrible.

“Yeah, well, there really isn’t anything I can do about it,” I informed him with a shrug, trying to seem like I didn’t care one bit. But how could I not?

“He won’t believe you at all?” Mr. Ridgeway asked, his eyes still wide. “Or anyone else?”

“Kendra’s got him completely brainwashed, and I’m sick of it.”

“There isn’t anything you can do to convince him at all?” Ms. Vierra now asked, a frown evident on her face. I couldn’t remember a time Ms. Vierra had ever frowned before. “There has to be something that you could do to get him to remember.”

I shrugged, not knowing what I was supposed to do. It felt like I had tried everything that I could have possibly done to try and get River’s memory back. It seemed like he was almost choosing not to remember.

“You should see him,” I told them, my voice cracking just a little as I cupped my elbow. “He looks nothing like he used to. Kendra changed him to get him to look like how he did when he was little. He thinks I’m a crazy bitch and that I’m trying to break them up.”

“Which you kind of are,” Mr. Ridgeway pointed out with a grin, and I couldn’t help but glare at him.

“I have an idea!” Ms. Vierra suddenly cried out while I continued to have a stare-off with Mr. Ridgeway. Though neither of us even looked at her, she knew that we were listening and continued. “You need to sing All I Ask of You! He’ll have to remember you after that!”

I had thought that River would remember after he had seen Seth and me together, but that didn’t work. I had thought that River would remember after he had spoken to Bekka, but that didn’t work either. Thinking also of Alice’s words, I didn’t think it was even possible for River to get his memory back.

“How are we both going to sing it?” I asked, fighting the urge to stare at her flatly. “I highly doubt River even remember that he liked The Phantom of the Opera, let alone the words to the song. Even back when we were friends, he denied that he liked it at first. If he does remember liking it, he’d never tell the girl he hates the most that he does. Especially if he has to sing a song from it with her.”

“There’s always a chance,” Ms. Vierra sang, clasping her fingers together under her chin. “And I’m sure Mrs. Davis would let you two sing it if I asked her! Come on, Delilah, you know you want to!”

I hadn’t sung that song in so long, and I knew it would be weird to sing it to someone who didn’t look like River, even though it really was him. He didn’t even seem like River anymore, but unfortunately I knew that it was him. Everything just seemed so unfair.

“Well, I’ll give it a try,” I sighed with a shrug, crossing my arms over my chest. “I highly doubt River will remember anything about it though.”

“The point is for him to remember while you sing it,” Ms. Vierra winked, and bother Mr. Ridgeway and I rolled our eyes. “Come on, this is a fool proof plan! This is how you two got into Arkwright, and even how you two professed your love to each other!”

I felt my face burn, and I had to look down at my shoes. I was immediately regretting telling her that story. I knew I should have just kept it a secret from everybody… River probably never told anyone about it.

“I just hope it works,” I whispered, not intending for either of them to hear me. This seemed to be my last hope for River ever remembering who I was, and I could only hope that it would work. I just wanted my River back before it was too late.

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