It's What You Do to Me (13)

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“Dinner’s in about an hour, so before you start getting all dressed up and ready, we have to talk!” Julie giggled, clutching onto my hands and almost jumping up and down. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you last, Delilah! I’ve missed you so much!”

I missed her, too, I definitely did. We had barely even talked over the phone during the few months that we had been away from each other. She was the only reason why I had come to River’s family for Thanksgiving. I would have liked it a lot more if I was back in Washington with my family, River by my side while my mom or Nick or Jake would cut the turkey…

But no, here I was, in a house with about two hundred people, and they all probably thought I was scum on the bottom of their shoe compared to them.

“So, how’s life been?” Julie asked when we had gotten outside to the backyard. We had left Tanner and River alone to catch up with each other, and both of them obviously didn’t like that. Even though they had made up and were getting along now, they didn’t really want to spend any quality time with each other.

“Things have been good,” I nodded, making sure to leave out the parts of my life that were definitely not good. She didn’t need to know, because she was all the way across the country. And if she knew what was wrong, she would have told Tanner, who would definitely tell River…

“Arianna is so pissed off at you,” she giggled, holding a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t be so loud. Different people would look over at us now and then, obviously not recognizing us. They probably thought we were two crazy poor chicks that decided to crash the party…

“What do you mean?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “I mean, I understand why she’d be angry at me for everything I did, but why is she mad now?”

“Because of how popular you are at your school,” Julie laughed, wrapping her thin arm around my shoulders. “At first she didn’t believe it when I told her, but then I told her about Jay Harris going to your school and she somehow did. You know how big of a fan she is of Jay Harris, and it’s like your stealing him from her! You already stole Ben, in a way…”

“Ben’s a player,” I sighed, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. “He’s hooked up with almost every single girl in the school. He’s even hooked up with Arianna a few times, so I don’t know why she’d be upset. I didn’t even do anything with him.”

Julie shrugged, removing her arm from my shoulders when she noticed something a little farther in front of us. I looked over as well, seeing a boy that looked a little younger than us with reddish-brown hair make his way toward our direction.

“That guy was so checking you out, Delilah,” Julie whispered, elbowing me in the ribs. “And he’s cute!”

“Why should I care?” I whispered back, a little harsher than I had meant to. “I’m with River, remember?”

Julie frowned, as if she remembered something. “Oh, yeah… Sorry, I forgot.”

I rolled my eyes at my best friend just as the boy came to a stop before us. He had a flirty smile on his face, and I tried my best not to scowl. Since he was here, he had to be a member of River’s family… And since I hadn’t met him at the country club, he was probably on his mother’s side.

“Are you two lost?” he started with a charming smile. “It sure seems like it.”

I wasn’t sure how many times Julie had been to River’s house, but I had only been there twice, not counting right at that moment. And for most of the first time, I stayed locked in his room to stay away from Tanner. And not to mention that fact that River’s house is huge…

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